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Explain the causes of intergroup conflicts supporters of the hypothesis of "scapegoat"? How did the role of the authoritarian personality, Adorno and Altmeyer? What binds intergroup conflict theory social dominance? This information tells the doctor of psychological Sciences Olga Gulevich.

How was formed the Solar system? How is the process of formation of planetary bodies in other stars? What happens at an early stage in the life of the planets and how they die? How old is the oldest planets in our galaxy? All this and more will discuss with our expert.

Sandia is developing energy-efficient systems motors and drives, to substantially outsidemagazine upright robots. The work is supported by DARPA. Energy efficient bipedal robot will be presented at the conference DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in July 2015, in the exhibition section of the technology. This video is the first in a series, covers the first steps of the development and Assembly of the robot in the framework of the project Sandia Transmission Efficient Prototype Promoting Research (STEPPR).