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Durable, functional and affordable – all the qualities that I want to see the owners of cars in new car tires. The modern range of tyres is quite big, and sometimes difficult to choose a modification that will fully meet the specified criteria. But guided by certain rules, you can find a good option that will please long-time use and high performance. Selection of tires: [...] Record How to choose quality tires for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

The heating System of any vehicle requires periodic maintenance. Otherwise it will fail just when needed most — in the dead of winter. Is no exception and "Chevrolet Lacetti", the design features of the heating system which inhibit access to the heater radiator. However, replace the radiator and other components of the heating system is possible without the involvement of experts [...] Record Self-replacement of the heater radiator "Chevrolet Lacetti" first appeared Automobile magazine

The Main purpose of the stove in the car to heat the cabin in cold weather. For example, to provide the inside of the car +16° when on the street there are terrible frosts. The basic function in the operation of the heater is performed by the fan or the motor. What is the fan stove Fan is a functional element that runs through the cooler air coming into the cabin. The fan along with the radiator, the tubes for circulation [...] Record Fan the stove VAZ 2113-2115: purpose, location, details of repair and replace for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Properly working heater compartment — the main condition for a comfortable ride in the cold season. Despite the relatively simple algorithm of diagnostics and repair of the radiator, to do it better in advance. The appointment and the unit cooler Main function of a radiator stove — heated cabin in the cold season. A working heating system when cold in -25C must maintain the interior temperature [...] Record Repair and flush the heater radiator: both his hands to force the radiator to Shine for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Volkswagen Golf is an iconic model for the entire automotive industry, which gave the name to the whole class of compact cars. Over the years the issue has had seven generations of machines. If the first generation cars are fairly rare, the next version is very popular among car enthusiasts around the world. However, the owners of Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Jetta (Golf variant in the sedan) may encounter a malfunction [...] Record Self-replacement of the heater radiator Volkswagen Golf first appeared Automobile magazine

The Fuel entering the combustion chambers of the engine, always cleaned from the microscopic mechanical impurities: dirt, rust, paint and other impurities (water, paraffin, etc.). In diesel engines, injection system which is characterized by precise elements to cope with this task two of the fuel filter. The driver of KAMAZ is obliged to monitor the node state clean diesel fuel and to take measures for its repair or replacement. [...] Record How to choose and replace the fuel filters on the KAMAZ for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

The Stove is an integral part of the heating system of any car. Thanks to this device provides comfort inside the vehicle in cold season. Because through the heater radiator circulates the coolant passing through it, the air is heated. Through the fan and duct heat is transferred and distributed through the cabin. Only when a fully functional system inside the car will be warm whatever the weather [...] Record the removal and replacement of the stove, "Renault Logan" with their hands first appeared Automobile magazine

In recent years on the Russian roads has increased significantly the number of scooters and mopeds. This is especially noticeable in the warm season. And this trend, no one is surprised, because this two-wheeled vehicle is unpretentious, economical, can drive in traffic, in the end, they can simply switch off and hold hands on the sidewalk [...] the Recording Rights to scooter and moped in 2017: who needs them and what will happen in case of violation of the provisions of the law first appeared Automobile magazine

It is Unlikely that someone will be news that buying a car is a rather challenging task. From the many offers you should choose one which one can trust their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It is therefore very important not to make mistakes. You need to ensure the integrity of the seller or the transparency of conditions of purchase of the car in the showroom. One of the steps of the process will be the conclusion [...] Record vehicle Registration and other vehicles in the traffic police: the intricacies of the process in 2017 for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

One of the most unpleasant and dangerous phenomena of nature, for road users is the fog. In conditions of poor visibility increases the probability of collision of vehicles. Vehicle car fog headlight allows you to navigate in all weather conditions. Install and attach these lighting fixtures on VAZ 2113, 2114, 2115 in the service station, but do it with your own hands will be much [...] Record the Installation of fog light on VAZ 2113, 2114, 2115 with his own hands for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

For anybody not a secret that purchasing a car is a fairly complicated process. First, you need to choose a car that fits all the parameters: price, quality, brand, technical condition and so on. Secondly, you must also verify the integrity of the seller or the clear terms of the purchase in the showroom. One element of the process is the conclusion of a volume contract, which should be [...] Record What will happen for late production of vehicle registration in 2017 for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Utilization of Russian roads are known to all. It should be noted that Metropolitan areas and large cities. Traffic jams, for example, in Moscow, is known worldwide. And this despite the well-developed transport infrastructure, construction of highways etc., In practice, the tubes often arise at the entrance to the town, on sections of the road are undergoing renovations or construction work, [...] Record Riding on the shoulder or a spit against the wind first appeared Automobile magazine

Finally passed exam on knowledge of traffic rules and driving. The long-awaited law still carry a pristine smell and the feeling that all roads are open world. And so I want to get behind the wheel, sinking to the floor the accelerator pedal. And the speedometer will jump sharply and will carry up to 90, 100, 120, 140 miles per hour... But [...] Record do I have to set the sign "Novice driver" in 2017 and is there a penalty for his absence for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

"Renault Logan" is one of the most commercially successful models of the French group. It is produced in seven countries and sold virtually around the world. Machine not for nothing has earned the love of car owners. It is compact, but roomy, well managed, cheap to use and surprisingly reliable. However, the most reliable cars in the case of failure. In the harsh Russian winters, the malfunction of the stove [...] Record That warmed and whistling, or how to replace the motor the stove, "Renault Logan" with their hands first appeared Automobile magazine

We All, one way or another, collide with cars, but few people think about such subtle but important details of the means of transport used in the world as a car muffler. The muffler in the theory of Automotive muffler is an important part of modern cars, which is necessary for its normal operation. Motorists, especially the newcomers scratching their heads, what muffler is better to install, as it [...] Record Car muffler: Garant life without the noise first appeared Automobile magazine