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My cat I have, and the neighbors too. So fish, all small rubeho were released back home. But ten days ago, at work, at the entrance, where they meet the car, there was a stray fluffy, smoky with angel eyes. it Feeds the fact that guards will bring (and are not very, say), plus, pitching in to exterminate the rat population in the area. Here and there I have the reason to take fish breeze from the lake. What success did on Sunday. And on Monday suffered three things to a checkpoint, leaving the rest in the fridge at the company. Much excitement fish the cat not caused.

Pregnant have to deal with many diseases and conditions, which conception they have never even heard of. One of them is toxoplasmosis. And although the disease is quite common, most women learn about it while carrying the baby, because during this period the body becomes more vulnerable to infections. In normal condition, they may not even know that they have Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy consequences to the fetus, by contrast, can be very serious deviation in his development and even death.

If the user is standing in front of such a need as search video Vkontakte, this issue is easily solved in the social network. it is Clear that like in the search the video may be a few thousand, then how to search for videos VK you need. A search for the video you need applying this tool Vkontakte as filters. It is the filters will help you find the desired video clip with the required duration or approximate date of download. If you are not registered in the social network, then search for videos without signing up contact impossible. Well, the full manual finding video VK here:

Have You ever heard of this procedure, ovarian stimulation for pregnancy planning? If not, then you have conception with no problem. But for many women wanting to give birth, this method is the only possible one. What is it when assigned to people who are and are there any contraindications? Here about it we will talk today. Currently, ovarian stimulation is a popular way among gynecologists. And there's a simple explanation, a relatively high efficiency and availability for most moms. But in fairness it should be noted that of all the patients who have had recourse to this method, a positive result was observed only in half.

My Sonia - purebred puppy I picked up, back in November, when he returned from work. In the eighth hour, it was really dark and I happened to notice a wet, trembling ball. She was so numb and exhausted that I ignored when I raised it with asphalt. the House I put her on a towel near the battery and opened a can of condensed milk. In the morning she was still sleeping, and I didn't want to Wake her up to see what sex my find. , God bless him, Paul, just sleeps all the time, so will Sonia. Home Sonya rarely walked around the house, more sleep, but when we were walking, she loved to run away from me...

The Majority of mobile device owners are well aware that such app Shazam. Even that's not that this app is in the top 10 popular programs mobile gadgets. The creators of this app fulfilled the dream of many users. They were able to do what no one did. Namely, when performed any song, just turn on the microphone, and the app you call the contractor! Gorgeous, isn't it! Why is this application so we popular? That tells us statistics Shazam: • This statistic assures us that every month this app is tapped approximately 100000000 users.

Sitting at work, drinking tea. Comes Hannah, a lawyer from another division, a fat, ugly woman of forty-two years. But very bright and extraordinary person. Our new Secretary, beautiful model looks, and followed her with my eyes and says: - Here, I can not understand, she's fat, and ugly, and her husband is handsome and crazy about her. That he loves her? Is she rich or something? - ask her – say. What you're asking, here she comes back, take it and ask. our Secretary, pale, apparently was ashamed. Hannah we all love. And one of the employees shouts: – Hannah, was wondering what your husband likes.

The Most difficult for women are the last months of pregnancy. And it is connected not only with psychological problems, for example, fear of the upcoming birth, but and hormonal disruptions. Whatever the reason, insomnia during pregnancy in the third trimester requires special attention. Here about it we will talk today. No matter how you tried to fight with insomnia to solve the issue only one way – to get rid of the problem. You have to understand that the night is time for sleep, rest of body before a day. It was then that is produced is important for women hormone – melatonin.

Carrying the baby for 9 months and this period has not always been without the use of medication. Pregnant women have to deal with many new conditions and changes in the body. Some health problems can deliver only mild discomfort, but there are those that cause malnutrition and fetal development. In the case of diagnosis of various pathologies, doctors prescribe a course of treatment with the use of drugs. One of them is Actovegin during pregnancy why prescribe pills, what are the contraindications to receive them and can be side effects — all these issues will be addressed in our article.

Then I Decided to clean the computer from dust and waste Kote... Not those about whom you thought, and the usual cat fur, where the poor computer is overgrown or has acquired, for the cat in this period of life greatly Linux. To help me was thrown in with 5 year old son and mustachioed supplier of wool. They were both interesting, but to each his own. Son, as I dismantled the computer and start vacuuming it, Kote was looked on with a slight reproach, they say, why not me vacuuming, obnoxious people don't understand. Suddenly, Kote found sticking out of transactions which were moving (the vacuum cleaner pulled the dust and slightly shook loose power connector).

The majority of webmasters use when designing websites free templates for websites. Including I used to be mainly used under your websites free templates. But over time I realized that free templates however, have hidden drawbacks. The most common of these is the code with errors. this is understandable, the creators of the theme don't really care about their offspring, because to bring a claim, in fact, no one will. In addition, in these topics, quite often there are hidden links on the page of the author, reducing the weight of your website. Thus, to remove such a link is not so simple.

Once you understand that a pregnancy, with great excitement waiting for the first ultrasound. It reveals how well the fetus, if there are any deviations. The first screening in pregnancy how to prepare for that you will need to bring and what to know – that today we are going to discuss with you. In fairness it should be noted that screening is not only ultrasound, it is a more complete study, which determined congenital abnormalities in development. Why is this necessary? A woman was warned about what consequences can be expected in the future.

Say that the most perfect figure of a woman when she is carrying the baby. However, most pregnant women and those who have already experienced childbirth, I completely disagree with such judgments. And all because he personally had to face a lot of changes in the body and with the body, including and weight gain. It is not surprising that many expectant moms in the company of family planning interested in the information, as during pregnancy not much better, to make strong, healthy child, and quickly come in shape after childbirth. Women "in position" is always located in the centre of attention.

Bears meet – God forbid. And they probably think the same about us. In the mid 80's I had the opportunity to experience such a "rendezvous". The Altai mountains, August, the lower reaches of the river Kucherla, right tributary of the Katun. We are three travelers with weapons and equipment. We camped on a ledge of the mountain and came out in the early morning, taking the basket or pot. The fact that yesterday we issued a notice on one of the slopes of the brightest something. Archipi once said – it's a thicket of wild currant. Miracle of miracles. made it Safely to this side and forgot about everything - each as tall as a human Bush, densely settled brownish-orange berries.

Today I propose to talk about what always worries a woman gain weight. But if in real life this problem is solved simply – diet and fitness hall, in the "interesting position" for many, the question is, am I too fast gain pounds. There is a special table of weight gain during pregnancy by week. In it everything is clear. But it is important to know how quickly to grow the body weight of women in the period of carrying a child, and why it's the most direct way linked to the health of the child.