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Nanotechnology have become a fashion. They have high, sometimes the most fantastic hopes up to quick conversion of industrially backward countries into advanced. Seem particularly rosy prospects of nanotechnology in medicine. Some already say about the creation of "nanobots" — microscopic "smart" machines that will penetrate with blood in any of the nooks and crannies of the human body and heal any damage there. These future possibilities has recently been devoted to two international conferences. So far, however, such "smart" machines yet, but the conventional application of nanoparticles in medicine has opened a very promising future.

Evidence-based medicine and medical atheism. The modern doctor is obliged to follow the best scientific evidence, otherwise he's a quack. Synonym: evidence-based medicine; "evidence-based medicine" (literally: medicine, evidence-based), "EBM", "science-based medicine".

Until relatively recently, it was enough to tell the psychologist about your "out-of-body experience" to be in the house, where the walls are upholstered in soft mats. Today this phenomenon is understood as a byproduct of normal biological processes. This is interesting in itself, but it follows a much more important conclusion: so far, we incorrectly determined the upper limit of human experience. Since the ancient Greeks, we believed in the hedonistic principle that people try to avoid pain and get life more fun. But the experiences described here, by virtue of his influence and his unusual surpass any pleasure. They allude to the existence of a world of new possibilities, a universe hidden within us, the universe that we are still only beginning to...

During one of the interviews the journalists of CBS News asked the President of the United States the question of the possibility of solving the problem of catastrophic growth of unemployment in the foreseeable future. "Simple solution does not exist, – he said. – We must run to at least stay in place." He meant that to prevent the further growth of unemployment, given population growth, the economy needs to create every month, tens of thousands of jobs. The President noted that "we are dealing with a combination of workers of Mature age who have lost their job due to technology, and young people just starting their careers" and do not have sufficient level of education. He proposed to reduce taxes to stimulate the economy, but several times returned to the...

The Goal of the natural Sciences — to recreate an accurate picture of the material world. However, the most important discovery of physics of the XX century was the proof that this goal is unattainable. I'll try to explain this in a good specific example — the example of a human face. Imagine that it is exploring a blind girl. Try to listen to her thoughts in the moment when she examines his face with her sensitive fingers: "I would say that the man is very old. Most likely, he is not an Englishman, because his face is too round. Think he's European, and probably came from Eastern Europe. On the face there are old scars. The winner of the face — not too happy people." We are together with a blind girl studied the face of Stephen Borogravia who, like me, was...

John Maynard Keynes was a British economist and founder of Keynesian economic theory. Today we are experiencing an acute attack of economic pessimism. It had become commonplace talk about the fact that the era of striking economic progress inherent in the NINETEENTH century, concluded that rapid growth in living standards will slow down soon — at least in the UK, and in the next decade we are likely to face not with increased wealth, and with his fall. In my opinion, the basis of all these conversations is deep ignorance about what is happening to us. We don't suffer from "rheumatism" of the old era, and the growing pains caused by too rapid changes, from the difficulties of transition to a new economic period.

Lazy, by definition of V. I. dal, is "aversion from labour, from business, activities; tendency to idleness and laziness." Quite rightly it is considered a fault, a Vice and even a mortal sin. But laziness is not an absolute evil. From the point of view of biology laziness is excessive the implementation of the principle of saving energy. All living organisms strive to optimize the ratio of life resources received and expended for this energy, that is, to get more by spending less. And it's not just speculative conclusion, and the conclusion is made on the basis of measurements. Counting energy costs began to actively use in the study of animal behavior from about the 1970-ies to determine the adaptive value of behaviour. The definition of adaptive value or...

Human brain weighs about three pounds, which is about 2% by weight of the entire body. However, brain cells consume 20-25% of the total received by the body of energy. This produces a large amount of potentially harmful substances. Daily from adult human brain should show the damaged proteins that are replaced by new ones. A month in the brain produce more than 100 g. the waste substances, and in the course of the year their output of about 1.5 kg, which is comparable to the own weight of the brain.

Hans jürgen Eysenck the Fourth of March 2016 marks 100 years since the birth of one of the greatest psychologists of the 20th century, Hans Eysenck (1916-1997). The General public he is known primarily through tests designed to quantify intelligence (IQ tests). On the origin of Hans Eysenck, a German, although most of his life lived in England. He was born in the family of a not too successful screen actors, soon after the child's birth parents split up. In his youth Eysenck was fond of various exotic objects, in particular astrology and even horoscopes for the leaders of the Nazi party. Their horoscopes along with advice to refrain from aggression and violence Eysenck sent to Goebbels and Himmler, but received no reply.

People wash their hands in water that contains arsenic, from the current village pump in Colsure, India In their first night Paul Gita (Gita Paul) realized that is doomed. Parents gave her in marriage to a man she had never seen before, he lived in Colsure, a poor village far from her home, surrounded by paddy fields, pastures and houses crowded next to Kolkata (Calcutta) is a city in the East of India. Such a planned marriage between strangers often happen in this region. But when Gita saw her husband, she was horrified to find that his skin is covered in wounds and scabs. Then she met his family. The older brother lost a foot due to the fact that it started to decompose, the sister was very painful, the other brother died at the age of 30 years. Many...

The Explosion of a supernova not all scientific discoveries are made unsociable genius single. Not all scientific discoveries fall into the article under the catchy titles or bestsellers. Some studies involved a lot of people, and the process extends over decades, require complicated mathematical calculations, and popular to read in the press is not so easy. For the General public such discoveries go unnoticed. the First place in my list of underrated discoveries of the XX century is the fact that the main source of heavy chemical elements in the Universe and the main factor determining their relative quantities, is a supernova. It is unknown to the General public opening was in the form of a voluminous scientific articles published in 1957 in the journal...

Sam Harris is the founder and CEO of Project Reason, a nonprofit Foundation that promotes scientific knowledge and secular values in society. He received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph. D. in neurobiology at the University of California in Los Angeles. one Of the many paradoxes of human life there is one: we go a certain way, knowing that it's guaranteed to make us miserable. We are talking about lying. Because of her, many of us incur all sorts of misery, the rest of your life tormented by remorse, feel regret, remorse and disappointment. Nothing is given to us so easy and not cost us so much as the lie that we willingly patchem other people. Lies pave the road to chaos. while studying at Stanford University, I went to a seminar...