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30 Sep Ulyanovsk for the third time will gather the largest technical conference in the Volga region. At the Lenin Memorial will be held Russian forum on technology and development. the REEF.Technology — Federal project entirely dedicated to the Internet industry and its development. The main emphasis of this year: technology; web development; mobile development; engineering and design; contractors and sub-contractors in the it, digital economy and Smart City. the Headliner of this year's forum will be Anatoly Karpov is a Soviet and Russian chess player, the twelfth world chess champion and international grandmaster, which is based on your own experience will share their opinion on the chess development in the era of computers, will talk about how...

Chances are you know how to connect to the website favicon: put the desired file in ICO format in the root, and be done with it. It worked before, but in modern web correctly and beautifully to connect the favicons? Deal with this topic in the new edition of the show HTML Shorts.

Wrote a short training course on the use of the float property. What it is, what effect on the elements, how to use in practice for the layout of different elements. As usual, the theory is supported by interactive tasks to consolidate the material and independent work. With the answers, if that. Still, as an experiment, added to the float property the sandbox. Beautiful names for this feature not invented until the sandbox is called. In short, click the property values and immediately see the result of the application. Do you like it? layout

In training courses on the website made examples. Now simply click on the tab "Result" and you can see immediately how this code is displayed in the browser. All images and styles, of course. in addition, such examples in the upper right corner there is a button "JSFiddle", if you click it, the example completely flies in the sandbox And there it is already possible to save and edit at will.

Ad 7 Aug starts online intensive "Basic HTML and CSS". It will suit you if you are just beginning the conquest of the layout, and organize existing knowledge. Five weeks of intensive work: two live webinars per week, practical exercises, progressive coding of two layouts. The lectures are conducted by experienced teachers, and assisted by a personal mentor. the Intensive concludes with a defense of the project, where is your layout verified in accordance with professional criteria for quality. With personal projects you will be able to mark up, can be found on the youtube channel. As a result of completion of the intensive you will learn the process of layout and get the first serious work in my portfolio. You will also receive a certificate. the Intensive...

Are Experimenting with the format of training courses on the site WebReference. Interactive tests already have automatic workshop too, it was the turn of independent tasks. For example, the course of block and line elements in each lesson can see the tab "Self", which has the tasks for the independent decision. Not yet decided whether to spread the ready decision, because such tasks can be done in many ways, and they are all correct. In General, write in the comments what do you think about this.

Ad Plan to mark up their first online store, but don't know where to start? Then try to do it with an instructor a Cupcake in the epic date from HTML Academy. The layout of the store accessories for cats, "The Great Keksby" your forces would gradually turn into a real home page. the Theoretical knowledge of HTML and CSS will be applied: page layout, styling, working with graphics, setting up Adobe Photoshop for the layout and construction of nets. to Understand how the tags and properties on a real project is not difficult, changing the values and properties in the editor and seeing the result immediately in the services. in addition, you will take intermediate testing on the layout of the store kvass "Kwast", but without a hint of Muffin serious...

Added a new training course devoted to position property, which is explained in detail on the values static, relative, absolute, fixed and sticky, as well as their combinations. Course, as usual, contains questions for self-examination, all sorts of jobs, and in the end you can pass the validation test. However, nobody forbids to pass it in the beginning. the Course is not for beginners, first learn HTML and CSS. And for those who have it all mastered and want to learn how to write. CSS

Ad In August starts the job Frontend developer for those who are serious to become a professional in a short time and get the most out of your training! the Profession of a "Frontend developer" is: three projects in the portfolio; more work with mentors; more time to work on projects; special test tasks on the job. the Program will go from 7 August to 27 December and consists of three stages: the basic HTML and CSS, advanced HTML and CSS; JavaScript Bazovyi. Take care of your future profession in summer and in winter will become a sought-after frontend developer. Register now, space is limited. HTML Academy

The Set of structural elements of HTML5 raises many questions for novice web designers. What is different ? In any case, it is necessary to write , and in what ? What to put in ? Is it possible to add in ? In General, instead of to facilitate the work and simplify the code, these elements are just confused. It would seem to have the HTML specification, it is, and should be treated on controversial issues. But the trouble is that the texts of the specifications can be interpreted differently, why the forums often there are verbal battles, everyone defends their opposite position. On the matter which item to apply in a particular case should be decided by the designer based on the content of the web page. Because we are talking about structural elements that...

Ad Flexbox is a system layout of blocks in the CSS, which is in contrast to tables, flotow and inline-blocks. Using them is really convenient to manage columns and blocks in your layout. Want to learn how to operate flexbox and how to apply them in practice? HTML Academy opens access to paid courses about flexbox for everyone till 28 Jun 2017: Flexbox, part 1 Flexbox, part 2 After these online courses, you will learn: to align and move the Flex-elements to control their size and indentation; apply ratios in tension and compression; to create flexible layouts and interface elements.

IN HTML4 the answer to this question is unequivocal — inside links you can only insert text elements and pictures. And for simple situations this is no problem — if we need, for example, to make the title a link, then we add inside , but not Vice versa. Title it should be remembered that the link area is limited by the size of the text. element block, it occupies the entire width of the viewport and the reference line, its size is determined by the size of the content. So the click is not in the text, but just this line will do nothing. For this example, it may not matter, but for any menu where the menu items visually more important. Therefore we modify the link style so that it takes up all the space inside the unit. a { display: block; } now the link...