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Good day! the Euro, rebounding from support 1.1111, returned above the level of 1.1180, thus closing the week strong growth. While we can assume this likely scenario – the hike to the level of 1.1180 and then continued movement to the downside channel. One thing is clear – while the range in EUR/USD remains: the Last CFTC COT report shows that large speculators, after a short break, continued to increase short positions on the single currency. In principle, the Euro looks like the correction movement and the focus will also be the support level of 1.1111, which at any moment can be "fractured":

Increased volatility does not leave the world's financial markets. The past week was no exception in view of the important events of economic nature that took place last week, and publications of important macro statistics. , Investors bought bonds, considered a safe asset. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury reached last Thursday, the level of 2.292%, which became the minimum since the beginning of December 2017. At the same time, Europe was threatened with political uncertainty. The results of the parliamentary elections in the EU will be known on Sunday, and investors fear that eurosceptics will take a large number of seats in Parliament. The slowdown in economic activity in the region also raises serious concerns.

First a few words about the events of the past week: – EUR/USD. In recent months everywhere constantly hear the complaint, and sometimes moans about the low volatility of this pair. So last week, until Thursday afternoon, the maximum range of its fluctuations did not exceed 45 points. Most of the time the couple actually spent half asleep, drowsily creeping through a narrow corridor to 25 points. However, in sum, the events of the week from aggravation on the fronts of the us-China trade war and the upcoming elections to the European Parliament to the statements of the fed and the bad data on business activity of Germany and the Eurozone – has played into the hands of the dollar. The result is a pair, as suggested by the majority of experts (75%), fell to...

On may 23, the morning of the action "Gazprom" has begun was to the local downward correction, but growth resumed and reached the highest since July 2011, while the company's market capitalization first exceeded 5 trillion rubles. For the last 216 sessions on the Moscow stock exchange since July 16, 2018, the company's shares rose 112,100%. This is the third highest among 35 companies on the control GuruTrade. Just ahead of "Abrau-Durso" - the growth of 171,416% "rosseti" - 149,053%. For 96 sessions of 2019 the growth of shares of "Gazprom" amounted to 32,351%. This figure is second only to "Rossetti" - 47,085%. In the last 4 weeks the dynamics of the shares of "Gazprom": the rise of 3,267%, a drop of 1,632%, growth 20,866%, an increase of 4,590%. the Last...

Brent. 24.05. Oil shows recovery after yesterday's collapse Brent oil futures are now showing a recovery to $68,60 per barrel after falling to $67,16. Yesterday, the asset came under pressure of data on oil reserves in the United States, which continued to increase for a fifth consecutive week (report of Ministry reflected the growth of the reserves of 4.74 million barrels). Additional negative factor for oil prices carries a further development of the trade conflict between the US and China. USD/RUB. 24.05. The ruble is steadily moving to of 64.00 the Ruble strengthened due to the growing interest in risky assets and recovery of oil. Brent quotes demonstrate high volatility, ranging in the range of 67.00-68,50 per barrel.

USD/RUB the Russian currency traded stable around the level of 64.30 within five trading days. Was even reached 64 rubles per dollar. But on Thursday, the ruble fell sharply in obedience with the global trend of risk aversion. Global markets are negative because of the trade between the USA and China, as well as the uncertain situation in the EU. The European Union is now going through the process of elections to the European Parliament and Britain's withdrawal from the community. USD/RUB by mid-day Thursday reached the level of 64.84. Today market opened at the level of 64.52, but the pair may continue if oil prices will continue to fall. On the other hand, the ruble is supported by a stable demand for Russian government bonds. the Price has gone beyond...

"Perhaps, then, in December 2018, with the rate increase we have gone too far," - said the head of the Federal reserve Bank of St. Louis, James Ballard, "but, on the other hand, today still early to speak about prospects of its reduction". According to the financier, today's rates in the United States quite adequate, although a little limiting. And further: "I Have concerns that we slightly overdid the December rise, but I am pleased that since then the fed changed its position." the increase occurred on 0,25% - to 2,25-2,5%. After that, the fed took a wait and see stance amid growing internal and external risks. Effect and the lag of the growth rate of consumer prices in the US from the target of 2%, and this despite record low unemployment.

