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Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

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Dear clients, we are pleased to announce the arrival to our warehouse of new products 2017, from the manufacturer of the automation SALUS controls. Updated daily most popular room thermostats from the STANDARD: Wired room thermostat SALUS RT310 – read more Wireless room thermostat SALUS RT310RF – read more Most anticipated news in 2017: weather-compensated controller SALUS WT100 – read more the Thermostat for the fan coil units and under-floor heat convectors SALUS FC600 – read more Follow the novelties of our news!

Dear customers please note the schedule of work of warehouses in the pre-Christmas days! Warehouse automation will run until 29.12.2016 city! The warehouse opens 09.01.2017 and will work as usual! All orders placed on the website, will be processed by the system in automatic mode with 29.12.2016, 09.01.2017 the Prices will be valid at the time of the order date! 28.12.2016 the warehouse is open from 10.00 to 12.00 Please note the schedule of delivery orders on new year's eve, in connection with the utilization of a courier service we recommend to place orders for pickup from our warehouse!

Dear clients! C 1 to December 10, 2016, our company has the largest sale of automation systems. Only 10 days in early December, You can purchase automation systems for discounts of 10-50% off! You have the opportunity to save not only the cost of the equipment, but in the future, You will control the temperature and heat consumption in your house or apartment! don't miss your chance! Successful to You of purchases!

Dear clients! We join the world day of sales in online stores. on 11-12 November 2016, You can purchase popular products in category of smart devices for the home, with discounts up to 40%. have a nice day! the Details are in the events section.

Dear customers, we are pleased to inform You that on sale wireless magnetic sensor Door Sensor SALUS OS600. With this wireless device, the capabilities of the system SALUS iT600 Smart Home became even more interesting. Examples of usage scenarios: Using sensors window/door and the app for the smart home can switch off the heating in the room in the period when the window is open - this prevents unnecessary heat consumption. Using the app, can check whether the open window or door in your house before leaving. the Function control one touch OneTouch™ is pre-configured conditions of conduct that are defined in a simple to use control panel. With the application iT600 Smart Home, you can set the simultaneous turning off of all lights in your house to save...

Are Pleased to present a new line of automation SALUS iT600 Smart Home. This is a full system smart home control via the Internet from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app or a PC connected to the Internet. Now the system has become even easier with the new SALUS Smart Home app for smartphones on iOS and Android. All system components are wireless devices operating in a modern standard home automation ZigBee. the system uses a universal Internet gateway SALUS UGE600 Smart Home that connects to your home router and supports up to 100 wireless devices ZigBee line of Smart Home iT600 SALUS and SALUS iT600 last year's version. Now You can not only monitor and control the temperature in the house, to control smart plugs to control the opening of doors and...

Dear clients! We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new line of automatics from the Taiwanese manufacturer Frontier. now You can buy wireless temperature controllers Frontier TH-1149RF/RV-1341M and Frontier TH-1149RF/RVF-1510M , we also offer popular advanced sets of automation of a heating services with a special discount. the Advantage of the wireless thermostat Frontier TH-1149RF/RV-1341M is that he has managed wireless actuator for thermostatic valves of radiators. The set of Electromechanical Chernogolovka Frontier RV-1341M includes adapters for valves of different manufacturers. The main feature of the system is its ability to enhance wireless devices up to 100 devices on a single wireless transmitter thermostat Frontier...

There Comes a time of hot summer and today I want to tell you how you can turn even your old air conditioner into a smart gadget and save the cost of electricity. the control System of air conditioning Sensibo gives you the ability to control your air conditioning from anywhere via the Internet using a PC or smartphone application and smart watches. You will always know the status of your climate real-time control system for efficient use of your air conditioner. Control system Sensibo gives you the opportunity to reduce energy costs by up to 40%. Sensibo is compatible with 99% models of air conditioners famous manufacturers and has all the basic control functions of the standard control panel.

Dear customers, we are glad to announce that we have released a new updated firmware for the series iT600 SALUS automation ZigBee. Now the system has the ability to mate with one thermostat SALUS VS10RF-VS20RF six wireless servo SALUS TRV10RFM.

Today we try to understand, in what still advantage of a new line of climate automation from Salus Controls. the official SALUS iT600 series, went on sale in early 2015, but sales in Russia started in mid-2014 and we can already say that this automation has its fans. let's Start with the fact that back in 2013 from Salus Controls, brought to market a completely new product wifi Internet thermostat SALUS iT500, which still is the sales leader in Russia. Compared to their similar competitors in roughly the same price range and even slightly cheaper SALUS iT500 became the leader. the Main advantage of the SALUS iT500 was it simple to install and configure, since all components of the system have a wireless connection between themselves and the thermostat can...

Dear customers please note the working hours of warehouses in the pre-Christmas days! Warehouse automation will work up to 29.12.2015.! The warehouse opens 11.01.2016, and will work as usual! All orders placed on the website, will be processed by the system in automatic mode with 29.12.2015 by G. G. 11.01.2016 Prices are valid at the time of the order date! Please note the schedule of delivery orders on new year's eve, due to the workload of the courier service we recommend that you submit orders for pickup from our warehouse!

The Company Elgato has announced an interesting gadget for the smart home, working with Apple products via a wireless Wi-Fi channel, which transmits all data to a special app in the iPhone / iPad. It is the sensor measurement of the environment Eve Room to room, which is a pretty useful device in General sistemnogo house determines the exact data of air quality and monitors the slightest of changes. the Gadget can measure humidity, temperature and pressure, CO2 content and other impurities of organic origin. This will allow full control of the home atmosphere and can react to adverse changes in the composition of the air space. The device will help to create the most favorable conditions for living in the house, thanks to the detailed information in the...

Among "smart" thermostats have a clear leader — Nest. As a pioneer, an intellectual and just hipsters, he gathered a large army of fans. However, this does not mean that the miracle of the thermostat there is no real competition. On the contrary, in the market there are some very interesting solutions, functionality which goes beyond the usual possibilities. About a few of these devices will be discussed.

Ready-made kits for the automation of homes are gaining increasing popularity, however, they often cannot fully satisfy the needs of connoisseurs of high-tech. In this case, come to the aid of specialized controllers for "smart" home, allowing you to create personalized solutions with the required functionality. An example of such control modules include devices line Vera.

Announce retail promotion on the popular Internet thermostat SALUS iT500! C 1 to 20 October, a full set of iT500, ready for connection to the heating equipment and control system over the Internet at a special price of R. for Details on the connection and settings can learn from our consultants!