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Advanced testing of Tatiana Iceway (legal shooting) Claimed paranormal ability: the vision of the past, present, and future using Tarot cards. The organizing Committee of the award was taken from public sources 15 well studied and documented cases with reliably established causes of death. Of 15 pictures before the test, one of the experimenters randomly chose 10. The test was for each person to find the right circumstances, using a list of 15 items. the Pre-prepared formulations solve the problem of General, vague phrases that can be interpreted in different ways. And since conducting the test knew the correct answer, they could not deliberately or inadvertently give a hint. Information owned by whoever prepared the materials, however, the Advisory Council...

Press conference of specialists LIGO (laser interferometer gravitational-wave Observatory) in the framework of the program "Question of science". Scientists in the U.S. confirmed the existence of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein. Commented press conference moderator "Question of science" doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Alexey Semikhatov and his guest doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Konstantin Postnov.

Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, almasty... the Mysterious "relic hominoid", which saw hundreds of eyewitnesses. Again and again he was leaving the hapless scientists. Avoids photo - and video cameras, changing the rookery, bypasses the trap... Who are you? Maybe the last Neanderthal, miraculously survived till our days? Or unknown science APE? We present to your attention a series of programs in the format of mini-lectures. In this series, we discussed myths about human evolution together with the editor of the portal "the ANTHROPOGENESIS.RU" Alexander Sokolov.

The First lecture by Alexander Markov from the course "the History of life on Earth" ( read in the cultural-educational center "Arche" February 3, 2016. Lecturer - Alexander Markov, doctor of biological Sciences, paleontologist, head of the Department of biological evolution, Biological faculty, Moscow state University, popularizer of science. The winner (2011) the main Russian award in the field of scientific and popular literature "Educator". The winner (2015) award "For loyalty to science" from the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in the category of "Promoter of the year"

In the debate about the evidence for evolution must sooner or later POPs up the topic of fakes. After all, these fossil "finds" - a continuous cheating! In the television show that told me that paleontologists even have special workshops, where the human and monkey bones making all sorts of chimeras. The Darwinian because everything is ready, just to prove his ridiculous monkey theory! Well, today was direct and Frank conversation about fakes in anthropology and in science. Direct link to the catalog:

Questions submitted by viewers in response to video from the series "Myths about human evolution" require comment. It seems to me that the main topics raised by you, dear friends, two of them are the mysterious pyramids and... human laziness. And do the same on the second place - crystal skull, the ICA stones, Mesozoic hammers, the mummy of aliens, Veles book. and other mysterious stuff. Links to videos: the book about Egyptian technology: Denys A. Stocks. Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology: Stoneworking Technology in Ancient Egypt, Routledge, 2010, 296 p. Detailed article about the megalithic structures of the Incas in Peru: About "Medieval astronaut...

People are very afraid to grow old, and they can understand. Aging is unpleasant. And I want to live long. But if you think old age is the inevitable price to pay for a long life, then we have good news for you. Thanks to the Center for the study of molecular mechanisms of aging in MIPT - - and especially the membrane protein laboratory for their help in creating this program and for his work on the extension of healthy life. Here's the Facebook and Twitter MIPT - and And here is information about the Center for the study of molecular mechanisms of aging and the results of their issledovanii...

December 1, 2015 as part of the "Christmas lectures" nust "MISIS" hosted the lecture – "what happened to the Andromeda nebula", which will read Alexander Karpov – the leading scientific employee of laboratory "Superconducting metamaterials" nust "MISIS". Over the past half century a fundamental observation about the nature of the universe were made through radios. Noise of walkie-talkie pointed to where we come from and what kind of world surrounds us. While superconducting detectors has brought humanity almost to the quantum limit sensitivity, and scattered many of the nebula. The lecture will discuss the role and development of astrophysics instruments based on superconducting sensors. Alexander Karpov – doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading...

Lecture Ruslan Sagitov "Promising biomedical technologies: medicine of the future or the future of medicine" within the frames of the marathon "Ideas 2020. Journey into the world of the future." From the lecture, you will learn about the perspectives of biomedical technologies, about the pros and cons of the future of medicine, its capabilities and limitations. Lecturer – Sagitov Ruslan, doctor of Sciences, chief researcher, research Laboratory for science and technology studies at HSE.

The Lecture was held in the Cultural-educational center "Arche" in the course "Anthropology" ( 11 January 2016. Lecturer - Drobyshevsky Stanislav Vladimirovich, candidate of biological Sciences, the famous anthropologist, Professor of anthropology of the biological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University, scientific editor of the portal ANTROPOGENEZ.RU (

Vsauce: Message to the future References: Library of Babylon: the content of the message on the Voyager: the Location of interstellar probes: the Other links in the description under the original.

Lecture and book launch astrophysicist Sergey Popov, "Supersites: Stars the size of the city" took place in Cultural-educational center "Arche" ( 13 December 2015. Lecturer: Popov Sergey Borisovich, a scientist, an astrophysicist and popularizer of science, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher at the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg. Book: "Supersites: Stars the size of a city" -

Famous geneticist Nikolai Kazimirovich Yankovsky, corresponding member of RAS, D. SC. Sciences, Professor of MSU, Director of the Institute of General genetics him. N. I. Vavilov of the RAS, the myth, that GMO's if is necessarily harmful, while "natural food" is certainly useful. Interviewed by: Alexander Sokolov. Shooting: Stas Juncken. N. K. Jankowski about mutations and mutants:

Action-Packed story about the restoration of the population of wild horses and the improvement of the human breed - performed by human-cabbage from Orenburg reserve. Thank you National Geographic for the expedition, the Living planet TV channel for shooting, Steppe project UNDP/GEF and all Orenburgskogo the reserve, and particularly its Director Rafile Bakirovoj and the head of the program of reintroduction Tatjana Zharkikh - for heroism and hospitality. And read our great article about Przewalski horses in the new National Geographic magazine. And in 2016 watch full version of the program on channel a Living planet. "Like all animals" - now available everywhere!

Possible scientific methods to check out paranormal abilities? Can. This is what the organizers of the Award named after Harry Houdini. Keep reading the article, they tested THREE participants of battle of the psychics. to Find out more and apply for participation on the Awards ' website: