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Wine is useful for human life, if it be drunk moderately.

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Tradition to celebrate the New Year under the clinking glasses with champagne out in the nineteenth century. It was at that time, due to global industrialization, those who previously and even could not imagine, what is champagne, the opportunity to try it. Imitating the wealthier strata of society, the "new middle class" drank champagne only on special occasions: weddings, birthdays, and, of course, [...]

Many people consider Bordeaux (Bordeaux) in some mysterious and almost mystical drink. Do not be afraid. Three minutes later (hopefully) after reading this post you will learn all the main points about this drink and (hopefully again) in the future, you don't have to be lost when speech will come about the wines from this famous region. Bordeaux (Bordeaux) — the famous "wine" [...]

Kinds of grapes. The wine is made from grapes, but not from the one that is sold in the vegetable Department. Wine grapes (in Latin: Vitis vinifera) has a much thinner skin, the berries are considerably smaller, sweeter, and always contain seeds. Varieties of grapes suitable for wine production, more than a thousand species, but world-wide recognition and widespread. [...]

Chilean Casillero del Diablo line I always liked. There are several reasons: relatively inexpensive wine (now on the stock in the region of 500 rubles), very tastefully decorated bottle (horned grinning muzzle on the tube and on the shoulders of the bottle are worth) and very decent taste. What gives? Arriving at the store, you can always study the range and not finding [...]

As promised, I'm going to put it is written "for the Desk drawer" works. As written many quite a while, checkout will be in the form of "Notes" because they made a thesis, and details to remember now is very difficult. Today's candidate: Sartori. Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine from my favorite Italian rulers. Appearance: inconspicuous label in black and brown colours, Golden logo of manufacturer, same title and grade. Additionally [...]

Hello, dear readers. Me again. Often to write, what unspeakably happy. Hopefully, the trend will continue for many months. If you are reading articles not in connection with a specific drink, but just because you like my getmanskie opus, perhaps in several recent articles you've noticed the idea of "anti-crisis drink". And you know, about mid-summer I started [...]

Wine "From. Chantal" from France, from the Loire Valley, which produces excellent cremony. Given that in the Old World wine named for the region From — not a new grape, and the region where the wine is made. Grape drink — Cabernet franc, (if not mistaken)the variety is first introduced in the pages of the "Blog Wine Amateur". The line of "Chantal" was on the website [...]

But did you know that the wine goes well with the usual fast food and with that food we used to eat every day? This article contains a few examples of wines that are suitable as support for the most popular and easy daily meals. Enjoy! Fried chicken (and nuggets and wings). The crispy breading, deep-fried pieces, [...]

Certainly, Pinot Noir has a reputation as the most romantic red wine. No one grape variety in the world has such an emotional and loyal fans. In honor of this wine are not only annual events but even a movie "On a roadside" (Sideways), is devoted to passionate love for this grape variety. After its release in the United States greatly increased interest in grapes [...]

Hello, dear Readers! No, I am still alive. Although it is not easy. Of course, some of You noticed that "Blog wine Amateur" is a bit pojavilis. Will post some notes written "on the table", but did not feature in the full posts , although some wines can talk a lot and there's nothing to tell. I hope very much that [...]