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The government of the Russian Federation will consider a bill to increase the size of penalties for violations when crossing railroad tracks. The draft law suggests the possibility of changing the amount of the fine for violations when crossing the railroad: in particular, for the intersection of routes out of the move, attempt to pass under the closing barrier or under a red signal of a semaphore and under forbidding signal from the Manager [...] Record Fine for improper travel via the rails are going to increase 5 times first appeared Automobile magazine

For fans of vintage and exclusive cars at auctions this year, exhibited several unique items. Among them you can find the Museum, a trio from Ford stainless steel tuned Mercedes, which has never officially produced by the German automaker. And for fans of Soviet classics have a unique car replica is based on the GAZ-21 Volga. Ford stainless steel Three cars from [...] Record 6 interesting car lots recently offered at auction for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Over the past few years Volkswagen has surprised his fans again. Unusual models are carefully designed by talented designers and designers, to later descend from the conveyor and to appear on the roads. ID Buzz Volkswagen Concept car Salon, you can easily transform into a living room. It is spacious enough, despite the apparent compactness of the model. The dimensions of the van: length 4943 mm, width — [...] Record 5 interesting and unusual concept cars from Volkswagen for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

"Moskvich" produced at the Moscow automobile plant, of course, outdated. It is not competitive with modern cars. Now this car will not see on the roads. But there are several examples of unusual and successful adaptations of old Muscovites. Purple convertible through the streets of Voronezh it is possible to find a convertible lavender colour. From the first glance, even quickly, that this car is a former "Moskvich". It seems that [...] Record 5 unusual examples of what can transform ordinary Muscovite first appeared Automobile magazine

George Barris is the man who built the customizing of vehicles in the art. His workshops several decades have produced a variety of cars, some of which are known worldwide. The work of Barris can be seen in a huge number of famous movies, TV series and television show, he designed cars for celebrities, his ideas still inspire designers from around the world. Voxmobile In [...] Record 8 creations of George Barris – master for alteration car first appeared Automobile magazine

For more than 100 years of the history of the automobile, many have formed a certain image of the average car. However, there are cases when a vehicle had a rather unusual body lines. Nissan BladeGlider sports car Design was made by famous Japanese company in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering. By the way, this is closely related to "Formula 1". It is possible that it is because of this machine and got [...] Record of Triangular and polygonal cars: 7 strange shape models first appeared Automobile magazine

Working on the interior of the cabin, the automotive design conference trying to predict future trends. The results are not always unequivocal: some ideas go to the series, while others cause only bewilderment. Golden Sahara II This custom Lincoln Capri 53-year came to light through the efforts of the senior George Barris, try to turn good, but the standard car in the transport of the future. In reality, had been a hybrid space ship [...] Record take a Look inside: 5 strange car first appeared Automobile magazine

Every owner of a passenger car faced with a situation where the seat is not enough. For those who often travel with the whole family or a large company, ideal seven-seater car. In the lineup of all brands, both foreign and domestic, is required to have this modification, because the demand creates supply. Kia Mohave This model represents a large class of vehicles of category [...] Record 7 seven-seater car for those who drive a big company or family first appeared Automobile magazine

Since the creation of the car, each manufacturer sought to produce a model, best-in-class. In the segment of supercars and hypercars competitions on speed, power and cost. Thanks to modern technology, vehicles every year improving, set new records. Lotus electric Evija Evija Lotus hypercar is the most powerful production electric car in the world. The car is equipped with four electric motors, [...] Record 5 cars set records in power, speed and price appeared first on Automobile magazine

The Problem of the transport tax is relevant to each of the car owner. In 2020, will receive benefits to him or even be released from his objection the following categories of citizens. Persons with disabilities reducing the burden of taxation to be provided in each subject of Russia, but the final size depends on the economic well-being of the district. It often happens that the 100% discount given to disabled 1-3 group [...] Record Who is entitled to reduction or exemption from vehicle tax in 2020 for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

On the agenda of the Ministry of justice, a proposal initiated by manufacturers of video surveillance systems. According to it, the Cao needs to be updated with new terminology – the penalty for exceeding the average speed. By 2020, the drivers have already received such orders, but their legality was easy to challenge. The average will be the speed at which the vehicle will travel along the control road, bounded by the edges of the recording cameras. For [...] the Record of the administrative code are going to enter penalties for exceeding the average speed for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Speaking of cars, usually referring to something at least four. Indeed, to meet on public roads, for example, three-axle passenger car ever not everyone. This technique can be considered exotic: it is not accessible to everyone, and to exploit it every day, unlikely, but vivid emotions, she is able to give any. Mercedes G4 Mercedes G4 German [...] Record 9 cars, which are allocated an extra set of wheels for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Soviet and Russian singer of Georgian origin Valery Meladze is one of the most popular artists in Russia. He is an avid car enthusiast and well versed in cars, and also has a large collection. Jeep Wrangler Singer prefers large and serious cars, so one of his first machines was brutal SUV Jeep Wrangler. All terrain vehicle produced by the American company Chrysler [...] Record On any serious riding machines singer Valery Meladze first appeared Automobile magazine

Toyota has developed several models of comfortable vehicles that still are a luxury. These cars seemed to have come to us from the future — so unusual in their design and technical features. Toyota Flesby II Concept feature of the model — her body is almost completely made of plastic material. The machine can easily change its shape, taking into account the current [...] Record Toyota knows how to surprise: 8 odd future car first appeared Automobile magazine

Convertible – this is an unusual machine, it is a type of passenger car with folding soft or removable hard top. Cars with such body type are expensive, have their own operational features and always attract attention on the roads. Unusual Plymouth Prowler Roadster Plymouth Prowler is made in retro style and is produced by the American company Chrysler, the production of which lasted from [...] Record 7 interesting car that will not pass unnoticed on the street for the first time appeared Automobile magazine