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Auto 29 RUS Archangelsk - Severodvinsk

Video of the accident on the DVR and the auto news of the Arkhangelsk region.

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21 Jan 2017 17:10 in Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk highway near the gas station "Rosneft", the driver of the car VAZ Niva can not cope control and into oncoming traffic. At this point in the opposite direction to the Renault Duster and miraculously walked away from the collision.

18 Feb 2017 14:58 PR., 27, Arkhangelsk, the driver of a KIA Cerato when turning left does not give way to moving in the opposite direction to the car brand "Volga" and faced her. From blow hurt KIA Lada Granta, a car with a DVR.

23 January 2017 at the intersection of prospect Obvodny canal and Gaydara str., Arkhangelsk, the driver, the woman at the left was forced to miss a pedestrian on the transition transition that didn't let her finish the maneuver, as in the right side collides with a car moving in the counter direction.

8 Feb 2017 14:07 at the intersection of the Arkhangelsk highway and street Ordzhonikidze city of Severodvinsk, the driver of "Gazelle" when changing lanes to the left lane wasn't convinced of safety of the maneuver and makes a collision with a BMW car and the blow flies on the right side of the Renault Logan.

28 Nov 2016 14:55, on a regulated intersection of the Arkhangelsk highway, etc. white sea town of Severodvinsk, the driver born in 1982, driving a car VAZ-21150, performing the maneuver left turn on a green traffic signal, did not yield to oncoming BMW-525, under control of the driver born in 1985 In the accident suffered both driver and passenger of the car VAZ-21150, the press service of the traffic police of the Arkhangelsk region.

6 Feb 2017 on the street Captain Hromtsova, 3 Arkhangelsk (p-n Savings) the driver of the Niva leaving with the surrounding didn't give way moving along the main road the bus the GROOVE, which apparently went down the middle or opposite lane as the right lane as seen in the video is occupied parked trucks. According to eyewitnesses in the accident no one was hurt and the bus had no passengers.

7 Dec 2016 16:30 at the intersection of Timme and Voskresenskaya, Arkhangelsk, in the car with the DVR, which has completed the left turn, suddenly a car came BMW, who decides to slip a crossroads on yellow light.

25 January 2017 18:06 at the Arkhangelsk highway 58 city of Severodvinsk, the driver of the Groove when passing to the right of parked cars, could not resist a lateral interval on the left and collided with the car brand Chevrolet, which from the impact drove into the oncoming lane and faced with an oncoming Skoda.

6 January 2017, in the evening at the intersection of prospect and Moscow Infantry str., Arkhangelsk, the driver of the Renault Logan leaving the secondary road does not give way to the car with the DVR. Which leaving from collision and departure on a counter strip goes into a skid and rides on the side of the snow plow.

ATTENTION WANTED !!! January 17, 2017 at 20:00 in the Parking lot of the shopping center "Vertical" from the court (PR., 49 Arkhangelsk) unknown driver collided with a car Chevrolet Cruze white color and after a while fled the scene of the accident. Anyone who has any information or records video recorders, please write to admin of the site (comments, email, etc.)

In Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk at the intersection of the highway and the street, the driver of the SUV decides to turn left, but wasn't convinced of safety of the maneuver makes a collision with a Subaru Forester, which was moving in the opposite direction for a flashing green light.

15 Dec 2016 21:15 in the area of trade Unions of the Arkhangelsk region under the wheels of the car VAZ-2109 was the man born in 1984, which ran along the driveway towards the car. The words of the driver, to avoid hitting the car stopped, however, fled the pedestrian literally jumped on the hood. With a bruise the bones of the pelvis, the victim was taken to hospital.

8 December 2016 15:50 Archangel on highway 85 city of Severodvinsk, the driver of the Chevrolet Niva towed a Citroen Xsara Picasso decides to leave the surrounding area on the road, but apparently did not take into account road conditions and the complexity of the maneuver that eventually enters them in a red Chevrolet Aveo, running girls.

4 Dec 2016 13:32 on Marine Ave., 40 g. Severodvinsk, the driver of the dark SUV decides to turn around in the wrong place and from the right lane. In the end not convinced of the safety of the maneuver, makes accidents with moving in the passing direction of the Renault Logan, which from a collision into oncoming traffic.

25 Oct 2016 18:50 on uneven road junction St. Leningrad - St. Dacha, Arkhangelsk, the driver of the car "Lada Kalina", leaving from minor road on main, missed the car "Skoda Octavia". As a result of collision the car the culprit of the accident threw her into moving in the opposite direction of the car "UAZ 3909".