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What is mint? It is clear that this plant. Everybody's heard of it, drank mint tea and tried refreshing candy. And now more. Mint belongs to the genus of perennial plants of the family Lamiaceae. No doubt you are familiar representatives of this family are: Basil; Melissa; oregano; rosemary; thyme; sage; marjoram; savory. Ancient healers as Hippocrates, Avicenna and Paracelsus in his writings described medicinal properties of plants. What is mint? In the world there are about 25 species of mint. More well-known types: (continued + species)

Initially, the manufacturers of smartphones One Plus famous price and quality. But gradually the smartphones have become more and more expensive and out of the framework of the "budget smartphones", but in may 2019, the producers decided to bring back the "old" tradition and released a new series One Plus and One Plus 7t 7 Pro, it is worth noting that option 2 is much cheaper 1, to attract customers. As already noted, the presentation of the smartphone was in mid-may 2019, after which the smartphone almost immediately went on sale.

I have a small dog breed Papillon is a badass terrible. It weighs about three pounds, but complexes about small stature has not the slightest. On the contrary, the desire to show the opponent what's what and to acquaint him or her with Kuz'kinu mother she has is directly proportional to the size of the oncoming dogs. That is, the larger coming to meet us fellow dog, the harder we intention certainly to stuff his face. Well, or even to curse at the dog's mother loudly and leaping. In short, the origin of the Royal, but nature, as often you do, the most that neither is the marketplace. an Interesting reaction.

Well, if during pregnancy the woman is not experiencing discomfort associated with the pelvic organs. This is usually sexually transmitted, inflammatory or infectious nature. All of this requires treatment. That's what candles chlorhexidine during pregnancy. They help to get rid of the disease without harming the child and mother. Candles vaginal chlorhexidine are effective antiseptics. It is used when it is necessary to cope with the following pathogens: yeast; bacteria; cocci. But their use is not relevant in respect of viruses, acid-fast bacteria and bacterial spores. Candles are available as suppositories, they have different doses of 8 and 16 mg.

In this small article about the life of Russian and French biologist, Nobel prize laureate I. I. Mechnikov.Ilya Mechnikov was born on may 3, 1845 on the family estate of Ivanovka Kharkov province. Father, Ilya I. Mechnikov, was of an old family of Moldavian boyars. Mother Emilia Lvovna — the daughter of a Jewish educator L. N. Of nevakhovich. When Ilya Ivanovich went bankrupt, then was forced to leave the capital to his estate. In the family were four sons and a daughter. In 1862, Ilya graduated with honors from gymnasium in Kharkov. Continued her studies at Kharkiv University. In 1869 in St. Petersburg, Ilya Ilyich got married to Lyudmyla Yanukovych. The bride was seriously ill with tuberculosis and the temple brought her in.

In its original form, the WordPress engine is equipped with several standard templates (themes). They are sufficient to create a good website. But using preloaded templates WordPress, you risk to get lost in the gray mass of ordinary sites. To stand out from the competition and give your project the individuality of most administrators and web developers looking for suitable solutions on the Internet. From the current article, you will learn what is WordPress and how to choose a topic that would best satisfy your wishes.

You believe the correct behaviour during pregnancy you need to think about only when you have a tummy? A perfect delusion. Once conception occurred, you should drastically reconsider your lifestyle. One of the important issues is how to eat when pregnant in the early stages. Why? That's about it with you today and talk. Just imagine that by 14 weeks the child becomes like this man. But up to this point, he should pass a long way from the embryo before the formation of almost all body systems. will Agree that it will require a lot of nutrients, vitamins, micro and macroelements.

