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Machines of an average price category are available from the factory with a boring gray-black plating. Whether it is the more expensive models: their interiors are done in soothing colors, and the material is soft leather. But what prevents you to change the design of your salon? This is especially true for machines with long life: over time, exploitation of cheap cloth rubbed, [...] Record Conduct a complete constriction of the interior of the car with their hands first appeared Automobile magazine

Chain drive timing mechanism is associated, the majority of motorists with reliability, durability and dependability. Such beliefs are confirmed by practice, although exceptions also occur. On some brands of cars he stretches out fairly quickly, and sometimes even tears. If this has not led to serious consequences, the owner of the car is quite capable to replace the timing chain yourself, although the process of disassembly sufficient [...] Record the User to replace the timing chain first appeared Automobile magazine

Components and parts of the engine of any design, running on gasoline or diesel fuel, require constant lubrication. Depends on the operability and service life of the power unit. But what to do when in the process of operation the engine oil level decreases to the minimum level and it is necessary to replenish almost every day? There are several reasons why the engine is eating oil, [...] Record Why the engine eats a lot of butter and how to eliminate expense with your own hands? first appeared Automobile magazine

Periodic flushing of the engine of a car in the process of changing the oil continues to be actively discussed both user forums and motorists in real life. How to use how to apply the liquid and whether to flush the power unit in General — here is a short list of controversial issues. To clarify the situation and get clear answers, you need to consider in detail each of the questions [...] Record How to flush the engine when changing the oil without consequences for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Safety in the dark depends on the quality of lighting. If the headlights pouring a dim and diffused light, then you may not notice the obstacles on the road. It happens that remain invisible even pedestrians in dark clothes. All this can lead to a traffic accident with casualties. To protect yourself and others, carefully [...] Record Polished the headlights with their hands first appeared Automobile magazine

Radio in the cars, especially the staff, has never been rich functionality. Now there is the following tendency: they all have smartphones and tablets, but to connect these gadgets to the unit is not always because it was released long ago, but continues to function normally. And what do the car owner in such a situation? This will be discussed [...] Record Yourself doing the AUX-out on the radio for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

In the autumn-winter period, the owners of VAZ 2114 faced with the fact that the stove stood the warm season idle, bad heats the cabin. The quality of its work depends on the heater valve: it may not give good flow or leaking. This detail is a weak point in the heating system, so the drivers produce replacement quite often. Where is the tap stove heater valve [...] Record problems with the heater valve on VAZ 2114: change or upgrade? first appeared Automobile magazine

The Technical component of the car and chassis are critical for people buying it from the secondary market. It is especially important to know the mileage of the car in real values, but not all the sellers called the right number. Consider odometer correct way to determine mileage is also wrong, as it is often twisted. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, find out some good ways to test [...] Record the Actual mileage, or How much car I drove actually first appeared Automobile magazine

You Have different cars, depending on engine type, may consist of a cylinder and two more valves. Some of them are for the intake fuel-air mixture, exhaust gases and other produce. The first valves made just to call the inlet and the second outlet. In effect their results and regulates the manner in which the so-called valve (or distribution) mechanism. About [...] Record the adjustment of thermal backlashes of valves: to help the motorist for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Bearing rear hub 2109 can be changed in several ways. On the "correct" choice depends the quality of repair. Below you will find detailed instructions with a description of each method. You will be able to decide what is closer to you. For a HUNDRED you will not ask what's best and will do on its own. That's a good reason to delve into "theme" and do the replacement yourself, the more [...] Record the Phased replacement of the rear hub bearing 2109 first appeared Automobile magazine

Serviceable brakes is a necessary condition for the operation of the vehicle. To avoid accidents will help timely brake pad replacement (front and rear). The process is simple, but has some nuances and peculiarities. Familiarity with them will allow you to avoid typical mistakes when working with VAZ 2114 and related models. The reasons for the failure of pads VAZ 2114, symptoms Main [...] Record the Timely replacement of brake pads on VAZ 2114-2115 – the key to safe riding first appeared Automobile magazine

Dampers are sort of a consumable item of your car. Moreover, the costs of maintaining the suspension in the operating state is inversely proportional to the quality of the roads. Car owners are constantly looking for ways to save on repairs and maintenance of your machine. We will discuss independent repair and recovery characteristics of the shock absorber struts. When the front and rear strut need to be checked Typical failure of this node [...] Record the Repair and restoration of stands of shock-absorbers with their hands – is it possible? first appeared Automobile magazine

With the question of the selection of rubber for automobile, everyone faces the driver. The process of selection of tires should be approached with caution and responsibility, because quality tires is one of the most important factors that affects the handling and safety of cars. How to choose the right kit, not overpaying? What kinds of are divided into the tires Before going for new tires, let's get to [...] Record How to choose a set of tires and do not regret? first appeared Automobile magazine

All motorists know the importance of rubber change from summer to winter and Vice versa with the onset of the season. But despite this, even experienced car owners make mistakes in the storage of tyres, for which subsequently the wheels are deteriorating. It's time for replacement summer tires for winter, and that next year, when it's time to re-shod "notch", [...] Record retention Rules of the tires on the wheels and without in the offseason for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Do Not believe those who say that brakes were invented by cowards. They came up with a very clever and long-lived people, and the vacuum brake booster was invented in addition, and very lazy. In order to verify the need for the presence of HLA on the car, try to stop it by pressing on the brake pedal with the engine off at low speed. Likely to stop [...] Record Vacuum booster VAZ 2110. Diagnose and repair first appeared Automobile magazine