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Frontend projects in 2020 starting with npm install. Over time, the project to get new packages, followed by packages are even newer. Most of us have no idea what goes into the folder node_modules, and somehow all this is normal life. the Guys from HTML Academy explained why it's necessary to give preference to pure JavaScript and keep track what packages connect to the project. Another HTML Academy newsletter — one email a week with useful articles and tutorials on coding and programming.

The Reception-the reception called adventurous! on 26 July, started the battle for the code on Javascriptcore. Join one of three teams go through free online training at coding and programming and earn money for this code. The more participants, the more code the team, and even open up new courses. The team, that July 31 will get more than all codia, will be the winner and will receive luxury prizes. Every popdance faction-the winner will receive: Access to all paid trainers to August 10, inclusive. 50% discount on skills. Up to 70% discount on layouts and projects Discounts from 1,500 to 5,500 rubles for courses and professions. there is Still time to prepare and earn little code, solving puzzles on-Board computer. In General, all of us waiting for a real...

Bots — the future of the Internet! Recently the guys from HTML Academy told how to create a simple bot Node.js however,it only worked on the local computer. Today you will learn how to load the bot onto the server and run it and check that everything works. You need to pass 7 stages: Choose a website hosting service. Order now. Download the bot. To connect to the server via SSH. Install Node.js to Start and check the bot. To ensure automatic restart of the bot. Details about each stage read in this article. And even subscribe to our helpful newsletter to receive one email per week with articles about web development and tutorials.

Text — main part of the content on most sites, and it is important to approach the rendering. The easiest way is to use standard fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman and so on. These fonts are called web safe, simply include their name in the code, and everything will work. But what if the layout design does not allow you to do a web safe font and requires to use some custom? The article HTML Academy you will learn what connectivity options and font settings are needed in such cases. And even subscribe to our helpful newsletter to receive one email per week with articles about web development and tutorials.

Literal translation from English — "pull and drop" — reflects the essence of the effect is familiar to any user to drag and drop elements of the interface. this tutorial Sasha Smygina from HTML Academy show how to implement the effect of drag & drop in vanilla JavaScript. Drag & drop can be used in different situations, for example: Simple visual change of position of the element. Sorting items using drag and drop. Example — sorting of tasks in task tracker. Changing the context element. Example — the transfer of tasks in task trackers from one list to another. Moving local files into the browser window. read More about the effect of the drag & drop read in this article. And subscribe to our helpful newsletter to receive one email per week with articles...

That was the time before! In zero, for example, no fronts were not, and the person who makes the sites, was just a man who makes websites. Could and HTML to collect something, and styles to prescribe, and JavaScript alerts to instruct where necessary. And that should be able web designer today? To understand HTML and CSS, know JavaScript, use magic grids, Flatow, know the build system and just something else. About how looks like an ideal vacancy for web designer in 2020, what skills and knowledge are in demand, and with all this thinking, experts from the industry — read the blog HTML Academy.

How does the frontend to Selectel? will Answer Valery Kondratyev, head of the development and testing of interfaces, and Junior front-end developer Denis Sokolinsky. Start June 17th at 12:00 in the live-session with the HTML Academy. You will learn: how frontend development and make-up of the company; what has changed with the advent of self-isolation; what technologies are used in the work; requirements for developers to get into the team; experience hiring and working with graduates of the Academy. Sign up to not miss a stream.

Web development is not only about coding and HTML knowledge. Sometimes we have something to file and write code. Where's the code — there is data storage. Where data storage — there are variables, storing information in arrays and other strange words. More information can be stored in collections (think of a shelf with the old VHS is direct it). Let's say we want to get information about all images from the page and something to do with them using JavaScript. We execute the command and get a collection of objects that looks like array, but no. the fact that the collections are different, too — living and non-living. HTML Academy conducted the whole investigation about how they differ, when the programmer needs a dynamic collection, and when the best fit is...

At the Academy lifted the veil of secrecy and told us how far in 2013 have started to do online courses (aka the gym) for novice developers and how they are now. the Process is complicated, but interesting. It brings together authors, designers, producers, developers, editors, marketers — the list is quite impressive. And course, you'd have to compile a list of common tasks, arrange them on steps to create a theory, test the program, modify the engine, to see everything four times (maybe more), to test, and then spread on the site. the Detailed story about all the stages in this article.

Hotkeys — good benefits and time savings. The guys from HTML Academy told what combinations to use to simplify working with Visual Studio Code. You will to quickly add a comment; go to line number; change a string with neighbouring places; duplicate line; go to the steam room Assembly; rename variable; formatting the document; go to the variable Declaration; turn on/off hyphenation; enable Zen mode. read More about each of the combinations read in this article.

Advertising While the world is discussing the coronavirus, the crisis and the lack of toilet paper on the shelves, the guys from HTML Academy offer not panic but think about their future. Despite the fact that many employees may be in line for dismissal, it specialists, not likely to come under attack. And good pros that bring the company money, even more so. In either case, the best solution in this situation — to try to see the possibilities. For example, to obtain a new profession. In this article you will learn what industries will suffer more than others, and what you can (and should!) to do at the dawn of a new career.

For made code refactoring, ie, remade the inner part without changing the design. Refused jQuery and moved on to Vue. The main changes concerned the examples — now it's not just the code, and small applications. First, the result of the example is visible at once, and secondly, the code can open it in the popular sandbox JSFiddle and CodePen. And there's also a switch light/dark theme, copy the code in the buffer and update the result. Note that the effect of updates is only noticeable for examples with animation. you Can go to one of the examples and see everything yourself.

A List of what you need to know montengero — like films of kynoselen marvel. It is unclear in which order to watch them to figure out who these people are, and what the outcome will be. Finally, there was a clear list of the order in which to study and practice in layout and code to get a new job for a lot of money. the First four steps are. to Understand the basics of HTML and CSS from books, YouTube or online simulators. To delve into the intricacies of the layout (and find yourself a Github). Take a class on layout and/or frontend development and understand the right tools. Find a mentor and show him your code. 4 in this article. Add to your bookmarks, I will say thank you in a year.

Sometimes aspiring professionals can't find jobs not because they were poorly taught, but because they can not pass the interview or get on it. Sergei Popov, head of frontend outsourcing "League A.", which employs graduates of HTML Academy, told what 17 mistakes not to do when writing your CV and in other phases of the job search: to Indicate the number of positions in one resume does Not upload the photo Upload the photo, which is not only you to Hide information in the summary to Write "want to move", but to apply for jobs in the city to Hide your region to interview key skills Irrelevant experience Not to write, what are the problems solved at the previous places of work Not to write (almost) nothing in the section "About me" does Not specify desired...

If you want to learn how to do a count of likes and comments, look at new Chapter online course "introduction to JavaScript" — "the Conditions and the creation of elements". you will work with the news site, learn the terms, learn how to create and add new elements. In the end you will find the test: you will need to program the to-do list. it Seems too complicated? Keep calm! Under the guidance of the instructor of the Cake pan complex becomes simple and clear. Forward to the knowledge!