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Famous British street artist, hiding under the pseudonym Phlegm, was invited to create an original artistic work in the courtyard of London's Royal Opera House, also known as the theatre Royal Covent garden. Based on our own perception of mythology and real myths about Prometheus, and lehde Swan, a British cartoonist and Illustrator has created an unusual art installation, on the occasion of the festival of Myth". Opens the event on September 28 of this year. The art installation is a three-tiered composition with images of various mythical characters. Painted all in the traditional artist in black and white colors. Source: Ponravilasi article?! Share with friends!

American Jamie Homeister (Jamie Homeister) draws amazing pictures on bird feathers, thus recreating the culture of the ethnic peoples of the modern territory of the United States of America and Canada. Using feathers as canvas, Jamie Homeister (Jamie Homeister) depicts mostly of animals and birds. Although, most often, this is exactly birds: finches, parrots, owls, eagles and other birds. Some birds even shown on their feathers. According to the artist drawn painted feathers to come back closer to nature: "Paintings on feathers is a very laborious and difficult way to implement talent. The feathers are glued under the weight of the paint fall off and lose their shape. However, the better to observe the results of their labor". \ Source:

Let's go back a bit in childhood. Who has not looked at the clouds, being young and not knowing who resembles its shape once the cloud? Sure, it was done almost everything. Otherwise, what kind of childhood. Say even more, in secret, some of us continue to do this and in a rather serious age. What can I say? It's just wonderful. So somewhere in the depths of we still live the somewhat wild swing with a twinkle in his eyes. Now, let's talk about the project "Shaping Clouds". Its author is a Spanish copywriter Martin Feijo (Martín Feijoo), who in his spare time imagining on the subject of clouds, painting the details on the pictures and turning the clouds into real objects. Source: Ponravilasi article?! Share with friends!

Structurally it was unified with the family NEMT and equipped with the same engine capacity of 500 HP, automatic 4-speed transmission, 2-speed transfer case and wheel gearboxes. Its frame is made of steel rails height of 356 mm and a width of 89 mm, polupolirovannye cabin for up to 6 people, including crew transported the tank. Standard equipment includes two hydraulic winch with a pulling force on 25 TC and one auxiliary 1,4-ton, as well as the control pressure in the tires of the truck and 4-axle semi-trailer MA. In 2001, for the British army was built prototype ME with 6-cylinder engine "Detroit Diesel" (14,0 l, 600 PS) and automatic 7-speed transmission, capable of working in a roadtrain full weight of 117 tons and a maximum speed of 72 km/h In 2003...

Robert Cox was born 14 July 1934 in new Jersey, he studied at the Katharine Gibbs School of Art from 1953 to 1956. In 1962, moved to California, where he found numerous floral theme for his paintings. It was important for him to make his art available to the public. He was awarded the Brown Hammerson Medal for merits in art in 1986. Robert Cox died 18 June 2001, after a long illness. Liked the article?! Share with friends!

Bud on the Iisko temple in the historic centre of Bangkok, one of the most sacred places of Thailand. Inside the temple is the "emerald Buddha" statue with a height of 66 cm, cut from one piece of jade in the XV century. According to one legend, it was covered with gold plates, the other was inside of another statue, but cobbled together from clay. The image was found in 1431 in one of the temples of Chiang Rai, and later she was captured by king Rama I. Several times a year, the temple servants, chaired by the monarch or Prince change the clothes of the statue. Outside the temple at the entrance are two lions of bronze, which were brought from Cambodia by king Rama I. the base of the building is decorated with gilded figures mystical birds-half human...

Bus stop in Baltimore. Stops from the old school bus in Atlanta. It was created by sculptor Christopher Fennell of the three elements of old school buses. Seat, by the way, is also there. LEGO Stop in London. It is located on Regent Street. Everything here, including the signature, seats and transparent wall, created from parts of LEGO. For the construction of the stop went 100 000 parts of the famous designer. Stop-fruits in Japan. If you ever are in Konagai, Nagasaki, look for these creative stop in the form of a huge fruit... ... and vegetables. Closed stop in Dubai. In a country where almost constant temperature is above 37 degrees, stop with conditioners that protect passengers from dust storms, is a necessity, not a luxury. Stop from IKEA in Paris and...

