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, the Central Bank has published the first evaluation of the data on the external sector. the Trade balance dropped sharply in July. The trade surplus fell in July to below $ 4 billion., this is a more than twofold decrease compared with June. The prices for oil in July was slightly higher than in June. Such dynamics of foreign trade has confirmed fears that by the end of Q3, 2017 there are high chances to see a deficit on the current account the second quarter in a row. This is evidenced by the preliminary assessment of the current account in the first eight months of the year amounted to 20.5 billion rubles., that is the July–August deficit of the current account is estimated at $ 2.5 billion.

One of the founders of Ethereum cryptocurrency Buterin told your opinion about the risks of using his brainchild. For the first not far to seek – financial. the Market is very unstable and sensitive to everything, even insignificant, change. This directly affects and cryptocurrencies. "Bubble," as is customary to call the steady growth rate of cryptocurrency, may at any time burst and related projects to lose, so suddenly a lot of money. Among other risks are the following: - Too rapid growth of interest in technology that is simply not ready for such attention. - Lack of space in the blockchain, why there are difficulties with its use.

In the beginning of today's European session after the Office for national statistics the UK was a report on consumer inflation, the pound rose sharply on the currency market. The consumer price index (CPI) reflects the dynamics of retail prices and is a key indicator of inflation. Data show that inflationary pressure is almost not showing any signs of slowing down. According to the data, consumer inflation in the UK in August (in annual terms) was 2.9% (forecast was +2.8% and +2.6% in July). the UK's Central Bank is in a difficult situation. On the one hand, the Bank of England was faced with the problem of weak economic growth and wages, and on the other with rising prices, which rise due to the sharp devaluation of the British pound, which began after...

FX Strategists at UOB Group remains optimistic towards the Euro with the dollar, expecting that she will encounter stiff resistance in the mid-1.2100. "Waiting for a side trade was wrong, because the EUR fell sharply to the low of 1.1946. Decrease, apparently, is ahead of itself, and further sustained fall is unlikely. However, it is too early to expect a significant recovery, and the Euro is more likely to consolidate at these lower levels. Expected range for today: 1.1920/1.2000.

After the fall due to profit fixing, - the USD/JPY now will need to look for new factors to determine the direction, says Shigeki Yoshitoshi, head of Department of sales of products in the Forex market and the commodities market in Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. in Tokyo. The UN Security Council approved new sanctions aimed at punishing North Korea for its recent rocket and nuclear tests after the United States changed key provisions of the resolution, to find the support of Russia and China. If North Korea will respond to this new rocket launcher, USD/JPY may fall, but the level of 109 can be regarded as a buying opportunity, according to ANZ.

The Ambassador of North Korea to the UN said today that his delegation "strongly condemns and categorically rejects" the security Council issued a resolution on the DPRK, which he called "illegal and unlawful". He also warned that retaliatory measures to be taken by Korea, will bring US the greatest suffering the country has ever experienced.

Yesterday the auction at the Moscow exchange opened with the fall of the dollar and the Euro. In the first hour of trading, the dollar fell to 57,04 Euro – RUB to 68,56 the Strengthening of the Russian currency in early trading session contributed to raising the interest of traders to risky assets on the background of reducing tensions on the Korean Server. In celebration of the 69th anniversary of the founding, September 9, North Korea has refrained from launching ballistic missiles. the Euro was down before the close of trading, and the weakening of the dollar has stopped because of the recovery of the us dollar and the weakening of the Euro in the Forex market, and an increase in the yield of long-term bonds. By the close of the day the pair EUR/RUB fell...

The Chinese Authorities are not going to intend to devalue its currency to boost exports, said Tuesday the Premier of China Li Keqiang. "We will not engage in competitive currency depreciation to boost exports," said Li Keqiang at a press conference on the results of the round table with the heads of international financial and economic organizations. According to the results of January-August 2017, China's exports grew by 7.6% and imports - by 16.9%. The total foreign trade turnover for the period grew by 11.6%. China's exports in 2016 decreased by 7.7% and amounted to 2,097 trillion dollars. Imports last year fell by 5.5%, to 1,587 trillion dollars.

Bitcoin Fans don't lose faith and enthusiasm despite the fact that China is tightening control over the use of cryptocurrencies. At the weekend it became known that the Chinese authorities intend to close bitcoin exchange in the country and ban commercial trade in cryptocurrency. Obviously, the second largest economy in the world tries to determine the location of the digital currency in its financial system and to block this channel of capital outflow. Sales, provoked by this news, did not last long. On Monday, the situation stabilized and the currency has begun to recover lost ground.

EURUSD during a rather dull trading on Monday, the dollar rose across the market, causing the drop to EUR/USD to a minimum since last Thursday. The dollar rally was due to the return of optimism due to the fact that the damage from hurricane Irma is going to be not as significant as expected, but North Korea has decided to refrain from new nuclear test in connection with the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the regime. In the end, the stock indices around the world rose and the yen and gold were the main outsiders of the auction. the Macroeconomic calendar was almost empty, but in the future week promises to be eventful. On Wednesday will be published data on inflation in Germany, the Eurozone industrial production and US inflation. USD/JPY