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Car tips :a Guide to Auto-Moscow"

Such a decision like buying a car and its further operation is a serious choice. There are many ways and tips for choosing and purchasing of new and used cars. To help you not be deceived and get the best value for your money we have created a special section "Auto tips" as for the future, and already experienced car owners "with the experience".

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Frequently in winter rear window covered with hoarfrost or a thin layer of ice, in order to avoid this use the rear window heater. Immediately after ignition in the car, on the control panel, you can press the button to switch on the heated rear window, will light up a light bulb, which indicates the device.

Before you decide to go on driving courses, you must decide what type of driving license you want to get. Currently in force are five types of driver's licenses. Each of them provides the ability to control certain types of transport, namely:

In a city like new York for a tourist it is best to travel by public transport or taxi, due to the scale of the city and the intensity of the car traffic. However, if you do decide to use a car, taken, for example, rent, you need to know a few simple rules to follow certain instructions.

The First thing that interested in any motorist, the quality of the gasoline he poured the petrol station and even submit coupons for gasoline you that does not protect from poor quality gasoline. To ask questions of a similar type to the station workers are obviously in vain. Because a particularly chatty employees a swift and merciless punishment. Have to get out of ourselves.

Reliable and unpredictable way to die is not wearing a seat passenger. Practical experience shows that in this case the person has no hope of salvation in violent collision.

If you love your car, and takes care of him, you need to know about the technology of restoration of the damaged parts of the car body, while retaining its original paint. Dents can occur in bad weather conditions (hail, falling branches, hurricane), also not excluded if they failed Parking or if you are someone's knocked on the road.

When developing a new model of car manufacturers try to make it safer. As is known, b ezopasnost hire is divided into active and passive. Passive safety of the vehicle responsible for the passengers in the car were not injured after the accident.

In Russia in recent years has become a popular service pumping nitrogen automobile tires service is offered as small tire fitting services, and large branded service stations. In addition, this service has appeared even in some official dealers. The question of whether the few who raises, giving at the mercy of another entity fashion.

Men absolutely forbidden to use in the car feature seat heating . This was stated by the German physician-urologist Herbert Sperling . The researcher during the experiment was able to conclude that heated recliners have a negative impact on the reproductive system of men.