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— People, we won! — joyfully shouted the singer at the building of the Savelovskiy district court of Moscow. — Thanks To Sergey Gorino! Interests Lolita the IBA has successfully represented this lawyer. the singer filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity HOA management "Bolshiye Vera Nazarova. The reason for going to court was an interview with a popular actress of the TV channel LifeNews, in which Palladium Nazarov called mentally unstable. In his statement of claim Nazarov demanded Lolita as compensation for moral damages of one hundred thousand. The hearing in Savelovsky court ruled in favor of the IBA. Recall, litigation singer with the HOA lasts any more the first year. Three years ago the company "Taganskaya square" demanded that the...

Musician came to "Radio Chanson" October 7, 2014. Remember how it was. The program was released shortly before the concert, Novikov in the Kremlin, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the release of their first album. The actor said that he will take the stage together with the Ural variety-Symphony orchestra and performed the song "the End". the Next song sounded "On the deck scream karaoke". Alexander said that the lyrics he wrote over ten years ago, but couldn't come up with the chorus. And now, recently, he got it. Continued performance of the song "Rehearse life." By the way, this is the working title of the album, which Novikov be releasing soon, according to him, the album is almost ready, ten songs recorded, left to do some more. Alexander admitted...

Lubov Uspenskaya in between concerts were engaged in household chores. "Decided to help my work, the renovation is in full swing, a few days before the New year and before the arrival of Tanya, after touring useful to switch to something else," says the artist. the dollar and the Euro steadily growing, the future is uncertain, but Elena feels confident. "I can catch fish. Will not be lost!" optimistic reports the singer. Stas Mikhailov also not discouraged. "Morning cocktail of health. All vitality!" wants Stas. And Evgeny Grigoriev supports his fans: "Friends, smile! This saw me and "revived" in the video for the song "goodbye". It is noteworthy that besides me in this movie starred Penelope Cruz, which had difficult mission with just Mahu to whack me on...

In an exclusive interview with "Radio Chanson" singer shared memories of Michael Tanice and talked about what makes a woman happy. August 23, 2014 Alena celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Popular singer, poet and Director of his first visit to the air of "Living strings" January 31, 2012. Along with her Studio "Radio Chanson" visited and husband, musician, guitarist of "Gorky Park" Alexey Belov.

We continue to publish a series of international reports historian Maxime chanson Krasinskiego. Recall that in our first article, the author talked about how acquainted the British with the works of your favorite artists Nicholas II. Then he went for a walk around London, and tells the first person.

Our author historian Maxime chanson Kravchinsky went on a fascinating journey: London, Paris, new York... And all in order to find traces of the beloved people of the genre in emigrant (and not only!) the circles. We are starting a series of his reports.

Born in intelligent Petersburg family, this artist primeriaet upon himself the man of the people. Accordion, padded jacket - this intentionally ancillary style - made Igor is very popular. Videos with his songs "Combine", "Cossack", "Russian road" has collected more than 25 million online views. August 10, Resterai celebrates 34 years.