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Monetary unit Swiss franc is the currency of Switzerland is one of the largest banking and financial centers of Europe. Until 2000 the notes were backed by gold more than 40% relative to their nominal value. For this reason, this currency has one of the highest levels of security and has a stable rate of precious metals. These figures have made the Swiss franc one of the most attractive storage options of capital, many investors are investing money into this currency for passive storage of their funds in the form of deposits. Not high interest rates while kompensiruet the growth rate relative to other currencies. the Swiss banking system is simply a model of stability and indestructibility, which in turn affects the credibility of the currency of that...

This currency is one of the most popular in Asia, it enjoys great demand and the buyers of goods produced in Japan, and that not a small share of world trade. basically this is a payment for high-tech products such as computer and household appliances. the yen is the currency of Japan, it is freely traded in world currency market and has high liquidity. Course it is not quite stable and often regulated by the state by an Issuer that does not prevent her to occupy a worthy place among the foreign exchange reserves of many Central banks. The share of the yen in foreign exchange reserves is not less than 4% the Last decade has witnessed the trend towards the strengthening of this currency against other freely convertible currencies, which negatively affects...

Trading on the foreign exchange market you will not find a familiar label - the Euro or the dollar, all entries are made by a special code consisting of three letters. Which allows us to record transactions for the purchase or sale of a currency as universal as possible and clear to any trader, regardless of the country of residence and language. Below you will find the designations of the major currencies which are most frequently involved in exchange operations and form a currency pair. USD USD JPY Japanese yen