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We have a very skilled employee, specialist. As is usually the case in offices, an it specialist living independently. He certainly takes part in the public life of collective, but as soon as you start talking about details of their work all around, begins to fade. But nevertheless, the young woman in the office is always eager to chat with him about abstract topics, and to flirt. Especially because the person he's young, early 30s, unmarried. However, all women's efforts to attract the attention of more idle conversations didn't continue. But every man once a year happens to be his birthday. And this is precisely the reason to become better acquainted.

This article lists the common mistakes. Check yourself if you do? At the end of the video with the advice of a psychologist on the subject. For every parent a very exciting process of education. There are a lot of advisors. Close friends and relatives trying to help their advice. Each side defends its position, arguing that he knows a certain method of education, which will surely bear fruit. In today's world a lot of literature, which is addressed to new parents can find answers, it would seem, to any question relating to the upbringing of his beloved child.

How to fertilize and feed the cabbage? Throughout the growing time make 3-4 feeding. The first fertilizing is carried out with the purpose of enhancing the growth of leaves of cabbage. This used a complete mineral or organic fertilizer. Mineral fertilizer is a mixture of nitrogen.Approximately 10 days after planting sprouts in the soil are tillage (tillage) to a depth of 4-5 cm Then loosened only after irrigation or rainfall as needed. Better to do this procedure once in a week regularly.

Sliding gates are automatic design, which extended to the side, upon receiving a certain signal. Similar designs are used in the case that there are certain restrictions when opening the door. You cannot install swing gates because of the narrow roads, or the difficulty of entrance of vehicles to the house properties through which they are able to provide an acceptable level of security, from penetration into the territory of unauthorized persons. Most garage doors can be opened using a special button. Automatic gates provide users with more comfortable conditions of their operation.

Metal fence from the manufacturer in the presence and under the order according to Your size. All production is certificated and corresponds to state standard GOST quality Thanks to the high quality,metal fence will last for years - up to 50 years. the Main advantage of eurostudent is its durability. It will serve You for as long as possible and will not fade. Another very important factor that you should pay attention to is the fact that it does not require maintenance. Eurotechnik can be used not only to fence, but it is perfect for zoning, landscaping, garden, parks. The fence goes well with almost any buildings.

In the article about the life of the second wife of Grand Prince of all Rus Ivan III. At the end of the article with an interesting video lecture on the topic. The reign of Ivan III of Russia is considered the time of the approval of the Russian autocracy to consolidate power around one of the Moscow Principality, the final overthrow of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Married Ivan III for the first time very young. When he was only seven years old, he was betrothed to the daughter of the Prince of Tver Maria Borisovna. This step was dictated by political motives. Parents, until that time, warring, made an Alliance against Dmitry Shemyaka, who sought to capture the Prince's throne. The young couple were married in 1462.

Menthol is an organic substance which is produced synthetically or isolated from peppermint essential oil. Menthol has a fairly wide range of applications. First, it is popular in the pharmaceutical industry and is part of many drugs. It is made from painkillers, antiviral drugs. Menthol is the main component of the well-known validol. In the food industry it is added in the manufacturing process of confectionery, various beverages, and chewing gum. In the household it is added in the production of detergents and air fresheners. How menthol helps health?

Scales for pigs are distinguished by their small size, which enables them without difficulty to transfer to the right place. They consist of a metal weighing platform, under which is located the strain gauges associated with the microcontroller. He performs the weighing process and allows to stabilize the live weight to obtain the most accurate results. scales for pigs have removable fencing that expand the ways in which data scales, in particular, allows to weigh not only the animals, but the boxes, grids, etc.

Kazan was founded over 1000 years ago, this city is older than Moscow for 142 years! Located on the left side of the Volga river, the city pleases tourists for its character and warm welcome any time of the year. Here side by side built Muslim mosques and Orthodox cathedrals. Together they are in harmony and at the same time create a contrast that is nice to look at. In addition to mosques and temples, there is an architectural monument to all religions or "universal Church". Gorgeous and Kazan Kremlin, standing in his place more than a century. With what to begin acquaintance with Kazan?

So, lives in Moscow guy...well ...let it be Stepan. Is Stepan a hunting dog named Phil. This dog is quite cheerful skotinka chocolate color on high legs. Once at the vet Stepan saw the breeder with the same breed. Conversation, word for word - come on, Stepan put his Phil hare. Well, that would be Sobakin their hunting nature developed in the dog useful. On the basis of Phil's "put on a hare", practiced and Phil even a real rabbit was caught and the owner pinned. Take, say, master production, tea not knowingly eat your bread. the Summer and autumn passed quickly, Step three more times to roll up to the base - Phil was happy.

In recent years, the genre "TV shows" fully recovered from budget and without the ideological format of the bungs for the air time TV, and became a full-fledged form of modern art.When all popular shows revised, it is necessary to search for interesting things among the less well-known. In this article I will tell you about those, I think, few people looked, but they made a lasting impression.Each of these series is unique and filmed in a special genre. Here and Comedy, and drama, and thrillers, and adventure.You have no idea what diamonds are sometimes found among a stream of mediocre, over-hyped and has no interest television shows!

Unique weight loss with jelly, allows you to bring your weight back to normal in a relatively short time. so, You will need: one peeled beet; a handful of Hercules; a handful of prunes. Method of preparation: using a large grater, grate the beets. After that, carefully rinse the prunes, as it contains quite a lot of dirt using warm water. Next in a saucepan add oats and add the same grated beets and washed prunes. Read more...

If you have reached this article, then want to know how to register in YouTube (YouTube). YouTube is a well – known and best hosting on the Internet. It was created by Google. This resource is daily visited by millions of people from around the world. Here are added new videos clips channels are created and you can find videos on any subject. the Users who have accounts on YouTube, you can not only view videos, but also comment on them, subscribe to channels and add your video. By the way, in your videos you can earn good money.

What to see in Yerevan for 2-3 days? I hope this information will help you to not miss the main attractions. At the end of the article tips on what to bring as a gift and videos about Yerevan. Yerevan — capital of Armenia. Earlier the city was called Erivan. His story begins in 782 BC. Yerevan is older than Rome for 30 years! Its present shape the city acquired after an extensive renovation in the 20-ies of the last century. Yerevan is a green city full of trees, squares and parks. For example, the English Park was laid in 1860. Also worth a walk in the Park lovers and visit the Victory Park. Most of the sights of Yerevan located in the city centre.

Desperate to find English-speaking in Naples, decided to rapidly learn Italian. Not for the sake of Pontus, and so wanted to get to the room. As the victim chose good-natured elderly Auntie, obviously local. - Scusa, come arrivare a Via Orazio trentasei (sorry how to get to Orazio 36?) - my God, sho VI suffer? Speak Russian and not take people for a ride. Oh, and you speak Russian? - everything they say in Russian, except turystov who try shprehaet Italian. Idemte, I will show your beads. - where to take the tickets? - Ah, the evening still no one checks. Come quietly, and sit quietly. - And if you did get tickets, where?