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The Most successful export model in the late Soviet Union was considered a "field", which is appreciated for its throughput, extravagant design, simplicity of operation. In 1985 it was decided to expand the line of offered cars for the West, after which the limited version came out Niva Cossack. Just made 200 copies of the model destined exclusively for the German market. Modifications to the Implementation of the "Niva" in [...] Record How to look one of the rarest cars Lada Kosak and what it is for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Car brands present the latest product models in retail stores, where is the majority of consumers for the purchase. Car dealerships are worried about the reputation, but when it comes to personal benefits and money — not averse to all sorts of tricks.Tricks — the part of the dealer. Prestigious glass interior alluring calling inside, built managers with the "glued" with a smile, pronouncing the words are nice to hear visitor. The purpose [...] Record How to buy a car and do not regret: 7 above dealers in showrooms for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Automobile air conditioner requires constant maintenance of cleanliness and proper maintenance. It is based on the principle of a conventional refrigerator, although with differences in the device. Those car owners who are not faced with air conditioner repair, even can't understand how expensive it can cost. The best solution is timely THEN than repair in the future. There are 5 major mistakes that produce automotive air conditioning [...] Record 5 mistakes that kill the air conditioning in the car first appeared Automobile magazine

Motorists to avoid penalties for window tinting in automobiles, use alternative method — they hide passengers in the cabin for frame blinds. The product is easy to do yourself, in accordance with established standards. The preparatory stage is complete, Each job requires careful preparation. For automotive and curtains need to prepare the material and tools: cloth; a fine mesh, soft not hard, [...] Entry Cost without toning: how to frame blinds himself first appeared Automobile magazine

License plate is one of the most effective methods to stand out in traffic. There are five car numbers, for which people had to pay a large sum of money. Room "VIP 1" Price: 24 387 000 (316 044$) Initially, this license plate intended for a car John Paul II, who at that time planned to visit Ireland. In the end, he decided [...] Record No money sorry: 5 most expensive license plates in the world for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Many drivers commit certain mistakes when overtaking. So, in the case of vans there are at least 4 dangerous actions. Too close to close to the truck with the Driver, clinging as close to the wagon, substantially shortens their visibility. But without a good visibility to the driver not to understand the full picture on the road. Because of this, many fly directly towards running the car. Try to keep distance, to [...] Record 4 mistakes usually committed by drivers when overtaking trucks first appeared Automobile magazine

If you think you can't afford a car, go on AliExpress. Immediately is to say that the Chinese cars sold there are not only low price but also an unusual design, dimensions and even number of wheels. Most likely, you don't buy buy, then at least modelsites. Changli Changli is the cheapest electric vehicles in the world. Less than [...] Record Small and cheap electric cars that you can buy on Aliexpress for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

August 2018 was marked by the presentation of the new supercar from the legendary Lamborghini. SVJ Aventador saw the light of day in Monterey, at a special screening of "The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering" in the automobile of the week, and in October of the same year took place the official world premiere. Aventador SVJ (or "Jota SuperVeloce") can rightly be called the fastest supercar in the history of Italian [...] Record In 2020 in Russia was sold only one Lamborghini Aventador, and he was marriage first appeared Automobile magazine

According to the statement of the Vice-President of GLONASS Eugene Belenko in the Russian Federation will soon appear a single information system that collects data about fined and penalties from all regions. A pilot project of this system has been developed, as a prototype was chosen telematic platform "Diabetes". Belenko claims that the new product will reduce the number of new installations of cameras taking pictures, and also reduce the number of illegal [...] Record the uniform accounting system of traffic violations – what its introduction will mean for ordinary drivers first appeared Automobile magazine

The government of the Russian Federation will consider a bill to increase the size of penalties for violations when crossing railroad tracks. The draft law suggests the possibility of changing the amount of the fine for violations when crossing the railroad: in particular, for the intersection of routes out of the move, attempt to pass under the closing barrier or under a red signal of a semaphore and under forbidding signal from the Manager [...] Record Fine for improper travel via the rails are going to increase 5 times first appeared Automobile magazine

For fans of vintage and exclusive cars at auctions this year, exhibited several unique items. Among them you can find the Museum, a trio from Ford stainless steel tuned Mercedes, which has never officially produced by the German automaker. And for fans of Soviet classics have a unique car replica is based on the GAZ-21 Volga. Ford stainless steel Three cars from [...] Record 6 interesting car lots recently offered at auction for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Over the past few years Volkswagen has surprised his fans again. Unusual models are carefully designed by talented designers and designers, to later descend from the conveyor and to appear on the roads. ID Buzz Volkswagen Concept car Salon, you can easily transform into a living room. It is spacious enough, despite the apparent compactness of the model. The dimensions of the van: length 4943 mm, width — [...] Record 5 interesting and unusual concept cars from Volkswagen for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

"Moskvich" produced at the Moscow automobile plant, of course, outdated. It is not competitive with modern cars. Now this car will not see on the roads. But there are several examples of unusual and successful adaptations of old Muscovites. Purple convertible through the streets of Voronezh it is possible to find a convertible lavender colour. From the first glance, even quickly, that this car is a former "Moskvich". It seems that [...] Record 5 unusual examples of what can transform ordinary Muscovite first appeared Automobile magazine

George Barris is the man who built the customizing of vehicles in the art. His workshops several decades have produced a variety of cars, some of which are known worldwide. The work of Barris can be seen in a huge number of famous movies, TV series and television show, he designed cars for celebrities, his ideas still inspire designers from around the world. Voxmobile In [...] Record 8 creations of George Barris – master for alteration car first appeared Automobile magazine

For more than 100 years of the history of the automobile, many have formed a certain image of the average car. However, there are cases when a vehicle had a rather unusual body lines. Nissan BladeGlider sports car Design was made by famous Japanese company in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering. By the way, this is closely related to "Formula 1". It is possible that it is because of this machine and got [...] Record of Triangular and polygonal cars: 7 strange shape models first appeared Automobile magazine