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Evolution is not proven! After all, even the most "transitional link" between APE and man which Darwin himself said, and not be found! Looking for archaeologists, 100 years looking for, all the continents had dug up, but anything could not find... a Familiar song? Today is about what actually was found, where did the idea of "missing link" and why this concept has long lost its meaning.

Developed nervous system - a great evolutionary acquisition: it allows us not only to observe the phenomena of the world, but also to establish relationships among them and patterns, and even predict what's going to happen. Unfortunately, this skill is developed in us too well, we tend to see patterns where there are none. What experiments vividly demonstrate the propensity to confusion in humans (and other animals), and that helps us to resist the temptation to explain all the most obvious, but not always the most correct way? LECTURER: Asya Kazantseva — science journalist, science popularizer. The author of the book "Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things". The winner of the award in scientific and popular literature "Educator...

We live on planet Earth – most beautiful in the Solar system. For anybody not a secret that land - it is that part of the Land on which people live, using the resources necessary for its safe existence and development. What helps us to build and sustain normal life in the artificial environment? There is a science, which for decades sounds in full voice. Will you say it with due reverence – ecology. And try to formulate its main problem: that we must take care that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren went on the green grass, breathing the fresh air without fear of poison, ate organic food...a lot of Problems. How to solve them? To these and other questions will be answered by our guests Nikolay Nikolaevich Drozdov is a Soviet and Russian...

Biblical end of the world, curses about the same by the wizards and their ilk, hardly surprising. But science? She did not protect reputation? Imagine, raise the plants, which could produce again a failed equipment. The reserves are exhausted. Computers and cell phones do not work. Gadgets are dead. Light and heat no. Machines to fill, too, most likely, impossible. So, if a disaster with electricity, which, it turns out, all depends? And all these flowers. The berries, when the home remember. To work where necessary? On this and the other reason our guests are: Bayuk Dmitry Aleksandrovich - candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, senior researcher of the history of physics and mechanics of the ihst Popov Sergey Borisovich - Russian scientist, an...

In 2013, Putin proposed "to get away from the vulgar, primitive understanding of secularism" and to give religious organizations the right to "full service" in a number of areas. Today the clergy literally bend over backwards to bring to life a long-standing proposal of the President, advocating for the teaching of the subject of the module "Fundamentals of Orthodox culture" in all schools with "adequate training load". New initiatives representatives of the Church concerning further encroachment of religion on education in the twenty-eighth edition of "Atheist digest".

Entropy is a term that many have heard, but to give an exact explanation not everyone will be able. And this is not surprising, because our knowledge about what surrounds us, usually very superficial. Someone claims that the difference between the ideal and the real process. But more agree that it is a measure of chaos. Because from childhood we are taught to order, hence the fullness of our world fluctuations and bifurcations. So the consequences of the war on entropy? And whether it is necessary generally? After all, if not chaos, the world itself would not have happened... talk About guests of the program: Sergei G. Rubin - doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, National Research nuclear University "MEPhI" and Vladimir G. Budanov - doctor of...

Language and the human mind have a direct influence on each other. Besides, they can learn to manage. So, improving their verbal data, the identity makes a positive change in your own consciousness, namely the ability to objectively perceive information and make decisions. Can we say that another language literally expands our minds and makes us to look differently at the world? And here, of course, this raises a lot of questions. For example, all languages to the same extent affect the perception, plays a role the relationship between them, from which other conditions affect their impact, and whether it is on abstract reasoning? Generally, we think that the language only reflects our vision, our thoughts and feelings. However, if the language itself affect...

On 26 November, Social movement "Russia 2045" organized an open popular science lecture of the doctor of psychological Sciences Vladimir Lepsky on "the Problem of immortality in the context of the formation of the third order Cybernetics". ABSTRACT: interest in the problem of immortality has occurred throughout the history of mankind. Essential he acquired in all the world religions. Did not avoid his attention all the esoteric teachings. Science is confined, as a rule, aspects of life extension, the research potential of the existence of intelligent entities, not on the basis of biological and other aspects of border issues with immortality.

The Lecture was held in the Cultural-educational center "Arche" ( on November 7, 2015. Lecturer - Kozlovskaya Inessa Venediktovna, "the Queen of neuroscience", a leading specialist Institutions of RAS SSC RF Institute of biomedical problems of RAS in the field of sensorimotor physiology, the Creator of the school of gravitational physiology of movements, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of RAS, honored scientist of Russia, laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation and the RF Government prize.

Speaker: Mikhail Gelfand is the academic head of the program "data Analysis in biology and medicine". With the development of experimental technologies have changed the way molecular biology: experiments with individual genes, proteins, etc. added mass experiments characterizing the cell as a whole: its genome, genes, the spatial structure of the DNA, concentration of proteins, protein-protein interaction, etc., Molecular biology has become a science rich in data. It turned out that you can do non-trivial biological statements, analyzing these data, and then test them in experiment. In addition, comparing the received descriptions of the various organisms, we might considerably deeper understanding of their evolution.

We thought about you and that you do not know about the Internet revolution and Alexander bard in 2015 is like in 1915 to be a uneducated peasant that doesn't know about Karl Marx and the industrial revolution. Which every day, solving their everyday problem, not aware of what change is coming.

Moderator: Alexis Semikhatov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences,leading researcher of the Lebedev physical Institute. "Space" will Speak great words, Time, Space. We exist in Time and are traveling in Space. But how? In the third century BC Euclid is one of the greatest scientists of antiquity, was described geometrical theory, based on a system of axioms. It is deeply symbolic that the title of the work "Start". She was, indeed, the first step in the understanding of space, and described by precise mathematical formulas. Attempts to improve the Euclidean axioms were numerous. The last weighty word said to David Hilbert. ... But Euclid in mathematics forever. For he is the author of the mathematical description of the World in which we live. Our...

The Premiere of the film and the lecture "the Grand unification of neutron stars" took place on 27 September 2015 in the Cultural-educational center "Arche" ( film's Director - Dmitry Zavilgelsky ( Lecturer and screenwriter - Sergey Popov, the scientist-an astrophysicist and popularizer of science, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher at the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg.

The First lecture of the course "Astronomy for all" ( was given on 20 November 2015 in the Cultural-educational center "Arche". Lecturer - mute lighter Vladimir Georgievich, astronomer, candidate of physical-Mat. Sciences, associate Professor of the physical faculty of MSU, senior researcher of the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg, popularizer of science, laureate of the Belyaev prize and the prize "Educator" for 2012.

To a plastic tube I attached tape three half liter bottles of Coca Cola. From the top tied it to the camera. Then I added a little liquid gas pre-drained from the cylinder under a travel stove. Turned "rocket" upside down and thus activated reactive response. When you first start I'm not exactly a rocket was sent up, which she did a small loop and with great force hit the ground. The blow tore the protective cover on the camera, and the camera flew for a few tens of meters into the tall grass. To find it was only through the video that she continued to regularly broadcast via wifi to your smartphone. I decided to rerun, only this time hard hands guide the rocket up. This time she took off successfully! Having spent the entire covolo charge rocket scored a...