American artist from San Francisco, Michael Kerbow (Michael Kerbow), works in several areas of fine arts, as well as quite a lot of time on digital photography. In this article we will show you its massive surreal paintings in oil and acrylic. Before us is a nightmarish picture of the future where humanity finally spat on the environment, putting a single goal in the form of full industrialization of the planet. As you know, this will definitely lead to the destruction of our fragile world. "I'm not afraid of anyone and don't say it will. You see only the possible consequences of our negligence," says Michael. Liked the article?! Share with friends!

"Verruckt" or "our way"-crazy. The so-called water attraction-slide in the U.S. city of Kansas city, which was recently recognized as the highest water slide in the world. As you know, official recognition was what reads an entry in the Guinness Book of world records. Height "Verruckt" is 51,38 meters. Incidentally, this is higher than the Statue of Liberty or Niagara falls. In order to be at the beginning of slides, you will need to overcome as much, 264 steps up. For passing the "tests" trying to enter the four heroes together and shooting through the water at speeds up to 110 km/h. It is planned that the official opening slides "Verruckt" will be held on June 29 of this year. Liked the article?! Share with friends!

Chinese architectural firm Studio 505" has recently completed the construction of its unique building in the city of Changzhou, in the heart of this large industrial megapolis. The total area of the architectural complex was 3.5 hectares. In addition to the building, the project provides for the environment in the form of an artificial pond and a Park zone. Functional and symbolic purpose of the project is a cultural anchor and civil landmark. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, design changes color. The project is self-sufficient in question thermal balance inside the building. Due to the lake, here is cool in summer and warm in winter. By the way, in the dark, the color palette of the building changes every 20 seconds. Source...

UK temporary Duo called Irony + Boe painted already a lot of walls in the UK capital. Even despite its temporary nature. Artists immediately said that this project is one of the interval. In the original members call themselves as Whoam Irony and Placee Boe. Very funny nicknames. Why is it the subject of animals, is not clear. As they draw in a completely different way. In any case, experimental Association, in our view, has been very successful. So to criticize is nothing. Most of the drawings is located in the Eastern part of the city, the so-called East London, famous for its endless empty canvases" abandoned areas and industrial zones. Source: Ponravilas article?! Share with friends!

For what we love trees? Let's list: they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen we breathe; they bind carbon, and provide shelter and protection countless sentient creatures. You can find many more reasons why we all followed hippie right to consider themselves "children of the trees", but in the context of this article we will focus only on how gorgeous they are. Strictly speaking, not all of these amazing trees are (so, Wisteria really just a tree, the vine, rhododendrons - Bush and bamboo belongs to the family of herbs), but let's look at it through his fingers, because they are amazing, great and truly beautiful. 1. 125 years of rhododendron, earned own name “Tree” in Canada This huge stopwatchdisplay rhododendron from the point of view of botany no tree...

Artistic and live typography - a rarity in this area of design. Most of typography is represented by the works slant to it in the schedule, where no living thought of the artist. Liked the article?! Share with friends!

Japanese artist from Narita town, calling themselves the nickname Sakae, creates luxurious-elegant jewelry for the hair, using resin and thin brass wire. Each piece Japanese makes entirely by hand. Moreover, the creation of one product can take from three to thirty days of careful work. It all depends on complexity decoration. Big part of the decorations are traditional for Japanese women, kanzashi. If you would like to buy one of the works of the Japanese masters, not amuse ourselves with hope in vain. The works Sakae the incredible popularity in the home country. The last of her jewelry was sold at auction for 400 thousand Japanese yen. Liked the article?! Share with friends!

Wood forty fruit is a unique project that is successfully embodied in life, Sam van Aken. Generally the wood is a continuous series hybridized stone fruit trees: peach, plum, apricot, nectarine, cherries, almonds, and others. On the pictures you see a flowering tree in different colors: pink, white, purple and crimson. Van aken uses so-called vaccinations. The technology to create very complex. Takes the unique ID of each of the forty-trees (chip, Bud and others) and grafted into the tree. If the "DNA" taking root, the tree survive. Van raised about 16 trees, which successfully grow in private collections. Now he plans to grow a small garden of those trees in the city. Liked the article?! Share with friends!