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The protagonist of this film Max Simkin, works in new York a very ordinary shoemaker. This profession together with the workshop, went to max inherited. Disappointed his boring life, the main character accidentally finds a magic relic, with which he can see the world very differently.

During the reign of the great Han dynasty, Ancient China was attacked by the Roman commander Lucius and his Legion of soldiers. At this time, the betrayal, the commander of the guard becomes a slave. Now these two warriors will meet in the desert, where soon will be going on an epic battle. But much to our surprise, they will fight against each other, shoulder to shoulder against Tiberius greedy Emperor and to maintain the sovereignty of China.

The Most regular guy - buddy Hutchins, trying all possible ways to provide for his family. Buddy does not take alcohol for a year, but as it turned out, the reward for sobriety is a cheating wife and a collapse in business. The patience of the main character is full, and rather only the slightest push, so the guy went to destroy all taking a chainsaw.

This fantastic series, will show us a world where among the most ordinary people, live superheroes. Deena pilgrim and Christian Walker are employees of the homicide Department, and their job is to protect ordinary people from criminal elements with superhuman abilities.

The Main plot of this American series takes place in a large family of Galaganov, where each of the members of the seven worse than the other. Each of them are at first glance in an unreal situation, they seek to improve their lives, but at the same time avoiding work.

Chappi - Prodigy. Like any other child, he falls under the influence of their environment, and only his heart and soul will help him find his way. But there is one thing that makes Cappi unlike all the others: he is the first robot that can feel and think.

Girl with an interesting name Ocean has such a gift as the ability to communicate with sea creatures, and this girl lives in a tiny fishing village. Ocean and has no idea how he got this fantastic gift. At one point, the girl visited the Maritime fairy, and told her the secret. As it turned out, the Ocean is the daughter of the sea witch, who was enchanted by an evil spirit.

Dr. Sam Stewart is an independent and determined woman, working in a remote island hospital in the tropics. Sam and his team takes care of the inhabitants of the surrounding Islands, as well as for holidaymakers and thrill seekers. In addition, she catches dangerous animals and studying the poison. Experiencing many adventures, funny and not residents of the tiny islet prove that they are a real family.

In the Fall of 1983 Amsterdam was shocked one of the most famous and audacious crimes of the 20th century: the owner of one of the world's largest Breweries Heineken - Alfred Heineken was kidnapped along with a private driver directly from your own car. A few friends who really needed the money, decided to go ahead and make a lot at once, stealing one of the richest men in the country. After thorough preparation, their intentions they did...

Evan lake, performing clerical work, an employee of the CIA, forced to resign because he started to manifest signs of madness. At the same time, he discovers that put his torment Mohammed Baner, who for two decades was believed dead, is actually alive. Enlisting the help of a young agent, Evan goes in search Banira...

The Life of the main character changes dramatically, it becomes invisible right before the New year. Because people almost never noticed, and he could not understand what it invisible. To a new life and to their super ability the main hero used quickly, but soon he learns that the stealth few.

Arian and Nino had never been a normal couple. They lived happily, contrary to the customs: marriage in jeans, without the wedding ceremony. Nino - teacher of elementary school in a small village near Rome, he travels the world as a concert violinist...

Talented Young architect by the name of Luke, but unfortunately his talent has not yet adopted. He has a wife with which they lead a peaceful and happy life. Perfect Hatch life changes dramatically in Toronto at the Symposium, where he met a mysterious woman.

Decent girl Diya is a famous star of the modeling business. Dios seeks partner in the shooting, and she had to seek help from Lignano - star bodybuilder. Her plans were to replace the brazen partner John and make bodybuilder star. But the envious are not asleep, and infect Lingnan rare and terrible disease.

Fortitude is a small town in the Arctic, because of the total absence of crime considered to be the safest place on earth. But once in the city they find the body of murdered British scientist (Christopher beautifully). Sheriff Anderson (Richard Gomer) and sent to city police detective Milton Caldwell (Stanley Tucci) proceed to investigation.