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On February 21 at the State Museum of history of religion hosted a series of popular science lectures on questions of human evolution. the Third Lecture: the War to history. Armed violence in antiquity Speaker: Leonid Borisovich Wishnatzki – Russian archaeologist, doctor of historical Sciences, leading researcher of the Department of archaeology of the Paleolithic of the Institute of history of material culture RAS. The author of over 100 publications on archeology and human evolution. Area of scientific interests — culture of the stone age, the birth of art and rituals, the anthropogenesis.

Lecture astrophysics Sergey Popov. We swim in a sea of information. Tempted to have a brief summary of key facts on various issues. Your attention will be presented to attempt to tell all the most important thing about astronomy and astronomers for one astronomical hour. We will talk about how astronomers are working, what changed in their research over the past century, and then in large strokes sketching the modern astronomical picture of the world: from the Solar system to the periphery of the Metagalaxy. In the framework of public lectures cycle "education Gaps".

Human rights Activist Maria bast and the representatives of the Russian left currents Valeria pride (the head of the Russian Transhumanist Movement), Nikita Odintsov (independent Communist) in his interview in detail about what will be the new USSR, why the emergence of a planetary state is inevitable and this formation development. What economic need to reform, the elimination of the oligarchy, privatization review, as it needs to happen. You need to unite all mankind. Education reform, why it is necessary to change teaching methods. The need of children to teach right thinking, planning. The development of the personality, its creative potential. Causes mythological worldview, mosaic thinking. Ways to overcome obscurantism through education. Health, the...

Continued skepticism-a folk-history of the film Mikhail Zadornov. Consider the errors and lies of the author of the film about the origin of Prince Oleg and Vikings. Materials: the Tale of bygone years Russian heroic epic. Vseslavovich The Volh (The Volga Svyatoslavovich). V. Y. Propp Olga/Oleg Prophetic. Etymology named after the first Russian Prince. E. A. Melnikova the Names of Varangian ambassadors in the "Tale of bygone years" A. V. Zimmerling Litvina A. F., Uspenskii F. B. select the name of the Russian princes in X–XVI centuries: Dynastic history through the prism of anthroponimics. "Urman". Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian...

The First lecture of the course "animal behavior for dog owners" ( read in the Cultural-educational center "Arche" February 16, 2016. Lecturer - Maria Sotskaya associate Professor msupe, candidate of biological Sciences, Professor of animal psychology. Canine, the owner of the kennel poodles White flock! The author of several books about dogs, and textbook "Zoopsychology and comparative psychology" for Universities.

We Often hear stories about the consequences for the human body leads to all sorts of treatment alternative methods of treatment. As a rule, deny the services of so-called conventional medicine and turning to witch doctors and healers, people causing irreparable harm to their health. However, suffer from the charlatans not only gullible citizens, clutching the last straw... About what kind of irreparable damage to nature caused by human superstition, - in a special video dedicated to weird beliefs and prejudices.

In this movie we will see the most unusual house in Moscow, will visit Poland and learn, looks like the so-called narrowest house in Warsaw, will go to Austria, to Grasse and visit the house of arts, which is made in the shape of a heart, also in Portugal in Fafe we find an abandoned house of stone.

Is it Possible from the standpoint of genetics and neurobiology to explain what makes us human? Have in us something special? Maybe our mental model? Or the capacity for empathy and quest for justice or, on the contrary, aggressiveness and ability to kill their own kind? Robert Sapolsky tells what we are like with other animals, and what is unique. Robert Sapolsky — and a neuroscientist and primatologist, a Professor at Stanford University, researcher of the Institute of Primatology at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi. In 2007 he won the prestigious John P. McGovern from the American Association for the advancement of science. In 2008 she received Memorial Carl Sagan award for science popularization. In 2010 for outstanding achievement elected an...

I'll show you five unusual tricks with electricity that make your life easier! - - -HOW to QUICKLY MELT the METAL- - - it will require a car battery and two thick wires that need to connect from the battery to the product to melt. - - -ELECTRO WELDING OF CAR BATTERY- - - If two batteries are connect in series you get a welding machine DC! In order to weld metal, you have to connect minus to the electrode, and in order to cut - plus. - - -ELECTRIC SMOKE GENERATOR- - - If you take an electrolytic capacitor and connect it into a power outlet of 220 volts, the result is a powerful smoke bomb! This smoke can corrode quickly flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Or play with a friend, if you twist the capacitor instead of the lights in the stairwell. - - -HOW to...

Lecturer - Popov Sergey Borisovich, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientist-astrophysicist and popularizer of science, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher at the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg, Winner (2016) award "For loyalty to science" from the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in the category of "Promoter of the year", author of "Supersites: stars the size of a city."

That allows simple at first glance, construction of two tanks and the engine to come alive and accomplish his task? How to optimally use the resources of the rockets? What are you working on mathematics and what is the charm of mathematical modeling? What problem are first encountered during the testing of missiles R-5 and that killed the second Falcon-1? And how do pink flamingos for the space program "Energy-Buran"? At the first lecture of the new year we talk about launch vehicles, and about control their flight, and look more closely at the role of mathematicians in this case. In the course of the story the lecturer will build a simple mathematical model of the rocket, and its example will describe the main difficulties of rocket flight, and how those...

You say that man came from monkeys. But genetics has proven that our closest relative is not the chimpanzee, and the pig! Will argue? What do You think that people transplanted porcine, monkey and not the organ? In fact, what we're related to pigs? Why monkeys did not become prospective donors of kidneys and liver? And who was the prototype for Professor Preobrazhensky? Says Alexander Sokolov.

The First in the history of medicine observation of the penetration of Toxoplasma in the brain. Video: University of Pennsylvania Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most prevalent unicellular parasites, and about 30% of people in the world infected them. However, usually people live with this infection without any consequences. Toxoplasmosis, the disease begins when the body is weakened, it suppressed the immune system after radiation therapy for cancer or as a result of HIV. it is Known that Toxoplasma gondii can affect the brain and change the behavior of their owners. So, it is established that mice and rats with Toxoplasma are less afraid of cats, it is known that infected rats are searching for the cat scent marks. But it was still unclear how the...

Our body is composed of elements that are smarter than us, faster than us in hundreds of thousands of times. This is our cells. Their trillions, they do not like each other, they may have diametrically opposed functions. Their main task is to properly operate so smoothly as a single organism. Your body. How the cells manage to operate so smoothly? Why do they often take "independent decisions"? And as for the reaction only a few cells, you can judge the reaction of our entire body in General?

Advanced testing Zlata Dmitruk (legal shooting) Claimed paranormal ability: the ability to see the dead and communicate with them. The organizing Committee of the award was taken from public sources 15 well studied and documented cases with reliably established causes of death. Of 15 pictures before the test, one of the experimenters randomly chose 10. The test was for each person to find the right circumstances, using a list of 15 items. Pre-prepared formulations solve the problem of General, vague phrases that can be interpreted in different ways. And since conducting the test knew the correct answer, they could not deliberately or inadvertently give a hint. Information owned by whoever prepared the materials, however, the Advisory Council considered this...