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Co-Founder and Cobra is convinced that the increasing concentration Hasrat network bitcoin in the hands of the world's largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is threatening the first decentralized cryptocurrency. The only solution, in his opinion, is the transition network-a hybrid algorithm of a consensus Proof-Of-Work, most likely, with some properties of Proof-Of-Stake. says Cobra, the network security of bitcoin is already largely dependent on Bitmain and from "one person", probably, Jihan Wu. In conditions when the community is relatively small and shares the same values as a decentralized network, there is the opportunity to spend hardwork bitcoin to switch to a hybrid PoW. However, with the growing number of...

Trading plan for futures on the RTS index on 26.02.2018 At the auction 22.02.2018, the price of futures on the RTS index broke through the resistance zone on 130300-130370. The day closed at 130670. The nearest resistance is located on 131950. The nearest support area is on 129370-129850; the next support area located on 128030-128090. (Charts with levels of support of resistance are in the attached files: RI_D_.... , RI_H4_.... , RI_M60_.... ). Trading plan: try to open short positions, in the following cases: retention of resistance at 131950. To try to open long positions, in the following cases: retention support area of 129370-129850; hold the support zone at 128030-128090. Trading plan for index Mosberg on 26.02.2018

The Austrian Finance Ministry intends to regulate the cryptocurrency market as well as trade in gold and derivatives. The Agency is convinced that the European Union should follow suit. It is reported by CCN. "the Theme of cryptocurrency is very important in the context of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We need more trust and security, so [the regulation] is the most important aspect," — said the Minister of Finance Hartwig Leger. According to Leger, produced in the course of ICO tokens are securities, and the projects must obtain the permission of the regulator for an initial proposal. However, the Minister understands the "limitless" nature of bitcoin and I am sure that industry needs international regulation.

Many Years of fight of Oleg Deripaska, owner of Russian aluminum company "RUSAL", with another world-famous billionaire Vladimir Potanin over Norilsk Nickel - one of the most fascinating corporate stories of Russia. on Friday, the company has announced its intention to hold a forced auction, the results of which he will either leave the scene or you will get full control of Norilsk Nickel, one of the world's largest producers of Nickel and palladium. owned by Deripaska, RUSAL 27.8% stake in Norilsk Nickel, while Potanin of Interros - 30%. In 2012, under the mediation of the Russian government, the parties entered into the agreement, which was to put an end to the debate: another oligarch Roman Abramovich received a small stake in the company, to be able to...

Bank Intesa, which has provided a loan to a consortium of Glencore and QIA to purchase shares in Rosneft, sees no problems in the transaction for its sale to a Chinese Fund CEFC In an interview with the head of the Board of Directors of the Italian Bank Intesa Antonio Fallico said he sees no problem with the transaction for the sale by a consortium of Glencore and the Qatari QIA stake in Rosneft to the Chinese Fund the CEFC. "the Parties agreed on everything. The Chinese company has enough money to buy," — said Fallico. the banker is sure that after completion of the transaction, the consortium will repay the debt to Intesa Sanpaolo. Glencore and QIA bought a 19.5% stake in Rosneft in early January 2017. Partners paid for the package of €10.2 billion, most...

The article step by step example we will promote the principle of open medium-term positions on a bounce from the entry point in the market to calculate the optimum position size. , We consider the principles set stop-loss orders, setting goals, and calculate the volume. These methods determine points of entry and exit from the market universal. That is applicable to all actively traded markets and all time frames. Details they know about the course "trading. The successful launch 2.0". To save time, we will not consider all the elements of a trading plan, and start immediately with the third paragraph — the entry point into the market. determining the point of entry into the market