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Sauna bath we borrowed from the Finns, where she is in demand and enjoys great popularity. Now it is build not only the luxury cottages, rustic buildings, thanks to modern building materials is easy to construct a mini sauna in the apartment with his hands. To equip the steam room in the apartment in any room: a separate room, the bathroom, the closet, the installation of infrared emitters it is possible and on the balcony. The most appropriate room is the bathroom with the existing required arrangement for engineering services. Read more:

In the article "Cancer character zodiac sign and celebrities" — a complete characterization of the Cancer, a list of famous people on the planet of this sign and video. The period from June 22 to July 22. This sign of the zodiac is mystical and mysterious. His patroness the Moon – mistress of the night and magic. His element is Water. Cancers are kind and noble people, they have a great intuition. On the one hand, they feel the soul of the middle and agree to help. But on the other hand, the wards of the moon are very vulnerable and indecisive. Among them are the phlegmatic and the sanguine. But appearance is only a mask.

For those who has not as of yet own a house or apartment, it is a topical question, what's better: mortgage or rent. The change in the exchange rate, the increase in Bank interest rates confuse wanting to buy real estate property. After all, not everyone in the presence of a necessary amount to buy housing without recourse to banks. Read more the pros and cons of options a rented apartment or a mortgage, read our article.

Even in the unpopular financial transactions tax payments are positive. The tax to incomes of physical persons - personal income tax, 13% from all kinds of earnings have to pay every Russian. But there are situations when according to the law of the Russian Federation, bona fide, officially employed taxpayer is entitled to refund of the tax to incomes of physical persons. All detailed information read our article.

One of the most valuable resources, both in Moscow and abroad, is the earth. Earlier to become a full owner of the land owned by the state, was not possible – it was solely to rent, including indefinitely. Currently the situation has changed. Citizens of the Russian Federation received the right to privatize not only real estate in the form of buildings and structures, but also the very land under them.

Hello friends! Today I decided to share is relevant to many subject. If the CMS Joomla to create a blog. On the Internet on many sites there is a debate on this topic. There are ardent fans of Joomla and ardent fans of WordPress. This situation reminds me of the confrontation between Intel and AMD. At the same time, most bloggers recommend WordPress for blogging and the many blogs and articles devoted to this subject, says that Joomla is not suitable for a blog. But it is not. This is what we will talk. Both the engine are free and some of the most popular management systems website in the world.

The TCI is a thematic index of citing. This indicator is relevant only for Yandex. In Google there is a similar indicator PR. This figure shows the credibility of the website or web page to the search engine Yandex. The TIC is expressed in numbers and has maximum value. On the TCI site affects the reference profile, i.e. the number of incoming links from other resources. However, it is important not only links but also their quality. The basic criteria of quality is the TIC resources, links pointing to your website and disclosing these resources to your website. T

My friend, a very intelligent-looking, has a bad habit of joking with a totally serious expression. And now walking with my DACHSHUND, he was talking with the owner of a DOBERMAN. They chatted, and the owner of the Doberman casually asked: - have you seen that our dogs are so similar? of Course, because it is one and the same species. one? Well, you see how they are similar. That's just the ears... You are my docked? - Yes, in three weeks. - But we don't. See how great the ears grown? - Yes, the ears are gorgeous... - tails Here, too - you its docked?

"Epoch of the dead. Breakthrough" – the final part of the trilogy about the adventures of Khramcova Sergei and his comrades. There is a zombie Apocalypse, the world is falling apart, but for Sergei, a matter of honor is the most important. He must fulfill the promise given to Professor Degtyarev. And so together with friends he goes on a dangerous journey to a closed city of Gorky-16. They will meet face-to-face not only with fierce mutants, but also with people who are largely worse than the mutants.

The Old world died, it was replaced by another, evil, cruel and dead. Everything that was hidden before the people became manifest. Evil showed itself in full measure, no one else, not shy and not hiding from anyone, as well as good. Cynicism and practicality, selflessness and mutual support, kindness and cruelty are changing the face of the new world so fast that the survivors do not have time to adapt, surprised, really around the same people who surrounded them recently, before the arrival of Death.

In the period from 27 February to 15 April 2017 the period of lent. If you exercise, especially athletic. Comply with the canons of purification of the soul and body and train in the gym, you must comply with nutrition in post. As the right diet, what foods to eat without breaking the rules, as not to lose precious calories in times of restrictions, which sports supplements can be consumed at this time

Hello! Today the theme for shy guys. If you're reading this article, it means not just thinking, how to meet a girl who liked it, and how to do it right. Adhering to these tips, you will increase the efficiency of communication significantly. It just so happened that women are increasingly taking the initiative themselves when meeting with men. Sociability and looseness, of course, very useful qualities. But nature has given the offensive nature of men, so the first step should do they. If a guy expects his girl, so he's indecisive and suffer from complexes. The weaker sex like bold guys.

Unfortunately, the trend for re-registration of apartments in the property in new buildings in Moscow is that the procedure is delayed for a long and indefinite time. In the article 3 ways how owners will be able to quickly register their right to housing: in the courts, with the assistance of the developer, as well as their own. To choose from save time and money, decide for yourself to every specific situation.

Remote work, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to switch to Remote work, weigh the pros and cons. You may need to rebuild your routine, your habits, to sacrifice something, especially the first time. Consider the pros and cons of working Remotely. Read more:

Birch buds can be collected from the month of January and until their blooming. But the greatest healing properties have birch buds early in the spring, when they are already bulked up, but not in time to bloom. At this time, they smell amazing! Now (at the beginning of the last decade of March) the best time to collect. This period is very short if you need for therapeutic purposes, birch buds – hurry, or they will soon start to blossom. Read: • How to collect, dry and store birch buds. • What are the healing properties of birch buds. • How to prepare and apply tincture of birch buds with vodka. • To the treatment they are contraindicated.