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Advertising While the world is discussing the coronavirus, the crisis and the lack of toilet paper on the shelves, the guys from HTML Academy offer not panic but think about their future. Despite the fact that many employees may be in line for dismissal, it specialists, not likely to come under attack. And good pros that bring the company money, even more so. In either case, the best solution in this situation — to try to see the possibilities. For example, to obtain a new profession. In this article you will learn what industries will suffer more than others, and what you can (and should!) to do at the dawn of a new career.

For made code refactoring, ie, remade the inner part without changing the design. Refused jQuery and moved on to Vue. The main changes concerned the examples — now it's not just the code, and small applications. First, the result of the example is visible at once, and secondly, the code can open it in the popular sandbox JSFiddle and CodePen. And there's also a switch light/dark theme, copy the code in the buffer and update the result. Note that the effect of updates is only noticeable for examples with animation. you Can go to one of the examples and see everything yourself.

A List of what you need to know montengero — like films of kynoselen marvel. It is unclear in which order to watch them to figure out who these people are, and what the outcome will be. Finally, there was a clear list of the order in which to study and practice in layout and code to get a new job for a lot of money. the First four steps are. to Understand the basics of HTML and CSS from books, YouTube or online simulators. To delve into the intricacies of the layout (and find yourself a Github). Take a class on layout and/or frontend development and understand the right tools. Find a mentor and show him your code. 4 in this article. Add to your bookmarks, I will say thank you in a year.

Sometimes aspiring professionals can't find jobs not because they were poorly taught, but because they can not pass the interview or get on it. Sergei Popov, head of frontend outsourcing "League A.", which employs graduates of HTML Academy, told what 17 mistakes not to do when writing your CV and in other phases of the job search: to Indicate the number of positions in one resume does Not upload the photo Upload the photo, which is not only you to Hide information in the summary to Write "want to move", but to apply for jobs in the city to Hide your region to interview key skills Irrelevant experience Not to write, what are the problems solved at the previous places of work Not to write (almost) nothing in the section "About me" does Not specify desired...

If you want to learn how to do a count of likes and comments, look at new Chapter online course "introduction to JavaScript" — "the Conditions and the creation of elements". you will work with the news site, learn the terms, learn how to create and add new elements. In the end you will find the test: you will need to program the to-do list. it Seems too complicated? Keep calm! Under the guidance of the instructor of the Cake pan complex becomes simple and clear. Forward to the knowledge!

Advertising If you don't have enough projects in the portfolio, skill, team work and professional evaluation of your code, then the "Accelerator" is what you need. What awaits you in "the Accelerator": projects commercial level in team with the Manager and tester; personal tutor will check the quality of the code and will tell you how to do better; in the end, we compare your metrics with benchmark and tell you what can be improved. If you can't appreciate the level of your skills — we'll give you the layout. Until the end of January the project "Accelerator" you can buy with 20% discount

Advertising In HTML Academy provided an additional opportunity for beginners to upgrade their knowledge — "Professional skills".Skills learn how to solve real professional problems that the developer encounters in his work. Each focused on solving a specific problem. For example, designing the information architecture of the page, or creating a grid page on flexbox. Already available three skills. "Creating semantic markup for layout". "Export settings and graphics from PSD designs". "The construction of nets on the Flex layout". the skill set: in-depth theory supplementing Chapter interactive courses; methods of solution; demonstration case studies showing examples of how this task is solved by the professional; working cases, solving which you can...

Advertising Planning to learn a new profession in 2020? Long no need to wait! Already on January 20, HTML Academy starts a new stream of profession "Frontend developer". The training lasts six months and ends on July 29. , You will learn solutions to common tasks a front-end developer and learn to make real projects of the same complexity as in the industry. And you do them correctly, at a high professional level. And to consolidate the skills you can during the internship in outsource company "League A." working with real commercial orders. the Program consists of three professional courses: "HTML and CSS level 1" "of HTML and CSS, level 2" "JavaScript level 1" to Pay the course in installments. We are waiting for you!

Advertising on the night of December 31 to January 1 at midnight, will begin the battle for Bengali on Javascripta! the Participants in the period 1 to 5 January will need to pass online courses, participate in quize, which will appear four times a day on the website HTML Academy, and all this making Bengali. The team that by 6 January attains the highest number of Bengal — will be the winner. Every popdance faction-the winner will receive: Until the end of January a 15% discount on vocational courses and 10% for program occupations. As well as access to all paid courses including interactive challenges until 19 January. Going on Javascriptcore 31 December at 23:59 Moscow time on the earth — join us!

Advertising the New year is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and to take the first step towards a change of profession. From 20 January to 22 March 2020 in HTML Academy will be a new thread of the course "HTML and CSS level 1". During training you will work as real designers. Create expressive and accessible markup, will work with the graphic layout, build the grid of pages, arrange decorative elements and text content. in addition, learn how to optimize the code and prepare a layout of the project for publication. At each stage your work will be to check on quality criteria and to comment on personal mentor — an experienced developer. And promo code htmlbook course will cost less than 1,000 rubles. We are waiting for you in the new year in the...

Advertising Declared a General gathering of adventurous and this is not a drill! You have the opportunity to go to Javascripte and there to participate in the search for a Bengal for one of three factions: scientists, corporations or aboriginal. 1 to 5 January popadantsy on Javascripta have to fight for the main Deposit of Bengal, passing interactive courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. the team that captures the objective will hold the leaders to the end will be the winner. Every popdance faction-the winner will receive: — Until the end of January a 15% discount on professional courses. And a 10% discount on program professions. — as well As access to all the paid online courses including challenges and "Great Kexby" until January 19 inclusive...

Advertising broadcast On 6 November at 18:00 Moscow time, Vadim Makeev, head of the community "Web standards" as well as author and lecturer HTML Academy, will answer your questions about the course "HTML and CSS level 1" live. I'll tell you more about the projects, as will be learning about changes in the program and what awaits you after. At the end of the broadcast will be announced the raffle of a free place on the course, can have time to participate. Sign up for a stream, not to miss and ask your question live.

Advertising the Nearest flow of profession "React-developer" will be held from January 20 to December 2, 2020. You will find a continuous training, voice consultations, live lectures, tons of code reviews and at least five projects in the portfolio. Together with a mentor you, in conditions close to real development, will pass five stages: Learn to write from scratch in "HTML and CSS level 1". Then master the advanced techniques and the intricacies of the responsive layout on "HTML and CSS, level 2". What is the frontend without JavaScript? Meet with the recovery interface and programming "JavaScript level 1". Going further, designing a SPA application, learn OOP syntax and ES2015 on "JavaScript, level 2". Seriously "JavaScript, level 3", protecterate large...

Advertising This is a timely Handbook for PHP — there are no outdated practices and water. You will find six chapters, devoted to acquaintance with the language of standardization, the basics of the HTTP Protocol, user registration on the website, work with databases and use libraries via Composer. Each topic contains theory and examples that will help understand the subtleties of programming. to Start with PHP here. the author of the textbook Cyril Sienkiewicz, experienced PHP developer, author of the course "PHP level 1" in the HTML Academy.

Advertising Want to learn backend development? Professional course on "PHP, level 1" kicks off on October 22. Intensive course designed for beginners in programming. You will learn how to write server-side logic for projects. the program: learning PHP syntax and SQL tuning web server and database server, the decision of typical tasks backend programmer-authentication, authorization, and working with forms. Students waiting for lectures and work on a personal project under the guidance of a mentor — a professional developer. questions? View live recording with the author of the course Kirill Sienkiewicz. htmlbook On the promotion code until October 20, a discount of 1000 rubles. See you on the course!