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At the beginning of the week, major U.S. stocks decline amid rising geopolitical tensions and investor concerns over the escalation of trade confrontation between China and the United States. the US Stock exchanges are trading in red, as market participants are concerned about the protests in Hong Kong, the disagreements over trade conflicts between China and the United States, and a defeat of the incumbent President of Argentina Mauricio Macri in the primaries. on Monday, the index of the largest us companies S&P 500 fell 1.23% to 2.882,69 points, industrial Dow Jones Industrial index – on 1,48%, to 25.897,71 points, the index NASDAQ high-tech sector declined by 1.20 percent, to 7.863,41 points.

Brent. 13.08. The oil are very few prospects for growth Oil demonstrates high fluctuations in prices since the beginning of the week, moving in the corridor of $58-$59 per barrel. The decrease in appetite for risky assets and the deterioration in sentiment on global platforms put pressure on "black gold". moreover, the increase in the supply of raw materials in non-OPEC countries (including the USA) in the medium term will compensate the reduction of oil production in OPEC countries+, so the current deal on the reduction of oil production will not be able to act as a driver of growth in oil prices. Thus, the future prospects of Brent are highly pessimistic, even in the case of the stabilization of moods on the global markets. USD/RUB. 13.08. The dollar...

Donald trump spoke about the fact that the UK wants safe exit from the EU, moreover, assured that the US is ready to keep Britain a free trade agreement between their countries, to the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton to the British officials. in view of the fact that the UK continues active preparations for his exit from block 31 of October, as events of this magnitude in the country since the Second world war, many diplomats assume that Albion will increasingly rely on the United States.

The Situation on the currency market remains tense. Donald trump declared China a "currency manipulator" and instructed the Minister of Finance "to take measures to start negotiations" and develop solutions to problems jointly with the IMF. And if the agreement with China is still not reached, the U.S. may impose additional penalties and to limit business relations with China. gold Precious metals continue to be in demand this week. The pair has successfully overcome the psychological 1500.00 level and is currently trading just above the mentioned level. In the event of a corrective pullback waiting for the test 1470.00-1450.00. Although we cannot ignore recoilless growth to 1700.00-1600.00. The market panic in connection with the escalation of the trade...

According to a study by the Belgian University of Louvain, in the case of "hard" Brexit all European countries face a strong growth of unemployment in total losses could reach 1.2 million jobs. The greatest damage, of course, be applied to the UK, which already is experiencing a strong contraction of the economy. the Potential loss of the United Kingdom are assessed by specialists of the University to 525 thousand jobs. Germany may lose about 292 thousand workers in various fields, and in France and Italy, the unemployed will be 141 thousand and 139 thousand, respectively. While the British economy will fall by 4.4% of GDP, the EU economy will lose of 1.54%.

On the official website of the Olympic games-2020 map of the route of the Olympic flame, where the Southern Kuriles and the Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan, belonging to Russia, marked as Japanese territory. On the interactive map the user can view specific towns by clicking on the plot. The areas with the Russian Islands can't be increased. Japan for many years disputed the belonging of the Kuril Islands, referring to the Treatise on trade and borders of 1855. As you know, the Kuril Islands became part of the USSR after the Second world war. In accordance with the Soviet-Japanese Declaration of 1956, the Soviet Union agreed to convey to the Japanese side Shikotan and Habomai after a peace Treaty, which is still there.

Brent. 09.08. Oil recovered some losses Today, oil prices show a recovery after the fall the day before. The current price of the asset is $58,25 per barrel. In the beginning of the month, Brent came under pressure against the backdrop of escalating trade war between the US and China, which increases the risks of a global economic slowdown. Today, we should pay attention to the publication of the monthly report, the IEA, which, most likely, will not add optimism to the oil market. USD/RUB. 09.08. The ruble continues consolidating in the region of the maxima At the end of the week the ruble demonstrates a corrective recovery, moving in the range 64,50-65,50. One of the reasons for the growth of emerging market currencies was the stabilization of the Chinese...

