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I Think many well-known sales techniques "Pyramid", the essence of which, by identifying customer needs, discarded the unnecessary options and leaves only one. In the practice of sales happens very often that this, too, ceases to hold the buyer, or rather he thought he wanted that, but when came the moment of truth, he realized that it was not what he wanted. It was after this understanding will be followed by the famous phrase: "I'll think about it!". In order not to lose the client, we need to react and offer the client an alternative. Actually we start working with them again, but using the information heard early, at the stage of needs identification. Read more ...

Of course, I've heard that there are people who are not able to determine the sex of the animal, which they have lived. But just yesterday for the first time met such a person. A middle-aged woman in a stylish suit and hat, with a pug dog on a leash. Very greasy. Just a bun. As many may have noticed, my mouth sometimes opens the wrong time to say something. So this time, I blurted out: - why are you so dog fattened, it not a pity? the Lady said: - Our girl is pregnant the boy went. We didn't regret, well fed. I would calm down, apologize and stop harassing other people's property, but...

In this post we'll talk about how to configure the Docker platform for execution of your projects in isolated environments. Docker allows you to run our web application in isolated lung containers, allowing you to forget about slow virtual machines and cumbersome web servers. Recently, Microsoft said at its conference for developers — Build 2019 — talked about a future version of WSL 2, which will be directly used by the Linux kernel. That will allow you to make all system calls, making it possible to run Docker in the WSL.

Today's article we will focus on the sage, which is known for its healing properties for a very long time. Even healers of the middle ages actively used it to treat various ailments. Medicinal sage is considered the king of herbs having "the title" plants of eternal youth or immortality. They treat infertility, both in men and women, it was rejuvenating after many epidemics that often raged in Western Europe in those long hours. And in our time, this medicinal herb is widely used not only in national but also in traditional medicine. Those who frequently suffer from colds, you know about the plant firsthand.

I had a cat... And the cat with a capital letter, a black, a cross between a Siamese with a conventional yard. Fighting a cat, but kind-hearted cat. On the street anyone the descent is not given, the local cats he was respected, feared, few times I came home bruised but happy, all fall in the wool red-haired stranger, someone he didn't love... While at home, just a kind and loyal cat. My son never scratched, even though it was for that, and soup, and he pulled the tail and the train was tried, and even went in the fridge (his son shoved back, to see how it will fit there). he Lived a good life, rich.

Somehow there is a perception that Caucasians are preparing shashlik exclusively from meat of mutton. However, those who have been to Georgia or are familiar with representatives of this nationality, I know that Georgians are eager to use beef, though, preferring the very young meat. The birthplace of barbecue is considered that Caucasus, and who, if not the Georgians, it is possible to trust in the recipe barbecue beef? Skewers of beef, cooked to a Georgian recipe turns out very juicy and tender. And, of course, is not only in properly selected meat, but the marinade, which languished for the meat.

All who have ever eaten or cooked kebabs can be divided into 2 main groups: the Amateurs and professionals, Amateurs and gurus, shashlyk masters. And each representative of these groups will argue and prove what kind of meat it is necessary to choose for the best barbecue, and what to take by no means impossible. And everyone is right in their own way: after all, Amateurs, and professionals your measurements best. And then, what is the point to choose the meat for all the strict rules most strict chef, and then soak it in strong vinegar, and roast over a fire of pine painted boards? But, whatever you say, some General rules for choosing kebab meat is still there.

Somehow when writing articles on the benefits of clover, I searched the Internet for information about the treatment herbs. Found an interview where the monastery's herbalist Elena Fyodorovna told how herbs help to heal any sickness. I wanted to know more about this healer. Here's what I learned ...Elena F. was born 26 Sep 1925 in a large family. The parents of eight children: Fedor Minevich BOS – cavalier's cross of St. George and other Royal awards, participant of the Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905); Mother — Evdokia Grigorievna had a 4th grade education, raised the children, knew 400 species of grasses that have replaced the drugs. In the Russian revolution, and all the family in 1918 from Petrograd

When you feel that you begin herpes, what are you doing? That's right – run for Aciclovir. A great tool, is of great help to people of any age. But can the drug be used during pregnancy? Today the topic of our conversation will – Acyclovir usage instructions ointment during pregnancy. There are some features you should know about in the "interesting position". In whatever form you have not used Acyclovir tablets or ointment, the composition remains unchanged. It is active against several viruses, herpes simplex and varicella.

My dogs loved. And loved for a long time - two years ago - the rubber toy cock. Well, there is, of course, cock - hugging and crying: skinny legs, reduced back wings... the half-open beak ... rolled eyes... and the whole design is 25-30 cm in height. Well, love is evil. Tantrums, aggression, chasing and all, sat in a stupor all in full. In the end I threw that trash on the balcony, there something was crushed, and everyone forgot about it safely. this current year I do General cleaning, including on the balcony... and find there's a pinned stool cute dog igrushechku! Throw it to the dog, let him have it.

Every woman trying to take care of their appearance and the condition of the skin. Often ideal body spoil or striae as they are called in the people — stretch. To get rid of them very difficult, but fortunately, it is possible significantly to reduce and even prevent. Women "in position" especially often suffer from this aesthetic defect and to get rid of it, future moms use the Weleda oil for stretch marks during pregnancy reviews which are very contradictory. We can confidently say that the popularity of the medium has acquired for its natural herbal composition. Regarding the efficiency of oil, the issue is quite controversial, in which we have to deal with.

Many tourists are interested in the prices in Egypt. This review will show you the most popular shop of George Clooney in Sharm El Sheikh, prices for goods and check out the atmosphere inside the store. it is believed that Egyptian prices in this store are pretty decent. The seller is forcing you to buy anything, you go to the store and choose what you need. When you pay the item George usually gives a gift to the buyer. In Sharm El Sheikh prices differ in different shops, even in the old town prices in every shop is different. To George Clooney usually calls to customers, product prices, and if you pay makes a discount.

Many do not know that the young Sechenov is the prototype of Kirsanov in the novel, Nikolai Chernyshevsky "What to do". Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was off with him the image of Bazarov ("Fathers and children"). 13 Aug 1829 (zodiac sign Leo) in the village of Simbirsk province in a noble family was born the eighth child was named Ivan. His father was a retired military man, married own fortress, giving her the free. Father died when van was ten years old. All the children in the family received education at home, thanks to the lessons of a governess. Ivan spoke French and German. Fourteen-year-old Ivan Sechenov, at the insistence of his older brother, entered the school of military engineers and went to Petersburg.

Animals they are all different, each with its own character, tastes and even humor. Humor, they say, are uniquely human lies. And my story about it. so, in our yard appeared new tenants and among them were cat - chubby fat ginger idiot, chasing everything that moves in the yard. And lived with us a long time ago a crow, with a mangy tail and insolent behavior. The audacity of it was that was nicking it from the balconies, everything you can steal. Everyone is used to it and not used to keep on the balconies of garbage. In General that's a plus.

As web developers, we have no way not to love Linux. Almost any web application, with rare exceptions, runs on platforms running Linux. For Unix-based systems there is a bunch of cli tools, we need to work. For productive work on web applications I need to run different cli apps. Anyway, and Linux dominates the server sector, all the while dominated. And all this time the enthusiasts tried to improve the situation. Developed projects such as Cygwin, which allows you to execute some Bash commands on Windows. His stripped-down version comes with Git for Windows.