USD/RUB. 23.05. The ruble weakens amid falling oil the Ruble continues to move within a range, 64-65,00. Some pressure on the Russian currency renders the development of trade conflict between the US and China, as well as reducing the oil. Quotes Brent fell to $69,80 per barrel after the publication of statistics from the US Department of energy, reflecting the growth of oil reserves in the country at 4.7 million barrels for the week. the Local support the ruble in the near future will provide an approximation of the peak tax period (27 may) and a steady appetite for Russian securities. the Couple settled at around 64,50 RUB the Stochastic and MACD Indicators approaching neutral zone, signaled the outset of development in this region. EUR/USD. 23.05. The...

Slide the main currency pair in a downward abyss has slowed somewhat early in the week. Some currencies have attempted to start a corrective pullback, but almost all of them ended in failure. USD/CAD So, usd/cad broke yesterday the resistance at the lines on the daily chart and fell below the important level of 1.3400. But, as you can see, to develop the downward movement failed and formed a reversal bar on the purchase price re-targeting 35 figure. The pair's decline contributed to the positive macroeconomic statistics from Canada. Underlying retail sales were much better than expectations of 1.7% against the forecast of 0.9%. But the rapid growth of the pair in the us session, most likely triggered by a downward pullback in oil and the release of the...

NZD/USD develops a downward trend, actively declining the last two months. In may, the NZD/USD gained additional momentum negative after the RBNZ meeting, and after publication on Wednesday protocols of the may fed meeting. As is known, the RBNZ has lowered in the beginning of the month interest rate by 0.25% to 1.5%. In the accompanying statement the RBNZ Manager Adrian Orr pointed out that "there is uncertainty about the global economic Outlook and lingering concerns regarding the trade." In his opinion, "inflationary pressures will rise only slowly." Forecast for the RBNZ rate also lowered to 1.4%. Many economists believe that the RBNZ will lower the rate may occur this year.

The US dollar Index peaked in the last four weeks after statements of the Chairman of the Federal reserve system Jerome Powell on the late reduction in interest rates in the short term. the fed said that corporate debt has reached record levels (about 35% of the value of the assets) and suggested that the management of the enterprises and investors to take a pause. George. Powell expressed doubts about the need to reduce interest rates in the near future, he stressed that the current situation differs significantly from the financial crisis of 2007. as at 16:22 GMT futures U.S. dollar index, showing the strength of the dollar against a basket of six major currencies, has risen on 0,12%, to 97,877, and is trading at the highs for the last two years.

Brent. 21.05. Oil started to restore Yesterday quotations of oil Brent has fallen to $71,60 per barrel after rising to $73,40. Pressure on asset had a escalation of a trade war between the US and China. The States introduced the Chinese company Huawei in the black list, then, however, issued her a temporary license to conduct its business in the U.S., which somewhat reduced the degree of trade disagreements. The result of Brent recovered to $72,40 a barrel. the Extra support receives oil from geopolitical tensions in the middle East, and the OPEC decision+ to extend the deal to reduce oil production. During the day Brent will try to reach a level of $73,00. USD/RUB. 21.05. The ruble is stable in the area of 64.30

Rising unemployment and low inflation are increasing pressure on the RBA to lower interest rates. "At the meeting on 4 June to discuss the reduction of interest rates", said Tuesday the Manager of RBA Philip Lowe. In his opinion, "new incentives could help accelerate the growth of the economy." today published the protocols from the may meeting, the RBA States that "the lack of improvement in the labor market is an argument in favor of lower interest rates." "Without monetary policy easing in the next six months we should expect the lowering of forecasts for GDP growth and inflation," concluded the leaders of the RBA. the International trade conflicts, primarily between the US and China, are also a risk to the Australian economy. Investors assess the...

The Current trading five-day week is not conducive to significant changes in the market. Major currency pairs continue to slide into the abyss, along with updates to multi-day lows. The aggravation of the market associated with the trade war between the US and China, not weakened, and the first to suffer from it of course risky currencies. AUD/USD So, the Australian dollar is once again trying to consolidate below the important support at 0.6900. If buyers “Ozzy” don't make serious attempts to start a full correction in the coming weeks should expect a test of the January low at 0.6730.

Gold, silver and platinum in the beginning of the week traded down. Precious metals are not expensive in terms of risk aversion in the market due to the strengthening of the dollar. the Latest developments in the trade war between the United States and China are detrimental to the sentiment. Investors digest Google announcement on the suspension of business with Huawei in accordance with a shopping list of Donald trump. The stock is trading down; silver consolidates new lows 2019, copper and platinum are also showing losses, while palladium rose slightly on Monday.