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According to a senior technical analyst FXStreet Valeria Bednarik, today the main currency pair quietly konsolidiruyutsya in the area around its recent highs and as the dollar remains under pressure. Key points: "the Only exception is Ozzy, which pushed the decline in iron ore prices. Last night the EUR/USD increased by several PCT in the area month highs in the area 1.0824, but stalled in the critical area of resistance and at the time of writing was trading around 1.0785. Today, the wall street slowed the decline and closed in different positions, forcing Asian and European markets to mark time in the area of the opening levels, that helps the major currency pairs to stick within familiar ranges.

According to analysts of UOB Group, GBP/USD will remain bullish. Key points "the Pound has broken 1.25 and set the high at 1.2507, but the rally was short-lived, and followed by consolidation which led to mixed trading. Current price movement is part of consolidation phase. Thus, today we expect sideways trading range between 1.2420 and 1.2510. In the previous session, the pound said high at 1.2507 and closed in the green zone, which began on Monday, bullish sentiment remained. However, from the perspective of the short term rally was too rapid, therefore, holders of long positions should think about partial profit at 1.2545/50, just under the maximum the end of February at 1.2570. Stop-losses remain unchanged at 1.2340".

According to analysts BNP Paribas, in the short term, EUR/USD will be configured in a bullish mood and the pair may test the important resistance at 1.0850. Key points "We see a growing likelihood of a short squeeze in EUR/USD in the direction of the 1.13 and 1.15 only if 1.0850 be broken. Even in the case of a short squeeze bearish trend could resume upon reaching 1.13 and 1.15, and the pair will slide to 1.0 and 0.95 to 3rd or 4th quarter of 2017. To track similar levels of short squeeze in USD/JPY 111.3 and gold at 1,250"

The representative of the Bank of England's Broadbent in his speech on the topic of pound and Brekzita in London said that • the monetary policy Committee (MPC) has no illusions with respect to future negotiations on Bracito • British exporters benefit from the fact that trade rules have not changed • the weakness of the pound is most likely a consequence of Brekzita • Already noticeable negative impact on retail sales

To Buy higher 64,82 target of 65.25 and of 65.50. Our pivot point is at the level of 64,82. Our preference: buy above 64,82 target of 65.25 and of 65.50. Alternative scenario: the downside penetration of 64,82 will open the way to 64,53 and 64,25. comment: the RSI is mixed to bullish.

In accordance with the results of the recent survey Opinionway, the support of centrist Emmanuel macron of growing. 1st round: Le Pen 25% (vs. a previous 26%), Makron 25% (vs. the previous 24%), Fillon 19% (no change) 2nd round: macron/Le Pen 63/37 (vs previous 62/38), Fillon/Le Pen 57/43 (compared to previous 56/44)

As stated by analysts at Westpac , their opinion in respect on the dips has not changed for more than 4 months, however, it is possible that the level offset purchases to 112/114 last week was too aggressive. However, analysts believe that the purchase of the reduction and fixation of profit at 114.50 is a good tactic. Key points "To the end of the fiscal year in Japan and clarify the situation with the bill on Obamacare downside risks to USD/JPY will continue. However, 111 (the 38.2% retracement of the from 99.02 to 118.66) is still strong support.

Retail sales in Britain rose more than expected retail sales in Britain rose more than analysts expected. The index rose by 1.4% compared to the previous month. It is important to note that the rate has declined the last three months, and in February showed an increase. Economists had forecast growth last month, but only by 0.4%. sales increase among almost all categories of goods. Thus, the growth in sales of home goods amounted to 3.7%, and clothing – 1%. The index also increased in annual terms, an increase of 3.7%, while the expected growth of 2.6%. Note that prices in the UK rose last month by 2.3% in annual terms. Inflation for first time in over 3 years, overcame the target level of the Central Bank of England.

The Most reliable banks in Russia according to Forbes, , Forbes Magazine published a list of the most reliable banks of Russia. Four of the five first lines of the rating took the subsidiaries of foreign banks. the First in the ranking, according to Forbes analysts, Sberbank. Country's largest Bank has assets with a volume of ₽22,337 trillion. Second place goes to UniCredit – a subsidiary of the Italian UniCredit. The assets of the Bank amounted to ₽1,197 trillion. Closes the three leaders of "ROSBANK", referring to the French financial conglomerate Societe Generale. Capital of the company reaches ₽786,5 billion the fourth "Raiffeisenbank" – "daughter" of the Austrian Raiffeisen International Bank – with assets volume ₽768,5 billion In the five – Citibank,...

Bearish below 1,0870. 1,0870 - our pivot point. Our preference :bearish below 1,0870. Alternative scenario : the upside breakout 1,0870 confirms the growth to 1,0880 and 1.0890. Comment : the RSI is below 50. The MACD is below its signal line and negative. Bearish configuration. In addition, the pair is below its 20 and 50 day moving averages (respectively located at levels 1,0881 and 1,0929).

Bearish below 1154,08. 1154,08 - our pivot point. Our preference :bearish below 1154,08. Alternative scenario : the upside breakout 1154,08 confirms the growth to 1282,94 and 1359,58. Comment : the RSI is below its neutrality area at 50.MACD is negative and below its signal line. Bearish configuration. In addition, the pair is below its 20 and 50 day moving averages (respectively located at levels 1173,51 and 1057,38).

Bullish sentiment while 1,2384 is support. Our pivot point is at the level : 1,2384. Our view :bullish sentiment while 1,2384 is support. Alternative scenario : the downside breakout 1,2384 will cause a return to the levels 1,2362 and 1,2349. Comment : the RSI is above its neutrality area at 50. The MACD is above its signal line and positive. In addition, the course is above its 20 and 50 day moving averages (respectively located at 1.2385 and 1,2369).

GBP/USD. 23.03. The pound will continue to rise. Yesterday the pair was in a sideways range. On the background of the terrorist attack in London, the pair dropped to the area 1,2423, however, after the arrest of a terrorist, the British grew to 1,2477 and finished the day in positive territory. MACD is positive and does not give clear signals. The relative strength index is approaching the overbought zone. Candles are located above the MA lines. The pound was fixed above the support level 1,2477. Today, the pair is likely to continue the upward movement, the first target on the road will serve as 1,2520. USD/CHF. 23.03. The pair is testing the lows.

USD/RUB. 23.03. A positive correction in the ruble. the Ruble yesterday depreciated on the background of continuing reduction in the cost of Brent crude. But the "bulls" on the pair failed to overcome resistance level of 58.04 and a small pullback. Yet the tax period render support to the Russian currency, but expect a re-test of resistance, if oil price will decline again today. Quotations of "black gold" can sink as a result of significant increase of oil reserves in the United States. When the breakout above $51 per barrel, the dollar may return to RUB 57,00 top Stochastic is approaching the oversold zone, the MACD rises to zero, which gives a signal to the active purchases of the trading instrument. EUR/GBP. 23.03. Open a buy position.

Sell below 111,75 target 110,75 and 110,35. Our pivot point is at the level of 111,75. Our preference: sell below 111,75 target 110,75 and 110,35. Alternative scenario: the upside penetration of 111,75 will open the way to 112,25 and 112,90. comment: the RSI is mixed, but rather bearish.