EUR/USD EUR/USD yesterday could not hold above 1.1200, falling to a session low at 1.1176. Before the opening of the American trading session the Euro was trading higher, getting support from the good statistics from China. The Euro came under pressure after the release of the Economic Bulletin, the ECB stressed that the economic prospects in the Eurozone remain clouded, which in turn may soon require additional stimulus. It is expected that the ECB will reduce the benchmark interest rate in September by at least 10 basis points. Today, the Euro moved in a narrow range around 1.1190. After exiting the ascending channel, the price remains in the range of 1.1160-1.1250. Going beyond the boundaries of this range will show the further direction.

Chinese media reported that China is developing new measures aimed at stabilizing foreign trade, to offset the effects of a trade war with the United States. In particular, some state agencies are considering the possibility of revising the directory with an indication of which technologies should be imported. In addition, the authorities plan to expand cross-border e-Commerce and create a new demonstration zone for the import trade. It is expected that import high-tech products will contribute to the modernization and internationalization of Chinese economy.

Federal commissioners for data protection have reached a consensus regarding the risks of violation of legislation on privacy related project Facebook - Libra. In a joint statement released recently by the American organization of ICO members of the Commission on the confidentiality of data from many countries, including Canada, the EU, the UK, Albania, Australia, the United States expressed its concern about the fact that Facebook has still not provided information about how protected personal information of users of the cryptocurrency Libra. due To the fact that the project Libra will be officially unveiled in the near future, there is no information relating to the protection of personal information.

EUR/CHF. 08.08. Correction from the lows Currency pair EUR/CHF has formed on the daily chart the candlestick pattern doji on the resistance level 1.0900. the Price of the trading instrument EUR/CHF has corrected for a set of forces from the lows in June 2017 in the direction to the nearest support level of 1.0950. After the correction is completed I would like to see further development of the downtrend. Monitor the occurrence of signals to sales. Medium-term reference to reduce the level of 1.0800. Brent. 08.08. Oil is recovering after yesterday's fall

Summer of 2019 pretty ruffled nerves of investors and market participants. It has become customary that in July and August the most peaceful and weak volatility months. But, as you can see, not this time. A sharp change of monetary policy of the fed and the aggravation of trade war with China contributed to the emergence of new trends in the market. So, the Euro is above 1.12, the loonie is testing the 1.33, and the ruble 66 figure. USD/RUB Tested important levels and the Russian currency. A few days ago, the usd/rub has broken the resistance at 66.00, but to consolidate above have not yet succeeded, and at the moment the observed pullback in its potential fall to 64.20-64.00. The ruble fell after the introduction of new sanctions and the collapse in the...

Today the price of gold for the first time since 2013, has risen above $1,500 per Troy ounce. The increase was due to increased demand for protective assets amid fears of an escalation of the trade war between the US and China. Also support for precious metal has had expectations of monetary easing by the leading financial regulators in the world. the gold price on the new York stock exchange rose in the course of trade by 1.4%, to $1506,9 per ounce. With the beginning of the year the precious metal has risen by 18%. the Mutual actions of the US and China, as we know, lead to a serious deterioration of trade relations between the two countries. The United States threatened to introduce from 1 September the new duties on imports from China, and Beijing, in...

EUR/USD. 07.08. Euros reduced from 1.1200 Today the US dollar has begun some type of recovery after falling to a level 1,1250. The current price of the pair 1,1175. Earlier, the Euro received support from data on industrial orders in Germany: the index in June increased by 2.5%, while analysts expected an increase of just 0.5%. in a speech Yesterday by the fed representative, James Bullard, who said that he does not see conditions in order to reduce the interest rate by 0.5% at a time. He noted the decline in inflationary pressure and stability in the labour market. The politician expects another rate reduction before the end of 2019. during the day of important news from the USA it is not expected that the pair will be trading under the level of 1.12...

Summer continues despite the approaching autumn, the managers continue to trade in its accounts, although not everyone turns out to be solely in profit. Therefore, preparing a regular forecast on results of trading pamm providers want to focus on those accounts that continue to delight a percent of profit for their investors, as in the case of a negative month, you review your portfolio in favor of the more successful traders with a stable and positive trade performance. On 1 August 2019 at FXOpen operates 235 accounts and invested funds of subscribers in the amount of 2’175’613.00$ according to the statistics monitoring investflow. We also remind you about the opportunity to take part in a new free demo contest for fans to trade cryptocurrency "the Lord...