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Rosstandart announced about possible problems of the operation of the engine at more than 900 cars Mazda in Russia. Mazda will recall about 1,000 cars from Russia. According to official source, the reason for the exemption from sales so many cars have problems with the engine.It is worth noting that the repair and maintenance of defective vehicles will be manufactured at the company's expense.According to a source, in the most severe cases the fault [...] Record Mazda forced to recall more than 900 cars due to problems with the engine first appeared Automobile magazine

Now the new machine is no surprise, and in Soviet times to afford such an expensive purchase could only very wealthy people. Among them was found not only politicians, but also celebrities, usually musicians, ballet dancers and, of course, actors. Cars some of them were very luxurious. Contents 1 Valentin Serov 2 3 Andrei Mironov, Nikita Mikhalkov [...] Record cars of the Soviet actors: what went Mironov, Vladimir Vysotsky and Mikhalkov first appeared Automobile magazine

Despite the unusual appearance and up a four-door configuration, the Rambler Rebel was the first really representative of the so-called muscular car. Rebel from the American company Rambler occupied a leading position in the productive class serial machines. It is noteworthy that Joe Werry, editor of the popular magazine Hot Rod in 1957, made a special note about this instance. Car still conformed to the unwritten laws [...] Record the First muscle car in history: the Rambler Rebel 1957 release first appeared Automobile magazine

Soon Russia will purchase the flagship SUV GLS at an attractive price. Became known the price of a new Mercedes, which is collected on the territory of Russia. Near Moscow will assemble version, which, though inferior in the set of characteristics of the cars imported from the United States of America, however, will be sold at attractive to the average consumer price of about seven million rubles.Other versions, [...] Record Price list the MERCEDES-BENZ GLS first appeared Automobile magazine

In the automotive market in Russia will be a new Swedish truck. Now it is sold in the Nordic countries, also the truck-the novelty can be found in the UK.The advantages of a Volvo, of course, primarily dimensions. When working on the layout of the cabin, the Swedish manufacturers have taken into account the needs of the consumer and increased the area of the salon, has significantly changed the dimensions of the beds.The salon is equipped with all appliances needed for a long [...] the Recording Soon on the Russian market will be a new truck of Volvo first appeared Automobile magazine

The German Authorities ordered the German carmaker Daimler to withdraw 60 thousand cars Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI with diesel engines. The automaker withdraws this amount of car sales as a result of complaints to the installed electronics. Manufacturers accused of improperly testing equipment, according to the complaint, Daimler distort the rates of environmentally harmful chemicals, which contain the exhaust gases their vehicles. [...] Record Company Daimler is Recalling 60 thousand cars of Mercedes-Benz first appeared Automobile magazine

Experts have named the most popular brands of foreign cars sold in Russia. By the end of spring this year, it sold more than 350 thousand units of foreign technology. Compared with the previous year, the figures declined by 20 percent.List of top ten countries in car production of Ford, next are: Hyundai, Kia, Renault and the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. As practice shows, a strong position on [...] Record Named the most popular foreign cars in the secondary market in Russia first appeared Automobile magazine

One of the most outstanding works of this year from the English restorers can rightly be considered a Forager Land Rover D110, based on the model Defender. A private British company Arkonik's is engaged in restoration of Land Rover cars for about 10 years. Representatives of the Studio address fans of the classic SUVs from around the world. This is not surprising, because in addition to responsible attitude to the order, [...] Record an Excellent example of proper restoration of Land Rover Defender first appeared Automobile magazine

One of the founders Emory's Motorsport Rod Emory not long ago completed another project from the "356 outlaw". Porsche is really outstanding. For the "356 Outlaw" is a kind of subculture of fans of the above models. Connoisseurs of classic car not only respected authentic restoration, but modern and proper tuning. For a relatively simple appearance hides quite a difficult job. As [...] Record Porsche 356 a RSR from a parallel universe first appeared Automobile magazine

In the event Wine Country Classic has changed owners, name and even format. Now the race is called the Sonoma Festival of Speed. However, this does not affect the brilliance of the event. Organizer was Jeff O'neill — known collector, winemaker and successful businessman. The new format of the event, according to Jeff, will raise the quality of the cars. O'neill specifically emphasizes that the event [...] Record Better footage of racing vintage cars Speed Sonoma 2019 Festival for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Often the auction Barret-Jaksons for the car is clearly overpaid. This unusual Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has the same fate, but for a completely different reason. A custom version of the SUV will be sold at the fourth annual auction. The money will be sent to the organization of NS2. The assistance Fund provides financial support to veterans of the wars in the acquisition of useful skills on private courses. The latter will allow the former [...] Record Money for veterans: the auction of the unique Jeep Wrangler Rubicon first appeared Automobile magazine

In Addition to the trio of Austin Mini Cooper, the film Director Peter Collinson also boasted an impressive list of other cult cars. The separate attention is deserved Lamborghini Miura 1968 issue, which until recently was considered lost. It is noteworthy that the collectors wished to receive this exhibit. Until 2015, his whereabouts were not known. Only recently the restoration Department of the Lamborghini [...] Record How good-looking Lamborghini Miura from the movie "the Italian job" first appeared Automobile magazine

Each manufacturer has its own conceptual ideas, which are not always implemented. However, BMW is the exception to the rule. The company has recently introduced a fully restored model of Garmisch. The history of BMW is rich in various concepts presented in Villa d'este. However, an even more ancient tradition of the German company is the cooperation with an Italian tinsmith. The first collaboration dated back to 1930. [...] Record BMW breathed life into the forgotten concept car first appeared Automobile magazine

One of the most impressive European avtosolitony is considered the Spa Classic. This year was the ninth annual championship, which will be long remembered by the audience. The event is organized by Peter Auto. As the venue was chosen the Belgian circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. The latter, according to Motorsport fans, is one of the most interesting and entertaining and at some points it bypasses the [...] Record the Most striking images from classic racing cars Spa Classic 2019 first appeared Automobile magazine

Technology has reached a rather odd stage of development. Skeptics believe that the cars will not be able to safely perform the movement. The inventor of the autopilot Tesla Elon Reeve Musk, on the contrary, is a supporter of radically opposing views. Elon at a recent conference, SEO company Tesla spoke about the upcoming service for owners of high-tech cars. On the idea of the Mask, the holders of series 3, and S [...] Record Autopilot Tesla: is it smart and safe first appeared Automobile magazine