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It Is a Tasty Dish of Dynamite that Explodes Joy On the Screen! The naughty movie! It is the source of harm... she is the destroyer of marriage... it is the most delicious forbidden fruit that was ever on the screen!

She loved the power and men. Her husband Peter III - military uniform and tin soldiers. They are not together - she had to kill him and seize the throne. Catherine the Great was forever changed Russia. And brought the perfect formula combining personal life, work and career. Arrived in Russia by a British officer (Peter O'toole) in all ways trying to avoid meeting with Catherine the great (Jeanne Moreau), who laid eyes on him.

Mountains of India. The end of the nineteenth century. A gang of native rebels breaking the line of the Telegraph and destroys the British position in one of the gorges. For clarification and recovery communication there poison three veteran sergeants cutter, Macchesney and Ballantyne. These guys are notorious bully, the master sword, well-aimed arrows and adventurers - they have long been eager to find some ancient Indian treasure, but fortune is not merciful. During the March accompanied by a small detachment of soldiers Hindus and carriers of water, which in India is called "bhisti" is one of them Gunga DIN, whose life is only one dream - to become a soldier. There they encounter a cult of murderers Tags, which previously was considered the dark legend...

Hillary Kramer, the owner of the perfume business, robbed their own Manager. All she had left was a contract with the boxer Cutie kid, who for four years is not. Will not much talkative person to make a stubborn ex-boxer the main event of the season?

A Masterpiece of post-war Czech cinematography, the film landed Borivoje still is the standard of musical costume tales. Changing era, decades go by are the technical revolution in film and television, and 'Haughty Princess' remains a favorite tale of the younger generations. In working on this project brought together the best forces of post-war European intelligentsia, longing for loved art! And most importantly - in the 'Haughty Princess' won the goodness and justice, and the human soul from hard and rough reborn in a gentle and sensitive! And all that was necessary for this is to show the beautiful, but evil and arrogant girl, what is real life, respect for elders, tolerance towards others and love it mate! And don't be surprised if the plot of this...

All presented as a chain of absurdities, stupid, stupid jokes, which can happen with the inhabitants of one hotel room, provocative removable hidden camera three young film enthusiasts. They intend to offer footage of the old Booker Achille, Mengarini.

Sigismund, along with a charming wife Sergini and young son enjoying life on the French Riviera. One day, while on business in Paris, he meets Diana, a seductive woman, seeking adventure, and carries with it an unforgettable night. The next morning, the king receives a letter with a message about the suicide of Sergini. Beside himself with grief, he can't read the letter until the end, and to escape the horrible reality rushes back into the arms of Diana's sensual. Two days later, he finally picks up the fatal letter to finish reading it? The famous Sylvia Kristel in the film, directed by Valerian by Borowczyk, on the acclaimed novel by Andre Pieyre de Mandala Public woman.

Mexico, 1914. Six friends decide to take part in the Mexican revolution, joining the ranks of the army under the command of General Pancho Villa. Fighting in the ranks of his hero Pancho Villa - they show courage and ingenuity, earning the nickname 'the lions of San Pablo'. But over time they realize that war is not as fair as they thought that even the great heroes of history can be very cruel.

To prevent the ingress of unique biometric microchip into the hands of terrorists, Chad Turner together with a flight attendant Dao forced to jump with a parachute on Board a flying aircraft. But just as they are on earth, in pursuit of them sent a group of mercenaries who are charged any price to get the chip implanted in the hand of Turner. And now Chad depends the fate of all mankind.

Slacker and slacker student Ducobu is under threat of exclusion from school. To avoid this he will have to develop a completely unique ingenuity techniques of deception and cheating. But the game is far from over, because the teacher Monsieur Latush very worthy opponent, and Leonie, the first student in the class, which Ducobu all the time trying to write off, quickly losing patience.

Georges and Anne lived a long life together, hand in hand, always caring about each other. They are now over eighty. Anna falls ill and her life begins to gradually fade away: first off memory, then refuses to submit to a body, is paralysis. George tries to hire caregivers, but bitterly realizes that may not require them warmth and sincerity of feelings. Leaving teaching at the Conservatory, he committed the care of his wife. Man cannot represent your favorite in the nursing home, which insists their adult daughter, from time to time visiting parents. These visits can be a challenge for a family whose life seemed to flow in harmony and love...

1956. In the provincial Lubbock teenagers excited with rage at concerts buddy Holly and his band "The Crickets". And although dad stars on a regional scale, believes that his son would be better to do something serious like selling bricks, and in the local Church "vulgar rhythms of the jungle" are anesthetized, the new music is not going to choke, don't kill. The more that accidentally got on radio record one of the songs instantly flies up to the top of the charts...

The Film made during the Second world war, when any pattern, by definition, had to do some outreach functions. But in the film there is not the slightest trace of any propaganda. Moreover, from a formal point of view, this film just doesn't fit the problem. About the painting, "the land is mine" Francois Truffaut wrote that it was "the most despised American film by Jean Renoir", in which protagonist, a humble school teacher albert Laurie in brilliant execution of Charles Lawton, "afraid of the bombing, he loves his old mother, his comfort and his glass of milk, honors inspector school district and the occupation authorities..." and just a desperate coward. But he finds strength in the face of imminent death to be on the court with a fiery speech...

In lovely Saint-Tropez, where the rays of the sun cheerfully playing in the azure waves of the warm sea, enjoying the carefree life of two middle-aged gentleman. In my years it has not lost its youthful exuberance and recklessness. And a strong sense of humor makes their merry life in the inimitable Comedy.

The story begins in 1951 at a resort in Northern California. Berstin, 24-year-old housewife from Auckland, and Old, 27-year-old accountant from new Jersey, meet for dinner, coming closer, and there is a love story. The next morning they Wake up in one bed, talking about what happened, both realize that, when they will both be happily married with six children and so on, both will love each other.