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Advertising on September 2 kicks off the " HTML and CSS level 1 ", where in the Academy are taught from scratch the layout of these projects. If you want to know more about training, sign up for live , which will be held on 29 August at 18:00 Moscow time. the Authors and teachers of the intensive — Vadim Makeev and nick Shabalin — will tell who will suit the course, who are mentors, and that you will be able after graduation. And even during the broadcast, we will summarize the play of free place on the course, which starts on September 2. Try your luck ✌my butt

Advertising Autumn Academy runs a course on "PHP, level 2" in an asynchronous format! Now going the application. All you need to do is leave a comment on the website. When will the sale, we will contact you. the course will not be live lectures and deadlines: you will be able at your own pace to pass the materials to complete assignments and to prepare a draft of the defense. Of course, you will help mentor. He is reviewit code and answer all your questions. the Course is designed for beginner developers who are already familiar with the syntax of PHP, procedural approach and work with MySQL. Suitable for graduates "PHP, level 1". During the training we'll deal with Yii framework 2, object-oriented programming and get acquainted with the advanced power of...

Advertising If you already know how to write, but want to get a real project development of commercial level is not alone — the accelerator we have created for you. You will work in team with the Manager and tester on the project, receive advice and code review from an experienced developer's guide. Our task is to teach you to work efficiently and quickly, as it expects the market of web development from HTML-coder and also help to get experience of team work. the Projects of the accelerator you will be able to use the portfolio as a sample of the work on a commercial project. Choose a project and begin to pump.

Advertising Want to learn backend development? There is a chance to do it for free. on instagram free HTML Academy played a part in the course "PHP, level 1" which will be held from 6 August to 6 October. the Course is designed for beginners in programming. You will learn how to write server-side logic for projects. the program: learning PHP syntax and SQL tuning web server and database server, the decision of typical tasks backend programmer-authentication, authorization, and working with forms. Read more the author of the course says in the recording live. read More about conditions of participation in the contest read here. Try your luck! To sum up the results on July 16.

Advertising on 8 July, the start of the course "HTML and CSS, level 2". You will learn how to write adaptive, and at each stage your job is to check and reviewit personal mentor — an experienced developer. the First five weeks students are waiting for the lectures and work on a personal project with a mentor. the Following four weeks of practice, students finalize the project and prepare it for final protection. You will learn how to use the version control system Github, work on methodology of BEM, learn preprocessors, adaptability and automation. the Course is suitable for graduates of "HTML and CSS level 1" novice developers with basic knowledge of the layout, as well as those who want to upgrade their skills in modern technologies. How was the previous...

Advertising the Nearest flow of profession "React-developer" will be held from 2 September 2019, 10 August 2020. It's eleven months of intensive work on five projects: from a simple PSD layout to SPA. You will find a continuous training under the guidance of a mentor — an experienced developer, voice consultations, live lectures, tons of code reviews and at least five projects in the portfolio. After the profession you will be a strong professional who knows what he's doing, and knows how to use the tools properly. And successful graduates will be able to undergo training in "the League." and to obtain experience with real orders. Before the meeting on 2 September, and the promotional code htmlbook you will receive a small tuition discount.

Advertising Interactive courses in the Academy is the development of layout with live codes. You can expect interesting tasks close to real. the courses will meet the simple tasks, the test, the principle of which — "Severstal, as shown in the sample" and the special challenges for those who want more practice. last week took four calls entry level and two of average difficulty in the course "introduction to HTML and CSS". They are available with an active subscription. Take the challenge, upgrade your knowledge and help the Cupcake to cope with the tasks!

Advertising 6 August starts the professional course "PHP, level 1". You will find nine weeks of practical work and the protection of personal project at the end. the Course is designed for beginners in programming, enough to pass basic experience with HTML and CSS. During training you will learn how to write server-side logic for projects. the program: the study of the syntax of PHP and SQL; configuration of the web server and database server; solution of typical tasks a backend programmer: authentication, authorization, and working with forms. the Training is under the guidance of a mentor — an experienced developer, which you will be able to ask questions during the training. to learn more about intensive — view record of the broadcast with the author of...