Alexander Blok was born in Saint-Petersburg 16 Nov 1880, Father, Alexander L. Block Professor, University of Warsaw; mother, Alexandra Andreyevna (Beketov). Got married at 18. Two years later, left her husband after divorce through the Synod. Poems the boy began to compose at five years. It was a touching line dedicated to cats and dogs and all that he saw and observed. And at the age of 10, filled his poems with a couple of rooms W. "The ship". In 1894 — 1897. was established in 37 rooms of the home well. "The Bulletin". In 1889, Sasha identified in the gymnasium, which he graduated from one of the best students. In 1898, he went to law school

When my daughter was 2 years old, visiting my grandmother for the first time we crossed paths with relatives who live in another city. They were with your child, the same age as mine. Called the boy, (now called) George, and the house from someone's easy hand began to name the "Joc", derived from Zhora, Zhora. Such a strange nickname he came up and stuck firmly, the boy was (and still is) smart as a fan. Even then, in two years, he knew how to climb the curtains to the ledge or to climb from the chair to the table, and the table jump on the chandelier! And that's my small sitting wide-eyed watching it fly around the room.

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin — the universal master of cinema. He created one of the most famous images of the Tramp. The actor was able to combine the techniques of pantomime and buffoonery. In 1914, Chaplin was the Director and screenwriter of the movies, where he played a role in 1916 he became a producer with two years later began to write music. In 1919, together with famous actors have created a film Studio United Artists. He is the recipient of the American Academy and twice he was awarded non-competitive "Oscar." His career, Chaplin began in the era of Queen Victoria. The cinema he has dedicated 75 years of his life.

Pregnancy is not only amazing condition waiting for the birth of the baby. It's kind of a challenge for mommy associated with many not very pleasant moments. Most often it is due to lack of certain minerals and vitamins. In this case, the doctor prescribes certain medications. One of them is Foliar instructions for use in pregnancy, which talks about the purpose of medications. Why is this necessary and how to use it? Here about it we will talk today. Let me remind you that folic acid plays an important role in a woman's body without her it is difficult to imagine a harmonious development of the fetus.

Is in our area villages in quite remote places, the "land" so to speak... in the Winter in one of these villages came out of the house the master of the night to relieve himself in the yard and on the street in a small Blizzard, heard only the howling of the wind. Looks, and there in his barn reddish neighbor's dog pounding on the door, apparently with a view to profit something like chicken or lamb. Man this circumstance is very angry, decided to teach the dog to teach it. Returned into the passage, took a bigger hammer and went to the barn. Close, enthusiastic dog, not even sensed, and with all your soul, with all the fluff, and stamped with a hammer the dog on the head.

Remember with what indignation did you get the news that the doctor at statement on the account on pregnancy has assigned you the analysis on sexual infections? I assure you it had nothing bad, it was his duty to exclude in your body the presence of any factors which may in the future affect the baby. In addition, you yourself will sleep soundly, if you settle the confidence that you are healthy. Often you not even aware of the presence of a particular disease. One of the most common is herpes in the intimate area treatment during pregnancy which is carried out with observance of special rules. Cold sores is the parasite that can remain latent in your body.

The Immune system of a pregnant woman undergoing major restructuring, resulting in the main "defense mechanism" of the body weakens. This is easy to explain the fact why women who bears children, often exacerbated or develop infectious-inflammatory processes are agents which are a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. To quickly fix the problem and prevent other, more serious, pathology, physicians may prescribe Betadine candles during pregnancy in the first trimester, as this is the best and safe time to use them. Next, consider the drug in more detail, we define the peculiarities of its application, a list of indications and contraindications.

Eucalyptus - an evergreen tree of the Myrtle family consists of 700 species. In height often reaches 100 meters and is characterized by rapid growth. Fragrant flowers — wonderful honey plant, the bees love them. The leaves are the staple diet of koalas that live in the forests of Australia. Most species of eucalyptus grows in its native Australia. The plant is tropical (subtropical) climate can drain the marshland. Eucalyptus forests can be found in New Zealand, America, South Africa, Israel, France, Greece, India, Spain, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. This tree has taken root in Crimea and Abkhazia.