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To Travel with a baby by car – perhaps a difficult challenge not only for the child and parents, but also for the driver. Monotonous road tiring quickly, the kids get tired, irritable, suffer, noisy and capricious. How to distract and entertain baby, read on. Game spot Is exercise for the mind and the development of observation, ability to concentrate and willingness to accept new [...] Record a List of fun educational games that you can take the kids in the car first appeared Automobile magazine

As a biography of a famous person, attract attention and his passion. Yuri Gagarin loved not only the space. His passion was cars. With a fleet of Yuri involves a lot of stories. Official black "the Seagull" is a Beautiful car, which even today is prized among car fans. Chayka went into production in 1959 and belonged to the Executive class. To buy this car [...] Record Fleet of Yuri Gagarin: all the machines are the first astronaut first appeared Automobile magazine

The Owners of vehicles that transport any dogs with me, tough, because to ensure the comfort necessary not only man, but also furry friend. There are devices, the presence of which in the machine will be a lifesaver. Analyze 5 popular devices. The grille on the window Dogs are very curious creatures. Sometimes this curiosity is a threat to life four-legged friends. While traveling, these active animals can [...] Record If you frequently carry in the car a dog: 5 things, which you and your pet will be more comfortable for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

In Germany, the largest car maker Mercedes is electric cars of the future. The German company announced the release of many new products and are ready to show them at the presentation and to start mass production in 2020. Electric utility vehicles EQA and EQB IN 2017 was the concept electric car Mercedes EQA, made in the form of aerodynamic hatchback. To date, the company announced that it is ready to release [...] Record What we please Mercedes: all new 2020 first appeared Automobile magazine

Drive with a child – not an easy task. It is difficult for children to sit strapped in a chair for a long time, so you need to take care of their leisure in the car. A table Road table for the baby attaches to the car seat. On a safe surface for young passengers can play, paint, sculpt and even eat during the trip. To not often had to collect [...] Record the Children's garden on wheels: 5 great things will be much easier and safer to ride with a child in the car first appeared Automobile magazine

The Russian army is constantly upgrading its technical support. The old fleet come new models of cars. However, in addition to the updated car is still successfully used and also those that remained from the Soviet and post-Soviet era. Six of these brands and will be presented in this review. UAZ-3151, This car was adopted in 1971 [...] Record Severe auto: 6 legendary Soviet machines, which are still used in the Russian army first appeared Automobile magazine

By the beginning of next year many famous brands have already managed to refresh their products. This collection presents some of the most interesting new products, which is available for purchase. Audi Q3 is the Next generation of the compact crossover received a lot of updates. They relate to the visual component, interior and technical equipment. The appearance of the SUV began to look more like a premium Q8. The choice of the customers [...] Record 7 new cars that you can buy in Russia: how much do they cost and what makes them interesting for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Lovers of off-road are often caught in a situation when the car stalled in the mud, sand or exposed diagonal hanging. At this point one or two wheels no longer touch the ground, the torque begins to be distributed unevenly mainly on the wheel that will have less resistance. The wheel that enters the mud, begins to spin, and the rest on a hard surface stops. [...] Record How to install a second Parking brake allows you to increase the patency of the car first appeared Automobile magazine

The SUV Segment continues to be one of the most frequently purchased form factors for cars. This collection presents seven iconic crossover models which are most popular in the world. Land Rover Discovery series of the famous British SUV launched in 1989 and was intended as the optimal solution between the Defender and Range Rover. Today, Discovery includes five full generations. Although [...] Record Notable crooks: 7 legendary SUVs – the world's most popular first appeared Automobile magazine

We are All accustomed to cars having a simple and sleek design. But as it turns out, cars do not always have the traditional shape. This collection presents five unique models of cars that can hit you with its appearance. The round: l Automodule Extraordinary project is the brainchild of French engineer Jean PrEA Ponthieu. The debut of the concept car was held in 1970 and immediately caused [...] Record The smallest, the lowest and a couple of "most" weird cars first appeared Automobile magazine

In 2020 we are waiting for the update almost the entire range of Subaru in Russia, excluding Outback, undergone a slight restyling in mid-2019 (the new generation is expected in 2021). Updated XV Subaru XV gets a number of changes from the related family Impreza, which received the planned upgrade in 2019, Led daytime running lights will emit a more calm and soft light. On [...] Record What to expect from Subaru in Russia in 2020: update of the three models first appeared Automobile magazine

If you can see the results of the rating from Focus2move, it may seem that domestic models Lada Granta and Vesta started to sell in the European market. But in reality, the situation looks different. The results of the study Focus2move Consulting Agency Focus2move summed up the results of sales of cars in Europe for the period from January to November 2019 (11 months) and made a rating from [...] Record Why actually the Lada Granta is not included in the TOP 35 Europe's most popular cars first appeared Automobile magazine

Have the fantasy of domestic designers clearly no boundaries. An excellent confirmation of the fact are eight unusual projects from this collection. Racing GAZ-GL1 the First prototype came out in 1938 and has the working title "Racing Liphart" in honor of the lead designer of the Gorky automobile plant. The car was based on a stock frame M-1, but was equipped with an outdoor double body, through which the total weight [...] Record 8 domestic cars, the appearance of which will surprise you for sure first appeared Automobile magazine

Most of the drivers in the machine are associated with four-wheeled means of transportation. There are, however, quite original layout of the car, which also successfully sold or even continue to be implemented to this day. BMW Isetta Many people know this German brand, an established manufacturer of quality cars of medium and premium segment. However, BMW hasn't always been popular. Shortly after the Second world war, [...] Record three-Wheeled machine, which at the time pretty well sold out for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

If a person needs to purchase a vehicle for personal use, most often the choice of stops on a new car. This machine is more reliable, since it is a manufacturer's warranty. Our country has the opportunity to save, because you can get help from the state. The program of concessional lending and grant began to operate in 2015, but at the moment the list of available [...] Record 6 cars that can be bought by the state program of preferential car loan in 2020 for the first time appeared Automobile magazine