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Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed until December 1 to make changes to the law on inspections of business: there should be no more than 30% of the target, and the last check needs 10 working days, the order published on the Kremlin website on Saturday. "the government of the Russian Federation jointly with the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation: to ensure the inclusion in the legislation of the Russian Federation changes providing for the limiting the number of unscheduled inspections carried out by each authority control (supervision) in respect of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs annually (no more than 30 percent of the number of planned inspections envisaged by the annual plan of scheduled inspections of each body of control...

North Korea, which is under UN sanctions, and established a supply of coal and iron ore in the countries of South-East Asia, such data are contained in the UN report, which came at the disposal of the Agency Kyodo. is still the largest importer of North Korean products was China, but since the beginning of this year he began to reduce the volume of purchases. "After China in mid-February, banned from North Korea coal, North Korea switched to Malaysia and Vietnam," the Agency refers to the text of the report.

Futures on the RTS index on 18/08/2017 At the auction 17/08/17, the price of futures on the RTS index was in a sideways range. The day closed at 102540. The nearest resistance zone is located on 103690-103800; the next resistance zone is located on 104290-104560. The nearest support area is on 102440-102510; next support is at 101730. (Charts with trade levels are in the attached files: RI_D_.... , RI_H4_.... , RI_M60_.... ). Trading plan: Try to open short positions, in the following cases: retention of the zone of resistance at 103690-103800; retention of the zone of resistance at 104290-104560; breakdown and testing the bottom of support zone on 102440-102510. To try to open long positions, in the following cases: retention support area of 102440-102510;...

The Central Bank intends to test the procedure of communication "Alfa Capital" with clients after a conversation with an employee of the management company (UK) Sergei Gavrilov, who sent a letter about the risks of the largest private banks in Russia, told TASS the two sources on the financial market.

Do you think what distinguishes a good trader from the great? Maybe intuition, intelligence, herding instinct? Maybe the difference is that they choose a completely different time or difference in something else? The answers are all correct. Just there are different types of Forex traders and each of them has its own characteristics, your habits, your period of time. Time is a crucial factor in the Forex market, but very often, novice traders ignore this important factor. Want to become a great Forex trader? Then find out how the time periods used in their own interests. In the dictionary of a Forex trader all terms and symbols are too different and difficult moments, but if we talk about time, it is broader and more generalized category. So here they are...

Zlata Garasyuta MOSCOW (Reuters) - Investment demand in July has cemented the role of the locomotive of recovery of the Russian economy to the persistent weakness of consumption but outstripping forecasts of growth in real wages can upset the Central Bank, becoming the reason for more cautious monetary policy, economists say. Published by the Rosstat statistics reflected mainly the deterioration of the main macroeconomic indicators as of Jun. The growth of industrial production in July slowed to 1.1% yoy from 3.5% in June due to manufacturing industries, agriculture showed a decline of 2.9 percent year-on-year after declining 1.3 percent in the previous month.

What is margin in Forex? This is the same difference that exists between the selling price and the purchase price. To be clear, let's look at an example. Let us assume that selling price of one product is 100 rubles, and direct cost - 60 rubles. In this example, the margin Forex will be equal to 40 rubles. as for credit, about this word you have an idea. Credit is a kind of "borrowing" a certain amount of money. The loan is beneficial for those who provides it. Here we come gradually to the subject, to margin trading in Forex. So based on the above written, you can try to define this term independently. Give it a try?

So, on Thursday, the Euro-dollar pair showed very atypical for her volatility within the day. Almost the whole day since morning the pair tried to break the mark 1.17, movements with a size of 30-50 points here and there the level was literally syassen, and this without any news about it. It seemed that it bears on the Euro-dollar pair moved in a decisive attack, and despite desperate resistance of the bulls, the level of 1.17 is about to collapse completely. For the bulls on the Euro techcetera was very unpleasant, but it was just theatrics. One hour before the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the fed game of “cat and mouse” was finished, the Euro-dollar bounced back sharply to 1.1740, and after the publication of the news – to 1.1785. In...

Trump again gave rise to the weakening of the dollar, and the fed has accelerated its fall Not had time to subside passion, caused by a skirmish between U.S. and North Korea as Donald trump gave to market participants a new reason to worry. This time the focus was the reaction of the American President on events in Charlottesville. trump initially decided to exercise diplomacy and tact, said that during the riots the violence showed both sides of the conflict. It seemed inappropriate to some representatives of big business, which was expecting a tougher language towards white nationalists. For this reason, they decided to leave the business councils established during the administration of President immediately after the election trump. To avoid further...

Reports the Deutsche Bank and Bloomberg on the most profitable assets over the last decade has stirred up interest in "junk" bonds in America and Europe. Says Bloomberg, in Europe it is best proved this asset with a rating not higher than "Ba" by Moody's and "BB" by Standard&poor;'s; he brought us a profit of 100%. Bloomberg was considered the index of "junk" bonds Pan-European High Yield Index, in which more than 600 issues of corporate bonds with non-investment rating. During the period of the beginning of the crisis, 2007, PEHYI remained at the level of 150 points. Then his "junk" was even supported by the drop to 100 after the bankruptcy of the American investment Bank Lehman Brothers. But since, from the beginning of 2009, price has increased almost 4...

Visa (NYSE:V) is an American company providing services for payment transactions and leading in the international market with a share of 50%. Now the world turns in the order of 3.2 billion Visa cards. Only for the 2nd quarter of this year, Visa conducted transactions worth more than $1.8 trillion, and last year they reached a volume of $5.8 trillion. For comparison: transaction volume at MasterCard less for exactly $1 trillion ($4.8 trillion), and American Express, the number increased to 1 trillion. The number and volume of transactions is constantly increasing, as the global economy begins to show stable growth, and therefore a business Visa and will continue to evolve.