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New film project, Jacque fresco Venus. I recommend to watch the film "the Choice is yours!" to all the people who don't understand in what direction should move our world so that all people could live in prosperity, in harmony with nature and ourselves. A world in which there will be conflicts and wars. A world in which all will be missed. This is the first two parts of the film "the Choice is yours!".

Lecture ASI Kuznetsova on "the brain of the man and the woman's mind: are there differences?" in the cultural center "Onega". Asya Kazantsev — science journalist, biologist, author of "Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do silly things". The lecture was held on 7 March 2015 as part of the project "City Lyceum"

History doubt that American astronauts were on the moon, began even before the formal completion of the Apollo program. Since then, the topic of lunar conspiracy haunts many marvellous conspiracy theorists who propose theses about the fake photos and video from NASA. this video you will learn about conspiracy theories and flying to the moon, and perhaps some facts will surprise you.

Lecture is given under the date of Birth of the newspaper "Troitsky variant - Science" on the Captivating Science Festival April 25, 2015. Lecturer: Mikhail S. Gelfand, bioinformatic, doctor of biological Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute, member of the Academia Europaea, Professor at the faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics, Moscow state University.

This love story ended with a loud "divorce". The film explores the root causes of the global financial crisis, talks about handling the money of American taxpayers. Exposes banks and corporations, top managers and politicians who have committed, according to the Director, "the biggest robbery in the history of their country".

The Complexity of any cell of a multicellular organism is amazing. To perform all tasks necessary to ensure the viability of the cells, with dozens of specialized organelles, each of which is irreplaceable. But how the whole system came to light? God? The answer is a bit more complicated...

What problems are solved by a corporate system? How did the scientific discipline of "software engineering"? How does the specificity of software engineering in the development of corporate systems? To these and other questions are answered by the teacher of Innopolis University Sergey Zykov.

As a method of genetic knockout? What are the theoretical approaches to identifying the causes of schizophrenia? As transgenic models are used in preclinical pharmacology? To these and other questions are answered Professor SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology Raul Gainetdinov.

How hadrons are classified into a corner the moment? As quark diagram explains the structure of the matrices, which are formed in hadrons? Why in the collision of hadrons in particle accelerator produces new hadrons? To these and other questions are answered doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Dmitry Kazakov.

Skeptics Society Vkontakte: mp3 podcasts and view links to istochniki on the forum: letter:

Can I buy happiness? To find out, author Benjamin Wallace tried the most expensive products in the world, including the wines of château Cheval Blanc 1947, 8 oz Kobe beef and famous (although how you look) coffee Kopi Luak. His notes can surprise you.

Hello!There's an old joke: on the farm at the meeting, the speaker describes the long. The harvest is ripe, but the people were ready to collect on time. Equipment needs repair, some farmers moved to the city, in General, the situation is difficult. At the end of the report, the President asks: "So what are our options?."Variants two: realistic and unrealistic" – answered the speaker. "Realistic – this would aliens fly, and will do everything for us." Allow me, Chairman, but what you call science fiction? "But if we let's just concentrate and do everything yourself – it would be something out of science fiction!".We recently greatly trust computers. We have them all tied. We even talk to each other can not live without them. Have appeared movies where...

Rasskazivaem o samih krutih otkritiyah i dostizheniyah v nauke i tehnologiyah.Podpisatsya na kanal: http://sci-one.tvSotsialnie seti:- FB: VK: Twitter: Instagram: etom vipuske:Kosmos:

Every Monday we tell you about important events that happened during the week in technology of artificial bodies, robotics and cybermedicine, a 5-minute video.In this issue: new work scenarios of augmented reality glasses HoloLens, roboptim DORA to implement telepresence, glove Hands Omni, which allows a person to touch virtual objects, the third in the history of the world transplantation Autonomous artificial heart and miniature robots, able to haul cargo in 100 times its own weight. Read more read on link until 23 may, you can support the project “Lecture 2045” Bumstartere Maria Tocineta Alexander Sokolovskoye...

See #12 News Digest avatar technology. The most important events in the field of artificial body and cybernetic medicine that happened during the week, we have gathered for you in one video.Until 23 may, we are raising funds for Bumstartere on a series of lectures about avatar-technologies, robotics, neural interface, bionic prostheses, brain implants and other technologies aimed at the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and radical life extension. To support the project any amount. the Company Hanson Robotics at the exhibition in Hong Kong introduced a robot named Han, who is able to read the expression on the face of the interlocutor, to demonstrate different...