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Think to buy a car online – a dream?! No, this situation is quite real. March 5, marketplace AliExpress has launched the online sale of vehicles on the territory of Russia. Now on AliExpress presents the crossover Chery Tiggo 3, 4, 5 and 7. Moreover for the convenience of customers offers a variety of accessories and components. AliExpress is planning to increase the number of potential buyers through various promotional events and other pleasant bonuses for clients. The Chinese are quite clever people, so I will make every effort to quickly and effectively adapt their offer in Russia.

Greetings to all fans of a healthy lifestyle and sports! the Theme of today's article is more concerned for the theory behind the use of sport and in our case the fitness, bodybuilding, than practical. But for every person watching their health will be interesting. Therefore I propose to read to the end. So, sport prolongs life – true is this statement? Want to live longer, build muscles All power sports prolong life. This conclusion was made by specialists of the Institute in Los Angeles. They believe and confirm this scientifically. The higher % of muscle a person has, the

Kettlebell lifting was very popular in the USSR, even before bodybuilding, kettlebells have worked for many centuries. Every self-respecting man of the house stood in the corner a pair of "heavy metal pears". Sports equipment is a cast construction with a comfortable handle for grip. Dumbbell for today starts again reborn. In the sports shops along with portable dumbbells you can see the weights of different configuration and weight. Training with weights is a purely masculine occupation in contrast to the lounger in front of the TV.

After pregnancy is confirmed, and the woman learns that will become a mother, starts the mental preparation for a 9-month "marathon." On the Internet, magazines and books, you can find all the necessary information that will help them to learn the features and nuances of our new state. The first thing that interests almost every pregnant woman is symptoms, to the appearance that you need to be prepared. About morning sickness written a lot and this notion is so closely connected with the period of carrying a child that his appearance is considered normal. Besides, it is one of the first signs, allowing to identify the fact of conception before the survey in the clinic.

The article informative information and videos on the subject. What is cinnamon? It is a spice with healing properties, which is extracted from the inner bark of the evergreen exotic tree Cinnamon. After drying, comes in two forms — powdered (more aromatic) or in the sticks. This is the oldest spice mentioned in the Bible in the early books of Chinese medicine. It was used by Romans in wine production, the Arabs, to sweeten tea, and Greeks to season meat and vegetables. In Ancient Egypt it was valued above gold were used not only in cooking but also for medicinal purposes.

"In the world there are unrecognized, unassuming heroes who won fame of Napoleon" (Jaroslav Hasek). short and slim Tajik – Damir, and could not without adventures to reach the place. Before the bus came quietly - around, on the train, too uneventful, but the train eventually ran into the area of three stations and spat Tajik directly into the hands of the police experienced hunters. the Cops immediately drew attention to it: dark-haired, tanned, and all the time looking around (still he did not look around – the first time one in Moscow).

Pregnancy period and a happy, and exciting. Every woman looks forward to the birth of your baby, and that he was born healthy and robust, expectant mothers try to follow the advice of doctors and friends who are already raising children. Woman "in position" is particularly sensitive and receptive. She cares for his body and carefully analyzes each step. That is why any and new and previously habitual actions and procedures relative to itself it selected "from" and "to" to ensure their safety. And even when it comes to the usual hair cutting, there is a lot of doubt, because the people there is a belief...

My friend Leh, the driver that is called "God". His father claimed to shift gears in dad's car he learned before he could walk. In General, nothing strange that a man with transport have linked their lives. Taksovat, with an eye on three children, 12-14 hours a day. in Fact, the story... Go with Alex in the subway, he told me passionately about something tells. Suddenly, the man walking ahead of me, turns sharply to the right - to move. Leh keen conversation not have time to react and the move hits his chest on the man. - be Careful? - Hissed the man, patting his pockets (if the phone and wallet). by such impudence Leh bred...

Planning Period of a child for each family is a special time filled with pleasant dreams and positive emotions in anticipation of the desired miracle. Unfortunately, there are cases when to get pregnant and to fully feel happiness, nurturing the baby, the woman does not allow her own body. The problem lies in the endometrium, which is a sensitive tissue layer of the uterus. It allows a fertilized egg to attach to the further growth and development of the embryo. The endometrium is working on a couple of the hormone estrogen, which prepares the lining of the womb for the implantation process.

Honestly, I rarely clean the house. Sweeping around the table, beds and sofas, something like a dust whisk, and that's enough. And spend General cleaning once a year, before you leave, because my dad comes over to water the flowers, and before him a mess uncomfortable. And a lot of mess: the Studio apartment I live, husband, child and dog Fido. We took the Dinghy some time ago from a shelter. The child asked the dog, money especially was not, and free Fido, we immediately liked the clever eyes, the muzzle is thus deceptively simple. Fido knew the words "pizza" and "sushi", we immediately bribed. What Fido did until the moment came to the shelter, unknown.

Symantec is a leader in protection of computer and information systems in the world, therefore Norton products are recognized as one of the best, for both home and corporate use. Antivirus Norton Security is the latest development of the company that uses the best components and innovative technology to ensure maximum protection and minimum user intervention in this process. The Premium version can be connected up to 10 different devices, which will be published regularly update for signatures.

Pregnancy is the most exciting and happy period in every woman's life. But in a crucial time, when the health of the parent organism depends on the development of the child. There is a perception that the pregnancy is the boundary that separates life before motherhood and after the baby is born. During the period of gestation, and postpartum during breastfeeding, women have to give up many things that were familiar to life. They push into the background all their bad habits, and carefully monitor their health. Happy and at the same time difficult 9 months almost every pregnant gaining weight.

This article on the life and works of French singer, who won popularity in many countries. Mylene is not only a singer, she's an actress, writes poetry, draws well and writes music. Farmer is a pseudonym. Her real name is Mylene Jean Gauthier.Extraordinary singer always much discussion. Some consider it a treasure of France, others hate it, others considered crazy, fourth — fiend. 70% of the French her name is associated with sin.The flamboyant star is considered the highest paid singer in France and a record for the number of diamond discs. The continuation of+music+videos.

Once (I lived alone) I was sitting hungry in the evening and fried a piece of pork that they had in the house (had another piece of bread). Was just about to eat the doorbell rings. Is a girl that favour which I had unsuccessfully sought. And says so sweet, barely breathing... but no, normal voice: - Have waited for me? I answer honestly: - No, absolutely. And he is happy, excited, in the shower, everything stops, but there want, so one eye I look askance at the pan. It says: - makes Me very uncomfortable that I have no warning, but, you know - to go home at night not in the mood. Do you have anything to eat?

Women in "interesting position" vulnerable to various infections, therefore, they from time to time in the smear can be detected by microorganisms, which in principle should not be there. And when a doctor prescribes tank sowing of the cervical canal during pregnancy it is sometimes scary. Let's see, what is it and should we be afraid of this kind of research. First, let's understand what is the cervical canal. It is the body that serves for communication between the uterus in which the fetus and the outside world. Now imagine that this channel has settled the infection. This can lead to serious consequences for both mom and baby.