Most web developers have dealt with linear and radial gradients. With their help, creating gradients in CSS is very simple, although previously it was necessary to use a pre-created image. Recently in the specification CSS Image Values and Replaced Content was determined by a new type of conical gradient. It allows you to use gradients that are drawn on a circle. the Name "conical gradient" based on the fact that when the gradient is applied in a contrasting color, it creates the effect of a cone. Sometimes such gradients is also called the corner.

Ad Need motivation, clear and modern program, a qualified teacher and experienced mentor. And, of course, time: 2-4 hours training every day. Ready? Open recruitment for the profession "React-developer": start 2 September and the finals on 10 August 2020. the Program consists of five courses for 9 weeks. Continuous training, 45 hours of voice consultation with the mentor, tons of code reviews and a minimum of five projects in the portfolio. Together with mentor you in conditions close to real development will pass five stages: Learn to write from scratch in "HTML and CSS level 1". Further develop advanced techniques and subtleties of adaptive layout "HTML and CSS, level 2". What is the frontend without JavaScript? Get acquainted with the recovery interface...

To create bold text headings can use a gradient that will be displayed exclusively inside the letters. Below are two ways to add a gradient to the text, as well as their pros and cons. the Use of mix-blend-mode Property mix-blend-mode specifies the blending mode of text color on background color. A similar blending modes can be seen in image editors like Photoshop, respectively, overlay the names of the modes are borrowed from there. Before applying this method, the text must be wrapped in some element ( , , , etc.) and set it to parent. We'll make this structure: as a parent; for text. Gradient text Now set the desired gradient using the background property, and set white background color and the property mix-blend-mode with the value of the screen...

Ad entry is Available at the "HTML and CSS level 1" which will be held from may 6 to July 7. the Course is designed for beginners without knowledge of the layout and those who want to bring order to the previously obtained knowledge. You will find 20 hours of lectures in the format of a live stream, screencasts with tutorials practices, additional materials and a personal mentor who will conduct a review of your code. To choose two formats of participation: Standard — three projects to choose from, five weeks of work with a mentor and four weeks on a self-improvement project. Perfect for those who want to protect a personal project. Comfortable five projects, nine weeks working with a mentor. Choose if you want to take a complex project and also to manage...

Ad We in the Academy have completely reinterpreted the start of teaching on-line courses for beginners, so there is a new free course "introduction to HTML and CSS" to replace the old (they are now available in the archive). What is recycled? The program, added a new interface solutions and aktualizowana all information, one history and notes with the theory. with a furry instructor as an example of a beginner coder, you will master semantic markup and basic mechanisms of the styling. Cupcake, six chapters and one call is waiting. Please share your impressions!

Ad if you want to record on a professional course "PHP, level 1", starting on 9 April. the Course is designed for beginners in programming. You will learn how to write server-side logic for projects. In the program: learning PHP syntax and SQL tuning web server and database server, the decision of typical tasks backend programmer-authentication, authorization, and working with forms. Students waiting for lectures and work on a personal project under the guidance of a mentor — a professional developer. You can choose convenient for you rate: standard, that is 5 hours of work with a personal mentor; comfortable, includes 9 hours of consultation with a mentor. to Meet personal projects in advance here. And learn more how the training of broadcast recording.

Ad you can pay in installments for 7 months for the program profession "Frontend developer", which will be held from may 6 to November 14. the Program consists of three professional courses, each lasting nine weeks: "HTML and CSS level 1" "of HTML and CSS, level 2" "JavaScript level 1" You are waiting for live lectures, useful materials and work on personal projects under the guidance of a personal coach — an experienced developer. You will learn solutions to common tasks a front-end developer and learn to make real projects. After successful completion of the course you will be able to undergo paid training in "the League." and get relevant experience. the Related educational projects can be viewed here.