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Amazing and mysterious picture was taken from the aircraft during the flight from Keflavik to Portland pilot Agusta Arnbjornsson July 11, this year. the photo seen the strange plumes of steam a quantity of three pieces, passing through the Greenland ice thickness a half or two miles. This photo seriously scared not only the people of Greenland, but scientists around the world. With glaciers on our planet is something strange going on, they believe. Among the assumptions about the origin of the strange plumes of steam and subglacial volcanic eruption, and secret ice base and even the intervention of aliens. And yet the government is not in a hurry to Finance the expedition, and studies of strange phenomenon.

To a very ambiguous conclusion geneticists, members of the international group for the study of genetic material obtained from the mummies of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. It turned out that they could be not really people and to be a result of crossbreeding of human genes and genes of the aliens. This assumption the scientists made a study of the tissues of the brain, where 8 of 9 cases found abnormalities, uncharacteristic of human organisms. After the detection of abnormalities in brain structure, scientists from the bone tissue were able to identify the gene CXPAC-5, responsible for the development features of the head of the cortex that are not relevant to human physiology. Needless to say that this gene is not specific to the person. If the received...

Most people feel that humanity is on the brink of a precipice, leading to economic collapse, war, or perhaps something more ambitious and serious. in addition, for the last period from seismologists is a series of disappointing reports, as well as about the strange processes happening on the Sun, approaching asteroids and other unexplained phenomena that happen around the world. Often talk about the fact that the elite of the planet hiding something from the public. Besides NASA and the Vatican have engaged in the construction of new infrared telescopes, and the old command centers and missile silos began to rebuild in personal bunkers in case of the Apocalypse. now, in the magazine "Forbes" has information about a major catastrophic situation, which may...

In Nigeria, in some parts of Osogbo, the capital of the state of Osun local residents witnessed an unusual phenomenon that was accompanied by a "deafening noise." This caused panic among the people. At some point in the sky there was a terrible bright light. It was so bright that many people began to hide in safe places, according to the portal Tribune Online. This sudden lighting seen on Tuesday evening in many areas, it was observed in Alcobaca, oke-FIA, Olaya and part Estate. a Bright flash was accompanied by a powerful deafening sound similar to a loud explosion. Chitila Adekunle who observed the phenomenon, said: "We don't know what really happened. We only saw a bright light that emerged suddenly. He appeared in the sky, turning night into day...

NASA wants to destroy 300 secret records on expeditions to Jupiter and Saturn, which long period was considered extinct. Ufologists assume that space Agency wants to hide something from the public, reports the Daily Star. the Dealer for disposal of the waste came across two computers with 300 mysterious records made on Saturn and Jupiter missions Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11. He then concluded that the records were simply stolen and decided to report this finding to the space Agency. But following the directions to NASA of the relevant request has been received an immediate reply in which was written that in these materials are not of any value, and therefore, they should be disposed of. to Learn about such a reaction NASA UFO extremely surprised at this...

American scientist from Buffalo during the study it was found that a saliva test could prove crossbreeding humans and unknown creatures. the Traces of an unknown ancient ancestor was discovered during excavations in the South of the Sahara. Scientists believe that this fact proves that early humans interbred not only with their own kind. First evidence for the crossing of the first inhabitants of Europe and Asia, was discovered on the continents. the New analysis deals with the burials of earlier periods. He argues that primitive Africans also mixed with other species. Experts say that such behavior is quite normal for those times and it fits in the theory of evolution of Darwin. the evidence of scientists built on the analysis of saliva mucin: it was...

First, scientists from the SETI project aimed at the search for extraterrestrial life, said about the mysterious space signal, which managed to capture with the small stars of the constellation Virgo. By assumption specialists – this signal is nothing like a message from extraterrestrial civilizations. However, a thorough study of the signal were able to establish that it has a similarity with the signals sent by terrestrial satellites. After which scientists were able to establish that in the sector where the alarm was sent, a lot of geostationary satellites of our planet. the result was that the alien signal is just radio waves of the earth's satellites.