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Balkan war has just ended. Is the seventh day of peace. Remote military garrison somewhere in the depths of Bosnia engaged in mine own minefields. Work goes, all great mood, everyone thinks of peaceful civilian life, which is about to come. You only need to wait for the arrival of the shift. Meanwhile, a small group of the garrison, sent to study the abandoned factory, he finds a man and leads him to the camp for questioning.

Three years ago, Kurt Josef Wagle gathered rescue squad and went into the forest of Graterford in search of his missing son. Three months ago we found a cassette of his camera... in a pile of moose shit.

Horror Movie with elements of Comedy "Punishment" online about Riley Jones, hoping to end his worthless life. She was sick and tired to learn in my school, together with students and fellow, which had only dreamed of. Still, after Clapton Davis don't even know about it probably, but talking with her friend. After another failure in school, she intends to put his head in a noose. But it was not there, prevents her from committing suicide unknown killer in a mask, intending to kill her himself.

In the center of events the team of workers working the last shift at the upcoming demolition of the police station. At night in the area claimed by the demon-Incubus with a human head in his hand and begins to tell about the atrocities that happened here since the middle ages.

American family goes on a picnic in maloiznoshennye forest. On the road they get in an accident. Left without a car, their only chance to reach civilization is walking through the forest.

Becoming accidentally witnessed the bloody sacrifices, the group of tourists had to be rescued from a gang of bikers-Satanists, pursuing them on a deserted Texas highway. When they reached the abandoned Church, people perceive it as a refuge, but here they face a new nightmare - the mysterious boy that hides a terrible secret, and the priest with unusual divine mission on Earth...

The Story of Jacob, a young man forced to live in isolation due to a rare skin disease that makes it impossible to stay under the sun. His solitude is disrupted when he meets and falls in love with a barmaid Mariv further actions Jacob become all the more tragic when he is struggling to cope with a progressive deteriorating health. Forced to drink human blood to maintain their health, at the same time he must control his criminal conduct, as local authorities begin to suspect him in a series of gruesome murders.

Action horror film "the Diary of the exorcist" online takes place in Germany in 1976. Pastor Ernst Alt and father Arnold Ransome ask parents wild girls Annelise Michelle, to cast out evil spirits, who captured her body. However, all to no avail. After them come with Dr. gruyère and Lenders. One of them decides to take the process on video and thanks to it we will see what happened then...

Prehistoric creatures will no longer be limited to eating tourists on the lake, and penetrate through water and sewer network in swimming pools and other artificial water bodies the new Park Wilderness Waters. It was there, and expands the main action.

The U.S. military in an attempt to develop biological weapons after an unexpected accident free rein mutants, which were unable to keep. But the incident was quickly hushed up and after a couple of years nothing recalls that there was some basis, instead it is disco Playground. Fleeing from bandits, a group of young men hid in dark tunnels, where still inhabited by mutants...

The horror Film "the Seed of the Devil" online about a young student of Alexander, who returned from summer vacation in a student Dorm. Here she meets Jessica and Brenda. Soon she allows them to stay in my room. Later persuade her to go to a psychic, but what happens in the session she will not like...

Among fans of online videos rumors about a certain "forbidden" video. Jeong-mi asks the guy his sister, Zhong-Hawkeye, who works in the special investigation group to expose cyber-crimes, copy this video. After seeing it, with the girl begin to happen strange things. Now her oldest sister, SCS, and her boyfriend need to get to the truth and save his sister from a curse.

Lost coast is a remote town on the California coast, where rumored to inhabit the legendary Yeti. To find out, like it or not, decides a team of young TV personalities. Armed with a camera, they were going to a meeting with some Tribeca living in the local forests and declaring that he had found in the forest the corpse of Bigfoot.

Brothers together with their girlfriends go to car travel, which should be the last fun before they're sent to serve in Vietnam. Along the way they get in an accident, and then there is the local Sheriff, familiarity with which is the beginning of a veritable nightmare: they are in the dark house, the walls of which brought up a ruthless killer, nicknamed Leather Face...

Several people, among them Adam with his brother Isaac, and four losers find themselves trapped in a strange house, where exactly a century ago was committed heinous murder of a boy of ten his parents and two younger sisters...