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Wine is useful for human life, if it be drunk moderately.

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The body of the wine is one of the key terms used by experts in order to describe and explain what they feel when the wine is drunk. And if, in the conversation of the power of men and women with glasses of wine you suddenly hear about the "powerful body", just don't flush so much, maybe they just talk about the wine... the body of the wine is a complex flavor sensation, [...]

Your third date... You decided to go to a restaurant together chose; to plunge into the romantic atmosphere and gourmet dishes. But the trouble is, as soon as the waiter offers you a wine list the size of a encyclopedia or tablet with infinite scrolling and a bunch of filters, you fall into a stupor. And your companion looking at you so innocently, with a gasp, says: [...]

In a previous article, which was very cumbersome and difficult to perceive, as completely devoid of any clarity, talk more about theory. Today, your attention will be represented by 15 recognized a balanced combination of food and wine. Pinot Noir goes well with dishes characterized by "earthy" and "mineral" notes in the aroma. This can be attributed to recipes that include mushrooms, mushrooms [...]

Understanding the principles of combining wine and food, which they served, will allow you to choose the drink for the evening or celebration. You can pick up a wine to the meal that awaits you at the gala dinner or Vice versa under wine to organize cooking a particular dish.Below are a few highlights that you should pay attention when choosing the combination of wine and dishes. [...]

Hello, dear readers. I'm still here. Write (or drink?) in the table. And notes Google has accumulated a record that can never be published here (though it is unclear whether this is good or bad). Hurry though something to have time to tell you here, because you always miss something: or desire, or inspiration, or time. Wine tried for a long time, writing in [...]

“the Wine of kings, king of wines” said Louis XIV about this elegant, sweet Tokay ASU. Tokay wine — the continuation of the endless variety of palette wines: one in which an off-dry Riesling and a sparkling Muscat, and on the other — a full-bodied dessert wines such as ACS or its French rival Sauternes. Sweet wines — a category which goes well with [...]

Royal Forest – a modern brand of natural products. A small team is working every day, for the smiles of their clients. The guys bring exclusive products from different countries are packaged and produce new and interesting products. If You can't have a sweet tooth, You can try the chocolate carob, natural syrups without sugar and other useful Goodies in their cozy eco-store. Royal Forest [...]

Hello, dear readers. If someone remembers, I was covered with sparkling interest and it so happened that in the field of view was Prosecco. Just three pieces. Today one of them is Italian Prosecco from the Treviso: the Prosecco. Villa & B. Treviso. Extra dry. No it's no extra dry. Dry, the possibility will not be as round and sweet as Prosecco. Wine [...]

Dear readers, as an experiment, I invite you to share your own impressions of the drinks that you acquired and appreciated through the "Write a review" With an option to add photo (image no more than 600*1500 pixels). Positions will be posted with the tag "guest opinion". I hope that this opportunity will have you in mind and will add dynamics and intrigue blog.

Line of Sartori quite often comes across in the pages of this blog. It Sartori first told me about Italian wines, Pinot Grigio and Soave. Perhaps the cost and quality wines of this line are the most balanced (especially I am talking about white wines), the only problem is that is very rare, the manufacturer in Federal networks, and those [...]

Did what you wanted to do for almost two years, I bought a decent wine glasses from Spiegelau. The simplest in the line of manufacturer: Spiegelau Festival. Flute for sparkling, a pair of white and red! I'm really happy! In the hands to keep them very nice indeed, the shape of the glasses in comparison with those used up to this point, just perfect. [...]

I remained silent, silent. And drank. Thought and thought. And decided still to speak. ...almost a year... Hello dear readers. Yes, it is he who here poured out essays on the topic, "what is in the bottle". Now I have in favor of sparkling, the reasons can not say, because I do not know, so I suggest immediately moving on to the actual drink. "Magnet". Yes, "MAGNET". And Franciacorta! This combination previously, I have even [...]

You will certainly ever wondered why some wines are so obscenely expensive? And the answer to this question is primitively simple (if we exclude from the price the costs of production and transportation): you can see in its pure form, as the demand creates the price. Price will rise, until the product are ready to pay. That's why the top vintages can cost anywhere from 3000 [...]

Sparkling wines are great! The only point which often eliminates all the splendor of the bouquet and taste, is a very high price tag. Agree easy to enjoy a drink if the cost of a bottle starts from 50$ (now pretends in rubles!) and rests somewhere in the firmament. Fortunately, there are great alternatives to champagne that are also well suited for any celebration or New Year [...]

Long post, which very briefly mentioned about the categories of wines of France, Italy and Spain, was in 2015 one of the most popular on this site. If you are looking for information about the classification of wines — have a look there first to have a General idea of categorizing wines. And then come back. In search of a more detailed and systematized information [...]