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Business online | Interesting articles and business ideas 2016

Business online | Interesting articles and business ideas 2016

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As Lobachevsky got on a popular TV show? - Ask Peter Fadeevich and know about rural theatre presenter Marian Gadenko learned on the set of the capital and the actress personally called the founder and Director. Lobachevsky theatergoers invitation to Kiev embraced with joy, and not close the road went with a fun adventure.

After participating in the program "Night of destiny" on the First National channel national theatre with Gorokhovsky district, founded by the Shevchenko prize winner Petro Panchuk, became known all over Ukraine ... Lobachevsky Amateur actors charmed the audience and the capital of his game, because remember the teachings of their leader - "be not Panchuk, and personalities"

Fresh TV series "Police with rublevki" — a chronicle about Grisha Izmailovo police that is designed to protect the peace and order in the most prestigious area of the Russian Federation where live insanely wealthy people. See 24 March 2016 5 series COP series with rublevki on TNT online.

But in Ukraine there are already several changes of presidents and premiers, in Rivne region is the fourth Chairman of RSA, and the inhabitants of Polesie village so no one heard. In this meeting farmers said that they would like to receive the authorities competent answer, and not just another promise. - If will not start the construction, September 1, will not allow his children to school - sounded during our conversation, and such statements of angry parents.

The editors with a collective letter addressed by the villagers of Tseptsevichi Sarnensky district of Rivne region - parents of pupils of the local school. In a room that is designed for 240 children, currently almost 700 students ... the Learning process takes place in two shifts: from 8 am to 20 hours and 45 minutes. For over 10 years people write the statement with the requirement to build a new school, but not hear them.

They are not sisters, how many people think about girls, but they were porodyla love to the beloved. Olga Ilchuk and Olga Prysyazhnyuk - Lutsk masters-artist. Under their arms there are pictures and postcards, bags and backpacks, accessories, motanka dolls and lace underwear. Girl two years working under the brand of "eve's daughter" and recently opened a store of the same name where they sell their own works.

Murder girls in Nakhodka, 8 school details, latest news 18.03.2016 Findings. 18 March 2016 summer school in the town of Nakhodka happened double resonance bloodshed: a young man killed his own ex-girlfriend, then committed suicide.

Ukrainian defenders were taught to properly use the prosthesis, independently to put on and off. Because it is available, when the patient strained muscles - biceps and triceps - so instrument by nerve impulses receives a command. Is the German arm of 65,000 euros.

In November last year in the publication "the Bleeding on the front I stopped the current people's Deputy Igor Lapin" we talked about the fighter of the 2nd company of the volunteer battalion "Aidar" with the call sign "Moose" Vyacheslav Ilchishina, who fought side by side with our heroes-Volyn.

The Villagers want to punish the perpetrators, and massive deforestation has stopped. They say that a cube cut oak now paying 10-15 thousand hryvnias, and only one truck that stopped, was carrying 10 cubic metres of this tree. I do not deny that in place of felled forest plant, but for him, they say, not overly cared for.

In Rivne region the peasants are fighting with the foresters... the Inhabitants of Great Verbche that in Sarnensky district, recently had a fight with members of the local forestry. Foresters are accused in illegal felling mighty oaks. Farmers are selling trees without any documents.

The Kitchen is the final season 2016 watch 11 series of 16 March on the STS (11 series). The focus of kinosyuzhet found himself a young chef from Voronezh named max. Someone came to the capital To settle in a good restaurant. Kitchen season 6 episode 11 (episode 111 16.03.2016) final season, watch all episodes online

A well-Known journalist of the newspaper "Mirror of week. Ukraine" Sergey Rakhmanin wrote that President Petro Poroshenko is considering replacing the current leaders of the terrorist" LNR "and" DNR" for less odious oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and the head of the faction "Opposition bloc" Yuriy Boyko. This idea allegedly threw Kum Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk

Rates are rising, the price of space, parliamentarians pour mud at each other, the President and the Prime Minister are fighting among themselves and the country? Meanwhile, there is another "shortest koalitsiada". And in party headquarters have already shaken the dust from the desktop and send the first "messengers" by region. Do elections again? How much can you?

The Month of Patriotic education in kindergarten №16 have not passed our attention. After all, the charity founded by teachers of the institution at the head active the head Valentina Fedoruk, last year went beyond the bounds of kindergarten space. Funds raised by staff members and students in Christmas carols and a charity concert, by the way a wounded soldier Pavel Horohoro