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In recent years there has been a lot of compatriots working abroad, invest the money earned not only on their own needs, but also in the economy of Kyrgyzstan. However, entrepreneurs say that on their way they encounter more obstacles than benefits

In the Days of history and memory of the ancestors November 7, Almazbek Atambayev, accompanied by President-elect Sooronbay Zheenbekov, speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Dastan Zhumabekov, Prime Minister Sapar Isakov, President of the Supreme court ainash Tokbaeva laid flowers to the memorial

Regarding Kyrgyzstan, and now is not possible to look another direction to find a way out of difficulties. China vast is a large market itself, buried under a small Kyrgyzstan with its products. Well, in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan do not fit their own fruits and vegetables

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the great October revolution in Russia, a lot of talks about that this Revolution — the transition of Russia from capitalism to socialism - was an anomalous phenomenon that capitalist development in Russia has stalled in its development, and that socialism has ruined the whole nature of Russian development

The objective of the report is to inform government agencies, non-governmental sector and the General public countries on the status of environmental activities at the mine and on activities undertaken by the company in order to protect the environment

On the meeting among the guests could not see any major policy able to add weight to the person who gathered at the presidency. Was just politics, the star which lit up during the two previous governments, but which now barely resemble smoldering lamp

The Basic law was changed to prevent the usurpation of power and eliminate some of the shortcomings. This was openly said by the President Almazbek Atambayev, saying that if the other person in his place, he would be able with such a Constitution to restore authoritarian rule

At this time, engineering education has not contributed to the development of Kyrgyzstan and it is time to eliminate this drawback. This opinion was voiced during a seminar organized by the specialists of the company "Kumtor gold company" for students of faculty of engineering, Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas"

According to civil society, individual amendments to the election law that restrict the rights of observers from non-governmental organizations. The authors of the law assure that their proposed document, by contrast, leads to honest and peaceful elections

"first, they say that the President will stay in office that will be regarded as a usurpation of power. Such talk dismisses the party leaders, revanchist forces, who understand in advance that the upcoming elections they will not be able to enlist the support of the people"

In the Jogorku Kenesh, Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov reported on the activities of the government for the year 2016. The budget last year was fulfilled by 93%. Deputies raised the issues of safe cities, pricing policies for electricity, to connect schools to the Internet

"Successful development of the Deposit "Jerooy" will contribute to significant economic growth of the country", - such opinion was expressed at the scientific-practical conference "History and perspectives of development of the Deposit Jerooy", held on April 3, LLC "Alliance-Altyn" in collaboration with the Institute of Geology and mining technologies

Seven years ago, on 7 April 2010 decided the fate of our homeland and our Kyrgyzstan! This day was put an end to years of confrontation of the people and led the country to disaster family and clan modes. It was the day our proud nation has opened the way to freedom, justice and returned to the faith in a better future

"Even if we are the party of power, formed government, we must first beat the whip, and not to wait for others to hit, we need to get to work. No matter who are not satisfied with my opinion - the Prime Minister, the speaker, the leader of the faction, for me it doesn't matter"

"In the highest branches of government need to take people on a competitive basis, taking into consideration the professionalism, scientific publications, work experience, organizational abilities. In the Jogorku Kenesh Committee on fuel and energy complex and subsoil use should include not Amateurs, and professionals"