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Parents watched through the monitor at his peacefully sleeping in the baby's crib and saw a Ghost. Mother Laura Hague, and father Dean Evans talking about the fact that seeing otherworldly guest, they became confused and did not know what to do. Evans Then rushed upstairs to check on the baby, but in the kid's room and over his bed he saw nothing unusual that could explain this creepy oddity. Hague says she's not too surprised by the strange event, as she had already observed how their son Sebastian waved handle someone or something in his room. It also States that he heard the inexplicable sounds of children in their home and watched the inexplicable movements of objects. The woman suggested that perhaps their home lives the spirit of the child. though...

Over the past two weeks in the Park Yellowstone was recorded about 770 earthquakes. Usually this is the number of earthquakes recorded here for the year. "as of 11:30 Friday morning in the current swarm was 769 earthquakes", — said the scientist from the University of Utah. Jamie Farrell. a Series of earthquakes began here a few days ago and is still ongoing, although with a slow rate. According to Jamie typical bursts range from 10 to 50 earthquakes. the Seismic station of the University of the first recorded earthquake of magnitude 4.4 near West Yellowstone on June 16. To date it was the most powerful impetus. 5 earthquakes recorded in the range of amplitudes 3, 64, range 2, and the remaining 699 in the range of 1 and below.

I've never seen anything like it. Thousands of them! says the surprised worker oil rig "Prirazlomnaya" in the course of a minute video that was sent to the Russian researcher Sergey Share. Their appearance around the platform that is actively pumping oil is expected, as animals usually pushes industrial vibration, noise and bustle of human activity. They are very lazy. Must be something here attracting – said the author of the video.

Housewife Bonnie Forsyth from the coastal city, which is located in the North-Western part of California says that she accidentally managed to capture the photo of a real mermaid. Bonnie was walking with my dog, simultaneously photographing any natural scenery. So the woman came to the beach, where you also made a few shots. At home on one of the pictures Bonnie Forsythe found far away on the stone mermaid silhouette – girl with long hair and a long fish tail instead of legs. the Woman said that while walking this with you, perhaps because took the pictures without much interest and not too got accustomed to the landscape. But in spite of that Bonnie is confident that she inadvertently photographed a real mermaid.

In the study, scientists were able to learn about the mystery of George Washington, which was so carefully hidden from society. Experts have stated that George Washington had wooden teeth. For this reason he was very upset. the Study of the personal diary of a famous politician allowed experts to learn about George Washington is 24 years of age suffer from diseases of the teeth. From this age he became a regular visitor to the dental office. He gradually removed the teeth, which initially replaced the plug, and then had to replace a wooden one that was crafted for him by dentist John Greenwood. the Doctor did Washington's false teeth from the teeth of elephant tusks and bones of a rhinoceros, in addition, on a wooden base was inserted and family, once your...

Polish scientists from Warsaw Institute of archeology found in the ancient tomb of Ramesses VI an ancient analogue of the social network. It turned out that while the guests shared their impressions after the visit of the Valley of the kings, just as it happens in modern society. This suggests that the Valley of the kings in those days fascinated people with its beauty. According to scientists, such ancient "forums" were found in other tombs in 10 of 60 patients. in addition to impressions ancient travelers left a lot of personal information about its activities, place of residence and their names. Experts have studied about 10,000 of these ancient messages. Scientists believe that this discovery will help to better understand the society of those times...

After the introduction of the U.S. system of automatic control and alerts "notification Service about earthquakes" (ENS) already there were first strange case, which many considered a sign. Normally, the system generates a report about the place, the location and the magnitude of the quake about 15 minutes after the incident but the message, sent the morning of 22 June was very strange. it is reported that there was a strong earthquake of 6.8 points in the territory of the state of California near Los Angeles. The depth of the epicenter, only 10 kilometers, which means this earthquake should greatly rouse the earth's surface. The strangeness lies in the fact that no earthquake this morning was not. However, there is another, even more strange: in the...

Experts from the University of Basel said that in Egypt was discovered the oldest prosthetic in the world. He was found in a burial of a woman from a noble family. the Prosthesis was discovered near Luxor, the burial place of wealthy families. His age is about 3-3,5 thousand years. In recent years, the archeologists found a large number of previously unknown graves that were carved into the rock. Unfortunately, most of them were looted. Experts found in one of these tombs the remains of a woman on the leg which was attached a beautifully made wooden prosthesis. Scientists have noted that the wizard produces prosthesis clearly possess the necessary knowledge in the area of human anatomy because it was perfectly tailored to the leg and secured by straps. It...

In the Chinese province of Henan , in the County By hundreds of people witnessed how a lot of white carp for no reason at all began to jump out of the water on the pavement, near the lake. According to the explanation of local authorities, this phenomenon occurred because the song contest, which took place nearby, the contestants sang very loudly, from fish and became stranded. However, this explanation did not convince neither the local population nor tourists, who watched it, not a pretty sight. About the real reason of such behavior of fishes is still unknown.

For the first Christians the cross and the fish were religious symbols. The reason for this should be sought in the Greek word isthus, which means fish and also consonant with the name of Jesus. moreover, in the gospel text there is a description of the multiplication of bread and fish the son of God Jesus Christ. a Similar image of a fish with a cross have been preserved to our days. They can be found on the walls of the catacombs, in which were hiding from the persecution of the first Christians.

Asteroid 2010 NY65 was seen 7 years ago – July 10, 2010, after which scientists began to constantly monitor him. Very soon – June 24, 2017, the object will approach Earth that will allow us to study it much more accurate. Approaching the planet the asteroid will reach 17th magnitude glow. its Speed is 46,000 kilometers per hour. According to experts, already in the morning on Saturday, he will approach our planet at a distance of 3 000 000 kilometers. Experts hope that the asteroid will not be dragged by gravity and collapses to the planet, because if you compare it with the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which affected about 1.7 million people - he is in 2 times more.

Astrophysics from the USA said that in a couple billion years our planet will be covered with hot lava and will be similar to Kepler-10B. Kepler - 10B is a large exoplanet, with an orbit close to the parent star, which she is completely covered by ocean of molten lava. the Earth's core consists of an alloy of Nickel and iron, so by heating the surface of the metal melts and becomes liquid, forming an ocean of lava. In the future, the Earth is closer to the Sun and it expects a repetition of the scenario, Kepler-10B, which consists almost entirely of iron alloys and its parent star like the Sun is a yellow dwarf.

Mayan Empire existed on the territory of southern Mexico and Central America. Their civilization reached its peak of prosperity between 350 and 800 years BC. Possessing a lot of knowledge in different areas and in particular in the field of astronomy, observed the planets and stars to determine their exact position thanks to their mathematical abilities. They could accurately predict sunrise and sunset, periods of blackout, the cycles of the moon and stars. In their beliefs of a celestial body Maya believed multiple gods, the will which had to fulfill.