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Ad If you plan to become a web developer and understand the backend, the intensive "Basic PHP" will help to achieve the goal in five weeks. During this time, you will learn from scratch to write a web application in pure PHP, configure the web server and database server, examine the syntax of PHP and SQL. After working on a personal project, you can easily solve common tasks a backend programmer, such as authentication, authorization, and working with forms. during the course you will work together with the teacher on a study project, which can be viewed here — and together with the mentor. Start November 7 — PHP HTML Academy

Ad Intensive will be held from October 30 to December 6. "the Underlying HTML and CSS" is a professional course, you will learn fundamental layout and will be able to start a career in IT. In his practicing teachers with ten years of experience in web development. the program: flexbox, semantic markup, vector graphics, accessibility and best practices. On the course awaits you: 20 hours of online webinars, ability to ask questions to the lecturer; 23 interactive demonstrations, which understand step by step solutions to common problems; 12 screencasts explaining the nuances of layout; 6 professional design layouts; weekly consultations with a personal tutor. the Last intensive this year kicks off on Monday. The number of places is limited. Nice discount for...

Ad Start: publication of the first two courses of the series. Additionally, courses have a new interface and improved system for automated test. "introduction to JavaScript" — find out how to work the variables and operations in the language, what are the data types — in short, get acquainted. "Conditions" — will practice in terms of logical operations or comparisons, we will combine the operators. At the end of each course traditionally have a challenge: let's write programs according to specifications from the Cupcake, so that they passed the automatic tests. They are available by subscription, but the code until October 22, they can get in for free. HTML Academy

Ad every year around the world held "Week of code", c last year to educational activities and joined Russia. this year from 14 to 22 October, there will be a number of internal and online events to show students of all ages, that the development of interfaces and software is interesting and exciting. HTML Academy at this time provides access to all online courses and offers dive into the world of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML Academy

Is Useful to do the beta, you can get new ideas and implement them in business. It has already announced a Quiz on HTML, now modified it taking into account wishes and suggestions of users. The app has become more useful due to the fact that at the end of the quiz shows the correct and incorrect answers, and in the case of an error prompt from which it becomes clear where the error occurred. Because of questions in each subject are many and they are generated completely random, I recommend to pass each topic several times. Install the app for Android and write what you liked and what should be added. the mobile application

Made an application under Android in the form of a quiz to test knowledge on HTML. The app is experimental, I want to understand and whether it is necessary generally like to do. For this reason, the application is not completed yet and is in alpha status-version. However, it is called unfinished only, because not all desired topics are covered. But it is already in the database 176 questions on six topics: the basics of HTML, lists, links, tables, text, shapes. Questions are displayed randomly, all of them at once and not to see, for each they own, so it makes sense to take the quiz multiple times. the App contains advertising, her haters can advise before you run the application disable wi-fi, then the banner will not be downloaded to take place and will...