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To protect the driver in court is a difficult undertaking. If the witness is lying, especially when it is the inspector of traffic police, further complicates the matter.Just want to warn you that this post is more intended for lawyers. Today I got a call from another city, my co — avtoyurist. He raised the question as to convince the court that the witness is a police inspector (or someone [...]

Deprivation of rights to cancel. This is the result of a complaint of I. V. Yudina in the proletarian district court of Tula. The application was considered on 18 January 2017, Federal judge Vladimir Sorokin. Igor Yudin working truckers. The presence of a driver's license is the only source of income. What happened? Back in October 2014 in Krasnodar, he was [...]

Be Deprived of rights in Tula, help! This is a request for help on the phone quite often. How to call Tula and other towns the drivers caught in a bad situation on the territory of Tula region. In this note we consider a situation when a legal issue arose at the nonresident driver, in such cases happens quite a lot because in Tula oblast is a 3 interstate. [...]

Have You met people who call up all the lawyers and inquire questions? Also interested in, and you have the free consultation? I meet almost every day. And today the call was, he prompted me to write this post. These people from call to call becoming "better educated and more literate". Then they still [...]

There is such a thing as the subjective side of the offence. This is one of the four components of the offense (subject, object, subjective and objective side of the offence). We will not go into details and will understand only what we are interested in the subjective side of the offence. Just want to warn you, it will be about simple, we can say at the household level, the understanding of the term. The essence of the concept of subjective [...]

The Usual, common situation. Passed the hearing at the magistrate and against the driver of the decision about deprivation of the driving license. What to do next? It all depends on the position of the driver. If the driver agree that he definitely is guilty of an offence, to argue here about. Within 10 days after receiving them at the hands of the judiciary [...]

We All remember his childhood, especially the school child. To each his own, someone from school, considered the main business of the child's life and to treat this process very seriously, we are called botanists. And someone (I think the majority) have treated this venture as a procedure that is tedious and mandatory. For them it was more important to communicate with [...]

Recently I was approached by Maxim F. with an unusual situation, in which he fell. It was back in 2014. It so happened that he was detained by the police at the truck very much drunk driving. Naturally was drawn up and the case sent to the court. The magistrate was deprived of his driving license for 1.5 years. Everything seems to be [...]

After the Protocol inspector of the traffic police offers to sign it. It often happens that the driver with the offence does not agree and refuses to sign the Protocol. Why do they do it? Disagreement with the offence suggests not to sign the Protocol and thereby to Express their protest. What are the consequences of this step? The inspector of traffic police, as a rule, not insisting that you [...]

Particularly dangerous consequences of any traffic accident if they caused the victim serious bodily injury. In such cases it is hardly possible to administrative punishment, as a rule, such cases are dealt with under the criminal code, especially if there was intentional infliction of harm. The result of this kind of crime, the limitation or deprivation of freedom, and sometimes burdened by driving [...]

The So-called new foreign film. Here is a brief description. One of the most memorable events in life is getting their driver's licence and first car. And so it happened with a girl named Hilary. Right there — that's a first step into adult independent life, but in addition to all of the parents did such a great gift like a car. However, [...]

A Pressing issue for modern drivers is the loss of driving privileges. The punishment is quite widespread in legal practice. In some cases, the driver can deprive of the rights? Most often it is these situations: failure to comply with the legitimate demands of the authorized officials on completion of the examination for state of intoxication; re significant excess speed (over 60 km/h); driving while intoxicated; [...]

The woman behind the wheel, this is a hot topic currently. She enslaver of men's hearts and motorways. Her dedicate songs and poems about it, tell sarcastic jokes and lively talk in the forums and talk shows. Opinions about the woman-the driver is split into those for and those against. You can often hear the statements of the men that drive the car not the female [...]

Hiding from the scene of a traffic accident or leaving the scene of an accident is a common offence of deprivation of a driver's license. Why common? Just our law enforcement officers in the face of traffic police inspector qualified as an accident any scratch and attrition, which detects the vehicle driver to whom someone said that he was involved in an accident and left with [...]

From the beginning of next year, those drivers who constantly violate will take the opportunity to get behind the wheel. The representative of Committee of the State Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov has told that in the next two months the bill will pass 2nd and 3rd reading. The document the state Duma adopted on the 7th of last month. The authors put forward a proposal to withdraw a driver's license on [...]