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News of the Planet — April 20. At Easter weekend traffic on the highway near Newfoundland in Canada literally stopped. The city has begun to arrive tourists fascinated by the huge iceberg, which appeared very close to the shore. the Newfoundland is popularly called "alley of icebergs". The nickname he required a large number of icebergs that sail court every spring. It contributes to the development of tourism. – on a good day, you can see even five or six icebergs, says Adrian Cavanaugh, mayor of the city. Most of them just pass by, but the latter sailed to the shore for a long time. Most of the iceberg is under water, above the surface you can see only its top. Consequently, many of them aground at the approach to the coast. the Height of the ice...

News of the Planet — April 20. The staff of the Institute of astronomy and astrophysics in Taipei with the help of the Chilean telescope ALMA was lucky enough to find in the constellation of Orion is a huge "hamburger" consisting of condensing gas and dust, reports the journal Science Advances. As it turned out, the inside of this structure is the emerging star, whose age is only about forty thousand years. Scientists believe the object discovered is a success, because he had the opportunity to see and study the processes of formation of the star and its system. The young star received the name HH 212, it is at a distance of 1300 light years from Earth. Scientists plan to study the process of gradual "grazing" star inner part of the dust cloud followed by...

News of the Planet — April 20. An international team of archaeologists, an analysis was conducted 78 of the remains from a mass grave in Vilnius. During analysis, scientists have learned a lot about the army of Napoleon Bonaparte . turns Out that in the menu of the soldiers of Bonaparte were maize, sorghum, millet and similar grains. experts have identified that the soldiers were from Italy, Poland and other countries. Ethnicity was confirmed by the buttons found in the grave.

News of the Planet — April 20. French artist Abraham Panchal, during the performance 3 weeks hatched chicken. His perch as the man gave in the French Museum of modern art "Palais de Tokyo". 10 eggs were placed in a glass vivarium, on which, wrapped in a warm blanket, was sitting the artist. the First fluffy chick appeared after 3 weeks of almost continuous breeding. Abraham Panchal responsible attitude to its mission has not left the nest more than half an hour a day. Now 44-year-old artist is deviceimages remaining 9 eggs. Abraham Panchal famous in the art world for his extraordinary performances. Before it 2 weeks immured itself in a cave was the skeleton of a bear and ate only insects and worms.

News of the Planet — April 20. The employee of one of the Italian tourist firms failed to consider and to capture the unusual UFO. The object flew over lake Garda. The equipment for filming was installed on the roof of the building, so the photos turned out clear. Before the man had heard that lake Garda has some popularity among UFO that from time to time, watched the sky over the pond. However, this unusual object he didn't expect to meet. UFO had a green hue, it emits a glow. Some time ship, like a giant jellyfish hanging above the lake, and then silently disappeared. The witness was overcome with emotion and impressions. At the moment he is preparing to transmit filmed material specialists.

News of the Planet — April 20. Big fan of Scarlett Johansson, graphic designer from Hong Kong, recreated with a 3D printer robot DoppelgangeR of the beloved actress. Costs Ricky MA to create cost not so cheap, had to pay a tidy sum of $ 50,000. On the left about 1.5 years. it Should be noted that the creation was a success. A double Scarlett Johansson came out very similar, she knows how to gesticulate and has facial expressions. For example, if you refer to it with a certain phrase she will smile and wink. 70% of the robot parts were printed on a 3D printer. questions from the media about why he did it, Ricky MA is responsible, which is a big fan of creativity of the talented Hollywood beauty and he wanted to be a little closer to her.

News of the planet — April 20. Search humanity of alien life continues. Jason Dittman of the Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysical center in the USA reported in the journal Nature that in the constellation of the whale near the red dwarf LHS 1140 in the area of life discovered Earth-like planet 1140b LHS with a thick layer of the atmosphere. despite the fact that last year, there are several potentially habitable planets, Jason Dittman and his team believe that open their planet is devoid of the deficiencies that discovered from other planets. The mass of LHS 1140b 6 times higher than the earth, and the diameter is 1.4 from the earth. Also a planet revolves around a red dwarf, so it is protected from sudden flashes of radiation. This planet based on rocky...

News of the Planet — April 20. In the region of South-West England, Gloucestershire, on one of the fields was discovered drawings. What 18 April 2017 were first published photo and video evidence made by enthusiasts. On the published materials, you can see 3 circles – big, medium and small. They are all in relative proximity to each other. In the middle of the large circle is a small, why he becomes like a Crescent in its growing phase. And even though these drawings are not as fancy as met earlier – they still excite and cause heated debate about the nature of his appearance.

News of the Planet — April 20. Aircraft carrier Gerald Ford was recently released in the sea. He went through numerous tests, which will be completed only in 2018. work on the ship Gerald Ford began in 2009 and had come to the end of 2015. Planned to spend $ 10.5 billion, but in the end, the work cost nearly $ 13 billion. On Board should appear the newest F-35 fighter jets, combat drones and a team of more than 4,500 sailors. Carrier weighing 100 thousand tons, is 330 meters long and 41 meters wide. April 8, the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier left the shipyard in Newport and pass through a series of tests. Presumably the ship will be ready in 2018.