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Construction from a to z | Yenakievo, Donetsk, Ukraine

Construction from a to z | Yenakievo, Donetsk, Ukraine

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And so dear friends and colleagues - today We offer you to download the "Regulation on the safe and reliable operation of industrial buildings and structures" + to sample with answers to the following questions:1. The obligation of the employer to create safe and harmless working conditions.2. Periodicity of carrying out of major repairs of buildings and structures?3. On the basis of what makes up the plans for repairs and technical inspections of buildings and structures?4. Major defects and damage to the concrete panel walling.

Today we will discuss the video material bungler from Kiev who calls himself a wizard of the seventh rank, but performs his work so carelessly that to be called a master simply does not have the right - Sergey. To make it work will for example, the installation bracket for the TV in one of the Kiev apartments. Drove...

If you want to save on the installation or to understand how this process occurs, then this tutorial is for you! Here you'll learn:How the process of installation;Demolition,Preparatory work on the installation;Secure the acquired knowledge is detailed video;

Well so we expanded the material! From the usual article "Primer - priming the walls" was a great article, which revealed many interesting nuances about the primer so that the primer;- than to ground (I mean, what a tool);- technology of priming the walls, ceiling and floor.

Dear residents of the town of Yenakiyevo, Gorlovka and Donetsk, if you have a broken refrigerator, repair it you can order from us. Services on repair of refrigerators open from 8 am until 16.00 seven days a week. Contact the wizard to repair the refrigerator in the full topic and you will learn that most often breaks in refrigerators that precedes failure of the refrigerator. Finally, an interesting story that will tell you how to make refrigerator quiet.

Tems that the DNR has stopped working Vodafone, everyone began to wonder where to buy a starter pack of Republican operator Phoenix. In this article we will present the official points of sale of starter packs and not official, which by the way is prohibited by law.

Are Pleased to inform you that we have accumulated sufficient experience in the restoration baths for DPR: Donetsk, Yenakiyevo, Gorlovka and ready to carry out the restoration of the baths of the population under the medium of acrylic on a large scale at a reasonable price. Has gained sufficient experience which is now and share. Imagine a video which will show you how we do + pictures which show how the bathroom looked before we started to open them up with acrylic!!!

You are interested in how the installation, installation of entrance metal doors?- Then in this thread we will discuss all the technical issues that relate not only to the mounting and installation of entrance steel doors, and touch on the nuances of choosing a front door, as you can buy enough is not a quality door, and in this case, not even correct her!

Installing and connecting the tub with his hands.Spa tub installation is a very simple lesson, but the connection to water and sewage, as well as to the mains - NO. This material I will try to explain how to install a Jacuzzi tub yourself at home with your own hands + will present an interesting video which will give advice on the correct installation and connection.

On the agenda all the exciting salary which look forward to before the new year, workers of the Enakievo Metallurgical Plant, which has already started to give out at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant. In this short video We offer you to look at how the process of receiving salaries on AMC and read the comments in the VC already received.

This material concocted for the video "How to make cyclone vacuum cleaner", so as not collecting dust in the back of YouTube, and helped our builders who do not have professional tools to improve and accelerate the process of cleaning. Do a vacuum cleaner cyclone type, We will be out of the ordinary cleaner with your own hands, so tense, and remember the whole process - the topic of work. Let's do this!!!

RES or mounting grooves free of dust.In this article I will describe a way to make the installation grooves free of dust, regardless of material from which made the wall, and from where you intend to lay cable in concrete or in plaster walls and ceilings. Assistants You will be: an ordinary grinder and a new (or old) vacuum cleaner, using which, You will save yourself from having to buy an expensive tool.

In this article we will present You the answer to examination ticket №4 on the Protection of labour was developed for the employees of ETR enterprises DNR. It will include the following list of questions:1.The main directions of state policy in the field of labour protection;2.Public control over observance of requirements of labor protection and industrial safety. Powers and rights of the trade Union in this field.3.Duties of state bodies in ensuring fire safety;4.Classification of bleeding. The main types of bleeding and their symptoms.

At first glance, what could be easier than installing a new, just acquired a cast iron or steel bathtubs. But, I will tell you, each master has their secrets and inventions, thanks to which the technician obtained the correct installation and connection of bath to water and sanitation. Thanks to this material, you will learn how to install and connect the bath to the sewer and water with your hands + to everything, secure we all the useful videos. Drove...

From large-scale projects and repairs of apartments, fights with negligent builders and customers Alexey Zemsky moved for the installation of water tanks, as he considers paramount to explain to everyone, once and for all, how is the present boiler installation.