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Technogiant plans to expand the Park Autonomous vehicles by 2022. As reported by the representatives of the company, such action serves to improve the technology of Autonomous vehicle control and verification of the work done. In the official press center Yandex stressed that the choice of this path of research is largely determined by the desire to reduce the time of finalizing the already finished product samples. We know that now unmanned [...] Record "Yandex" is going to bring on the road RF 1000-driving cars first appeared Automobile magazine

The Russian equivalent of "rolls-Royce" uses tangible demand in the market. The car will be on sale August 23. On the same day show will be opened Aurus, where they will demonstrate instances of new items. This is the first showroom of the Russian company, which is located in Moscow. Recall that a luxury car is positioned as a vehicle for the officials, available in two variants: Senat S600 in the back of the sedan and [...] Record Aurus Senat fell by 10 million rubles for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

The Model gets more and more versions. The South Korean brand has announced the start of sales of the most expensive on the market versions. The company believes the model Seltos one of the most promising vehicles of the brand and connects with the project a number of far-reaching plans. This compact cross leadership has chosen the strategy of maximally extended number of modifications. One of them was the GTX+, which is not [...] Record KIA announced the market launch of diesel version of Seltos crossover first appeared Automobile magazine

Reported the Agency "AUTOSTAT" with reference to the official press center of the Chinese brand. According to reports, the sales will start on August 19 and the first model of the compact cross have already arrived in offices dealer network. Russian buyers can purchase the new 4 equipment options. The two of them work with the manual, the rest automatic transmission. Auto characterize a wide choice of available options, [...] Record In Russia began selling the Brilliance V3 first appeared Automobile magazine

The magazine "Military Affairs" has published a rating of the most interesting members of the class. First on the list is the ZIL Punisher is positioned as the fastest representative of this category. Despite its weight (8 tons), it has a top speed of 150 km/h, and in the advanced options (with power unit YAMZ-7E846 V8) — up to 200 km/h. Next is Force Protection Ocelot, the [...] Record Experts have called the most unusual in the world armored cars first appeared Automobile magazine

Our database Phipps has a new Chinese car Fengon E3. According to the document on patent registered in the database of the Federal Institute of industrial property, we are talking about Chinese electric crossover segment budget vehicles, introduced in April 2019 In the declared technical characteristics is that the car is equipped with an apparatus with a capacity of 163 HP, torque of 300 Nm and [...] Record Dongfeng patented in Russia electric crossover first appeared Automobile magazine

Racing modification civil car first shown to the General public. The American company officially presented to the public the last upgrade option, created based on the normal version of the GT350. The car is positioned as a track vehicle and has a number of differences from its predecessor. The technical part of the sports car remained the same, this unit V8 volume of 5.2 litres and capacity of 533 HP, which is combined with a 6-speed [...] Record Ford presented the Shelby GT350R Mustang 2020 first appeared Automobile magazine

The Cost of the modified option is about 10 000 000. Bloggers YouTube channel "Privateco" demonstrated a unique version of Lada Priora made in the racing style. She got a refinement of the aerodynamic elements, wheels from the Ford plant and a number of other characteristics that creates a unique impression of well-known Russian model. The car has a range of sports accents in the design. The revision also passed the engine, [...] Record the Network has shown the most expensive model Lada Priora first appeared Automobile magazine

Car has the most high performance in its class. Unique design off-road car, created based on a Jeep Wrangler, showed the brand Rezvani. Machine in the advanced version is equipped with a power plant that produces more than 1000 HP the Car has received the name Rezvani Tank. Its cost varies based on configuration varies from 155 to 349 thousand dollars. Note the presence of the military modifications of the vehicle, [...] Record has Released the most powerful production SUV first appeared Automobile magazine

Crossover receives several applications from the largest manufacturer. Now the model of Chinese enterprises is available in Russian market with the new equipment. In the advanced version of Geely Atlas includes a multimedia system from the company "Yandex". Slightly increased price (15 000) kompensiruet a number of useful options. Recall that the update touched a car that is equipped with a 1.8-liter turbo power plant performance [...] this Entry was Posted price for Geely Atlas with "Yandex.Auto" in Russia first appeared Automobile magazine

The experts of the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT" reported on sales statistics in the local market of cars belonging to class LCV (light commercial vehicles). According to published experts report, sales volume in the first seven months of this year decreased by 5.5% relative to the results of the 2018 But in July, sales in this segment increased significantly (+10%). Is the market leading manufacturer GAZ, occupying more [...] Record In July, the market of LCV in Russia grew by 10% for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Specialists during monitornig found the price increase for the products of South Korean company. Experts resource "Price of Car" fixed cost rise of the number of representatives of the brand. Experts told about the change in pricing policy of the manufacturer. We are talking about increasing the value for the model KIA Rio sedan and crossover hatchback that now when you select any of the trim levels will cost 5 thousand [...] Record KIA increased the cost of the models, the Rio and K900 in Russia first appeared Automobile magazine

Products suggest to implement on the local market and abroad. According to the publication "Zarulem" in Russia will appear a new enterprise specializing in the production of electric cars. According to the source, production is scheduled to deploy in Novosibirsk. The project is called Monarch, and produced in the framework of electric vehicles will be included in a pricing tier from 1 million to 17 million rubles. Future line of products [...] Record will appear In Russia a new brand of electric cars Monarch first appeared Automobile magazine

The Car was a "nine" in the cargo version and received a number of updates. Rare modification created on the basis of VAZ 2109, remembered members of the group "Lada news" the social network. The model was a cargo variant and differed by the presence of ample body from the base version, while it possessed all the comforts and needs to have a real hatchback. However, a car called VAZ 2109F, serial output is not [...] Record users of the social network remembered about another version of VAZ 2109 first appeared Automobile magazine

In some cities the demand for this type of transport exceeds the total figure for the country. According to the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT" report for 2019, and the representatives of the class SUV is 43% of the total market. Recall that in this segment include all SUVs and crossovers sold in Russia. The biggest demand these varieties are in Moscow, Omsk [...] Record Analysts described the number of cars SUV segment, was in Russia first appeared Automobile magazine