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ING draws the attention of investors to the fact that USD/JPY continues to show increased sensitivity to the dynamics of yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds that connected with the policy of targeting the yield curve BoJ. The Bank believes that the rates desjatiletki found the bottom in the range of 2.1-2,15%, and then begins to recover towards 2.5% by the end of the third quarter of 2017. as the main drivers of growth ING highlights: 1. Resuscitation of the idea of acceleration of the U.S. economy under the influence of the reforms from Donald trump. Investors ' attention will once again return to a policy of reflation, pushing the USD index is up at the end of last year. 2. Improving macroeconomic statistics in the States.

Asian stocks rose, rejoicing in the stabilization of oil prices, currencies were mixed, but the dollar today is clearly losing regional currencies. The ruble is trying to return to the area below 60.00, but so far without success. Commodity market on Wednesday, oil prices experienced another catastrophic collapse: Brent fell by 2.6% and went under the mark of $ 45 per barrel; WTI tested yesterday another bearish milestone, 42.00, now settled in the middle of the range 42.00-43.00. The oil market officially entered a bearish trend, characterized by falling 20% from recent peak, and this is not the limit. Respite in Asia may end with the arrival of European players. Published yesterday the report of the US Department of energy again demonstrated that...

In the world by 2025 year the market size of robotics will be about 87 billion dollars. This forecast was made by analysts at BCG. the Original predictions a few years ago was limited to the value of 67 billion, but turned out to be seriously revised upwards. The reason for this is excessive consumer demand, stimulating the development of the market. Experts note that the bulk of the growth will be in the consumer segment, in particular a variety of household appliances and cars that are Autonomous. Adjustment of the corporate segment occurred in 34% (22.8 billion dollars), while consumer immediately by 156% ($23 billion).

Good day! Long time we have not looked at the chart of the Russian currency. Let's look at the weekly chart. Here we see we punched the familiar line of the downtrend, where the ruble goes as primarychannel. At the moment the pair rebounded from the line, unable to withstand the pressure of falling oil If you go to the daily chart, it is drawn inverted head and shoulders pattern with a broken neckline, which is beautiful "lies" on our broken weekly downtrend. We are waiting for the pullback to the broken neck line of the formation of the candlestick signals and buying with the target at 62.00:

Not a big deal for a pound of Audi, was part of the daily support level, the entrance was on the rebound with a goal of 1 to 2, the pair still fleet on weekly strong support where I have opened a buy one... Yet many do not understand, like soberaetsya price to the top, but is not in a hurry, let's see...

Both in life and in trading there's a simple rule: “Normally do – will be fine”. I Want to stop the drain? So stop trying to do, what not to do! Stop working with high risk, stop looking for a deal every day and in every situation, LEARN to work with emotions and ratio of PROFIT/RISK. I could write you what to do and what not, but you're still going to have his way. If you still want to obtain these rules, then write me in W/App or Telegram: +998935669420

Forecast GBP/USD for June 22 British today showed growth in the area 1,27089, however, now moved lower and is trading near the level 1,2658. The quotes located below all SMA. The RSI is once again aimed at the oversold area. Tomorrow is waiting for re-decline in the area of 1.26. the Forecast of NZD/USD for June 22 the Currency pair new Zealand dollar/US dollar konsolidiruyutsya under the resistance level at 0.7250, forming a graphical pattern "triangle". the Pair is trading in a narrow range ahead of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand interest rate decision. The foreign exchange market today shows a record-low volatility for mid-week.

CB waiting on the outcome of the 2017 rates in the range of 7.9%-8,9% the Bank of Russia suggests that by the end of the year interest rate from 7.9% to 8.9%, follows from the review of the regulator. At the same time, at the last meeting of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Central Bank, said that this year further rate cuts may not happen. the CB Chairman noted that the decision to reduce rates are based on current dynamics and projections, and not according to plan. She also did not rule out the likelihood of publishing an early prediction, but to implement this idea it is necessary to conduct preparatory work.