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Blog about games. News about the new free games. Latest innovations for the computer and online. A blog for those who love to play new games.

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Interesting game the Game Submariner In the game, the Diver must control a submarine in the depths of the sea. Games of submariners and submarines not so much, however the boys there is a real interest in the subject of submariners. New game about the submariner features high-quality graphics and music, one can see the game is built with the soul, be sure to play! Subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual Softsite the mouse submarine and control your ship. to Play the Game Submariner

Develops attention and memory Game Fluffy patrol In the game Fluffy patrol are images of furry Pets, you need to remember the location of identical pictures and guess them. Similar games on the development of attention and memory in children very much, but the game Fluffy patrol qualitatively superior to their predecessors. Good game for school age children, if you want to develop attentiveness and memory, better exercise you will find, be sure to play the new game. Subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual note the location of the fuzzies in the picture, be sure to open the picture using the mouse. to Play the Game Fluffy patrol

High-Quality game about a motorcycle Game Test racer For boys who know a lot about motorcycles and about motorcycles released a new game Test racer, great graphics and handling of the bike, cool music and lots of improvements. Each level and a new track on which to show their skills in driving a motorcycle. Be sure to drive the motorcycle. Subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual Motocikl is controlled with the arrow keys, upgrades and new bikes in a separate section "Upgrade". to Play Test the racer

Popular game Game winner In the game, the Winner has to shoot from guns on the intricate buildings. The outcome depends not only on accurate shots, it is important to shoot. The game is good for boys of any age, to think and play will be interesting to all. On the website you will also find other games in the series, to date, three of them, you know just interesting and popular games have continued being successful. Subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual Shoot the gun to defeat the purpose of the least amount of shots. to Play the Game is the Winner

A New section with games For more than seven years gaming portal "Games in the square" pleased its visitors with great online games collected with special care to the collection. Opened a new section with the best online games developed by the leaders of the gaming business. It should be noted that the game began to boot noticeably faster, which is important. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual Come to play the best online games, save website to bookmark, share with your friends the link to the site. Play the Best online games

Game for boys about space the Game Alluring space Play great games for boys about space, spaceships, asteroids, and an unforgettable outer space. The game is very colorful, a lot of levels with the improvement of the spacecraft, the lover boy in space-themed games. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter in the right column of the website. manual by means of the mouse control a space ship, follow the tips.. to Play the game Inviting space

Great puzzle game the Game Cosmonaut Max 2 Great puzzle game for boys about max's astronaut trapped in outer space and not understanding what to do next. Your task is to help max to avoid trouble, that's why the game will not be bored neither you nor the poor max. The game is well-suited for boys of school age, develops attention, logical thinking and ingenuity so necessary in our time. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter via e-mail. manual the Mouse repel objects protecting max from danger. to Play the game Cosmonaut Max 2

Popular game Game Ardent digger a Very interesting and popular game about a treasure hunter, an ardent digger will appeal to everyone who loves treasures. Everyone is looking for treasures in their lives and the game is about a treasure hunt will not leave you indifferent. The game is just looking for treasures of gold and replenish their reserves of oxygen, as the search goes underground. The game has enough improvements to the game does not become boring, improve topim treasures. Be sure to play the game ardent digger. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter via e-mail. manual With the arrows give direction of the digger and watch out for the supply of oxygen. to Play the game Ardent digger

New version Game Feed us 6 pirate Game from the Feed us about the dangerous piranha fish are known to many, if not, time to get acquainted. New version of the game about the piranha and pirates, both sides of the notoriously bloodthirsty, but for pirates it seems the day of retribution, got to them piranha fish with an insatiable appetite. As in previous games, it is necessary to feed the fish, this time by pirates. manual the piranha Fish is controlled with the mouse, click on the pirate and feed the fish. to Play the game Feed us 6

New version the Game Shorty 2 the Game about the coolest little known to many, the new release about a cool stubby 2 by far due to the interest in this funny game. Recall that in the first version of little soldiers storm the different strengthening with the money to buy upgrades and new shorties. Very fun game, if not played, be sure to play. manual Direct attack of the mites and fortify their ranks. to Play the game Shorty 2

Popular game Game Sushi cat catapult Game about Sushi cat is a very popular, simple and cheerful with colorful décor, a lot of improvements and bonuses to attract players. The game will appeal to children of school age. The aim of the game is to continue to run round the cat chasing the Goodies, the Goodies, the cat collects in the course of the flight. manual To start cat click the LMB at the time when the arrow the spring will be in the red sector, collect Goodies. to Play the game Sushi cat

NEW 2017 a Collection of game pictures the gaming portal for boys opened a new section with a collection of pictures on the game theme, an interesting topic for children fond of collecting beautiful game pictures. Images can be stored on the desktop, it is enough to drag the picture the mouse at the Desk, also pictures can be saved in Yandex collections. In our opinion an interesting hobby for boys of school age. manual to save the picture, drag it to your desktop. go to a collection of Gaming icons