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Wine is useful for human life, if it be drunk moderately.

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Variety Carmenere (Carmenère) is often called the "lost grape of Bordeaux", as he was part of the blends of this region, but after the epidemic of philoxera at the end of the 19th century, struck all the vineyards of Europe, because of the number of difficulties associated with vaccination, the strain of the vineyards of Europe had virtually disappeared. However, a significant number of vines Carmenere, along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot were brought [...]

In addition to the two great names of wines: Bordeaux and Burgundy, you should know about another Barolo. If the first two wines have a pronounced French accent, Barolo speaks Italian. Barolo — Italian red pearl. What is Barolo? Barolo is a red wine made in the Italian Piemonte (Piedmont). Wine with the same name made from the grape Nebbiolo (Nebbiolo). [...]

And Prosecco, and Champagne is very well-known sparkling wine, named after the regions where they are produced. Wine industry standards such names can only get the drinks made within a specific region, from grapes complying with the strictest standards. This is done in order to protect honest manufacturers, as well as to prevent the use of the names Champagne and Prosecco in the sparkling marking [...]

Names of German wines just seem a jumble of confusing words. In fact, once you get acquainted with the principles of classification, further difficulties should arise. German winemakers have done a great job to ensure that all wines could be clearly inscribed in the classification. In addition, the German system of categories clearly indicates what should be documented information on [...]

Tulips and "Soviet Champagne" — developed over the decades a set, which can be seen in the hands of men in Women's day: March 8. A combination that has become a stereotype. I will not give advice about what needed to change, but in that case, if you decide to keep the traditional approach, note that for the wine you're giving. [...]

Cultivar Barbera (Barbera) — grapes with dark skin, common in some regions of Italy (Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Puglia, Campania and the Islands of Sardinia and Sicily). By the beginning of the 21st century, Barbera was the third most common variety in Italy (after Sangiovese and Montepulciano). Widely used in both blends and varietal wines. Around apparently, Barbera and other Italian [...]

Another instance from Finnish Alko. Long ago, they admired just now decided to try and write a few words. Be sure to buy and drink. Cool port. Appearance: the wine is a beautiful Burgundy color with a lighter ruby hue around the circumference. The aroma of the beverage is very simple to distinguish a whole series of aromas: cherry jam, licorice, a bit of black pepper. What surprised me: very rounded taste. First sugar [...]

About the bottles have already said. Solid, pleasing to the eye. Aroma :characteristic of Sauvignon. Coffee notes and black pepper. Color saturated bright ruby with tinges of red-brown around the circumference. Wine has been in barrel and began to "fade", acquiring shades of brown and amber. Taste : quiet, no sharp notes and imbalance: coffee, black currant, soft final spice. The first SIP of a fair dose of [...]

Zinfandel (Zinfandel) wine that made California famous. The Zinfandel is planted with 10% of all lands that the us state; it produces a strong, juicy like fruit desserts, red and rose wines. In this variety of wine is a lot of alcohol is from 14% to 17%. And all this thanks to burning and abundant California sun. Zinfandel is perfect for BBQ and meat [...]

Is called Port wine Portuguese fortified wine that is produced in the Douro valley (Douro). This sweet wine often served as a dessert or along with desserts. As in Russia, the attitude to the port very skeptical, since the vast majority of citizens, it is associated with the names of "777" and "Agdam", the purpose of this post is a story about what types of port [...]

The Term "Mineral wine" has very often found in the speech of wine enthusiasts, and in texts about the wines. What is "minerality" really? As a person, nothing in fault of not understanding, sipping from his glass, clicked his tongue and with the air of a connoisseur to say something like, "pronounced mineral wine: distinct aromas of wet earth and stones" [...]

From: Syrah and Shiraz (Syrah and Shiraz) is one and the same. Syrah became Shiraz when he arrived in Australia with his homeland of France, Australian winemakers have started to call sort of like that, "Shiraz". The causes are unknown, most likely Australians just like to alter their own manners. They say that they "BBQ" is called "Barbie." Of course, it's the lyrics... [...]

There are people who only like red wine, there are those who prefer white (there are pink fans, but about them should be discussed separately :)). The difference between them is approximately the same as that between lovers of football and hockey: they love wine in different ways. However, among fans of red/white wines, there is a separation: some like Shiraz, others Merlot; [...]

Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc) is one of the most famous in the world. This variety is often described as "grassy" or with a strong flavor of "grass". The plant is popular for its unique freshness, lightness, high acidity and low sugar content. Sauvignon Blanc hails from the same region, where there are other famous varieties — Cabernet Sauvignon [...]

Rioja is the spirit and essence of Spain, which you can drink. Rioja is Spain's fault... When someone says Rioja... (by the way, is spelled "Rioja", but in Spanish the "j" is read as "x")... so when someone says the word "Rioja", there is a definite associative array, which contains the other Spanish culinary delights: thin, translucent sliced jamon Serrano (by the way, the "Hamon" [...]