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Gotham City is once again in trouble, and in the dark of night, appeared the next crafty criminal who wants to destroy the peaceful and tranquil life of the average citizens. The Joker is the villain, which has not yet been able to find, catch and punish. Cunning, clever and careful, his intellectual abilities are the envy of the best scientists of the world, he is an inventor and adventurer, all the weapons and "spy stuff" quality disguised as ordinary equipment of a magician, immune to acid and various toxic substances. In General, a very dangerous and arrogant evil genius, with whose appearance to change the alignment of forces in the neighborhoods of the town. Batman will have to become a real tactician and strategist, to calculate the moves of the...

Action cartoon takes place in the beautiful city called Paris in 1879. Little orphan almost from birth, dreams of becoming a ballerina, only to teach the necessary money, which it of course not. She kinda comes on to the dance floor and watching the girls are with exquisite grace move fascinating. One day draws the attention of one woman, she knows how to make our girl have achieved success. It all started with the fact that she was finally in the troupe, but there was a cruel audition and each day will be kicked out those who do not cope with the task. It is desirable to learn everything in a very short time, because there is a real competitor who's been doing this all more than one year and does everything with great precision and good technique. I have...

Everyone already knows that this knight is a rarity which is quite rare at any time. Certainly each lady hopes to meet a man who can protect her from any trouble and thus will not demand any services in return. He must be tall, handsome, kind and funny, but instantly switch into the battle mode to spot enemies and punish them. From the boys have to work very hard, because all of this is achieved exclusively by means of long labors, training and observation of their manners. First you need to start with small steps, because if you go immediately for the big money without any experience, you can just laugh all around. At the beginning it is necessary to earn yourself a reputation as the most desperate and fearless fighter, because such is always appreciated...

Tripp is a regular guy who every day goes to work and performs his duties as the good citizen. However, it does have its quirks, he is confident that under the hood of his car lives a very interesting person. He is sure that there is a monster to be fed with petrol separately from the car, and this monster is Tripp's best friend because no one closer than him.

Young Masha'm seeing flying fire monsters. Mom worried about daughter, classmates laugh. But once in the heart of Moscow Masha sees in reality the battle of winged beasts with fiery young men who call themselves magicians. One of them at the last moment, rescues Mary from the attacks of the Chimera. So Mary gets into a secret Corporation, where he learns that Santa Claus really exists, leading an army of mages that can control snow and ice, protects the Earth from the invasion of dark forces. And new year's holiday is a magical ritual that every year people make on the planet, not even knowing that they were participating in the biggest battle between good and evil. Santa Claus tells to Masha that the fate of our world hangs in the balance, and depends from...

The Action takes place 2000 years ago in the Pacific Islands. The chief's daughter, 14-year-old dreamer Moana Maliki to find his family, embarks on a journey across the ocean in search of a fantastic island with her hero demigod trickster Maui, and together, they have to cross the ocean, encountering along the way a huge sea creatures.

One day, a young dog understand that he very much wants to have music playing such a genre as rock. However, he lives in a small town with harsh parents who are convinced that it is all folly and he should forget about it. Annoyed by the fact that the father scolded him for such statements, he tried to build a career among the familiar streets, but he only laughed with his homemade guitar. Going to a huge metropolis, it was decided that we would make every effort to get to the famous producer who whirled and popular talents in the world. From the beginning it has failed, but those with whom he made friends tried to cheer the hero and assured that sooner or later he will succeed.

All the kids know who are the trolls, these creatures can be found everywhere and sometimes even in dreams. Trolls are both the evil and the good who guard the sleep and do not let the monsters that live under the bed, in the closet or outside the window. In this cartoon they will be similar to those who were released in 1959 and have lived in a children's country. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful colors of this cartoon and exciting plot which will appeal not only to your children but to you, this is a great cartoon for public viewing after a hard day.

All know the famous story of most parents that the stork brings children wrapped in white cloth and throws it under the door. Or find them in the cabbage, buy at the store, there is a more crazy version of the type of those which the postman delivers. But we all can see how things really are. There is a factory where kids are sorted and sent already on a pre-planned route which is very strictly monitored by the authorities responsible for the breeding population. However, when the cleaning lady decided to clean up in the main shop, everything went wrong. She has disturbed the natural progress and now back to normal, you must do a very complex process which takes a lot of time.

Blinky bill is a charming and mischievous Koala bear-who isn't afraid of anyone and never gives up. Together with friends, kangaroo, platypus, marsupial mouse — they have to overcome a million dangers in the wild jungle to find the missing father. New characters, vivid colorful world of the exotic continent and present a great adventure!

Pet of the flock, young and carefree wolf Grey unaware that soon he would be a stranger among my friends. Claiming the role of leader of the pack and on your hand (rather, paw) and the heart of the most beautiful wolf Bianchi, Gray continues to fool around and make jokes on relatives. Everything is turned upside down when he decides to change himself with the help of a magic potion. A miracle is really happening: Grey turns into a sheep! Fearing for his, now sheep, skin, Gray escapes from the wolves and settled in the village sheep. Now Gray will not only regain the trust of the beloved and flock, but its former appearance. But how to do it, if you have only three days, and even horns and hooves?

Ratchet always wanted to conquer the vastness of space and gonyatsya for various villains to save beautiful of the beauties, but instead, he's shooting a commercial on the background space and at the same time when everyone says what an exciting time to surf the cosmos. One day the Ratchet get tired of this life and he raises a rebellion of his partner and friend Clancy which deals with regionoverall commercials. Clank tries to convince him that to remove the commercials on the earth than to fly in space full of various dangers and other unexpected situations. Ratchet breaks and freaking out showing where and what to remove advertising than just fantasize with the images and "to RUB salt in the wound".

Everyone knows the story of Robinson Crusoe, trapped on a desert island. However, how can you call it a desert, if he inhabited a variety of fun animals and birds? They were very surprised first time I met this strange creature, and even took him for a sea monster. Parrot named Tuesday and his friends — a chameleon, tapir and other inhabitants of the island have to get acquainted with a strange beast "man" and with him to go through a lot of dangerous and exciting adventures.

The Story of the orphan boy who was raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves, a bear and a black Panther. We all remember the famous story about a little boy who mysteriously appeared in the jungle and was raised by animals from this he really could not talk. In this jungle there lived a bear named Baloo and the Panther Bagheera, they have engaged in education and training of the boy who later was given the name Mowgli. In this jungle lived an evil and harmful tiger Sarhan who constantly tried to kidnap, hurt, or just to hurt Mowgli. This is a very old story which has seen it dozens of times, but I do know that there are people who are happy to watch this cartoon again and again, especially as this version of the cartoon so colorful and enriched with what...

Many people plan their holidays long in advance, that it was necessary to do our hero before you pack your bags for an exotic vacation. Absolutely it without thinking Blinky travels to the jungle with his girlfriend in which wants to make a good impression from him so she never tried to leave. Once in a very awkward position, penniless, without clothes and in a strange place he had what he wanted. Now she's seeing him doesn't want, but you have to endure his company in order not to get lost and not find trouble. Together figuring out how to reach the nearest settlement, they face the challenges are not accurately anticipated and were not prepared for such action are to be made.