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Ambitious statement, Mercedes-AMG is about to release a radically new production car with the engine from a Formula 1 car, was done in 2017. It was also stated that the beginning of deliveries in 2019, but some technical problems forced me to postpone the date of release of the hypercar by 2021. The story of the creation of the Mercedes-AMG One's Success in Formula 1 has demanded that the automaker consolidate [...] Record the 5 main problems faced by Mercedes in the conversion engine for F1 in the civil first appeared Automobile magazine

On the official website of Rosstandart has information with the technical features of the new sedan from Volkswagen. Check the cu Tr on the new Jetta New model Volkswagen Jetta seventh version of the received transport vehicle type approval (approval of type vehicle). This means that the manufacturer has managed to acquire an official permit for the sale of cars in Russia. In the domestic market it will appear in the near future. Model Jetta seventh generation [...] Record which will gather Volkswagen Jetta for Russia and other details of the model of the cu Tr for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

The Old game in the US – the tug of war with two pickups. In this battle fought and a new electric car, Elon musk. A tug of war between Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Enemy became the main competitor from Ford model F-150. You can watch a video where a Tesla Cybertruck easily defeats his rival. At the request of the Creator, the motor set torque such that [...] Record Why a tug of war between CyberTruck and Ford F-150 proves advantages of Tesla: the explanation of technologer Jason Fenske first appeared Automobile magazine

Despite the curtailment of the project on participation in Formula 1 on his own car, Porsche continues the development of the engine. Now installation is planned on a road hypercare. The first attempt of application of F1 on a civilian vehicle for the First time this idea "lit up" Mercedes. So was born the project of Mercedes-AMG's Project One. Civil car with the engine out of Formula 1 was first presented [...] Record the footsteps of Mercedes: Porsche also creates a hypercar engine from the car, "Formula 1" for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Taxi Aggregators have gained popularity. Convenient and low price - people prefer online taxi others means of transport. The increased demand leads to increased competition, hence the development of the system as a whole. But the popularity of such organizations affects society in unexpected ways. American researchers found a link between the appearance of Uber in the cities and the growth of alcohol consumption. How were [...] Record Why the taxi aggregators contribute to the growth of alcoholism: a study of economists from the United States first appeared Automobile magazine

November 26, 2019 the company "Nissan manufacturing Rus" announced about the recall 1677 Datsun. This situation has sent shockwaves through the automotive community. This campaign, though, is important and vital for owners of defective cars, causing some inconvenience. Will have to leave with the new car, giving it to the dealer for inspection and repair. In addition, this is the second recall [...] Record Datsun on-DO and mi-DO to withdraw because of the probability of failure in the brake system first appeared Automobile magazine

Fake fuel in the tank – a nightmare for any motorist. The surrogate can bring the engine down in a very short time. If began to act up the ignition, there is a strange knocking, the vehicle lost power and the exhaust pipe belching black smoke means the car has run a low-grade gasoline or diesel. This fuel reduces the life of the engine and negatively affects the environment. Problems [...] Record In which regions is not enough winter-grade diesel fuel: data Rosstandart first appeared Automobile magazine

In Russia there is no national or inter-state standards for the production of cleaning fluids for automotive glass used in low temperatures. The manufacturer himself develops normative documents. It is not surprising that only 15% of the products do meet the specs. As audited laboratory Specialists URALTEST and Chelyabinsk center of standardization, Metrology and testing investigated fluids, windshield washing antifreeze ("nezamerzayki") of different brands. Goal was to find out, [...] Record Only 20% of the "nezamerzaika" corresponds to the declared characteristics: study results and tips for choosing from the "Rosstandart" first appeared Automobile magazine

CNN published an article about plans by General Motors to release electric vehicles and the obstacles which, in the opinion of the President of the company Mark of Reuss, complicate the transition to mass production of environmentally friendly cars. A range of General Motors agree that the future of carts. But there are three main factors that tend to intensify their production. Chief mark Reuss said insufficient range of motion to [...] Record 3 problems that do not allow the electric car to defeat ice: the opinion of the President of General Motors for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Over the past five years, global sales of electric vehicles have increased by 57%. In the automotive industry alone Europe employs 12 million people, and the transition from fossil fuels to electricity will lead to large changes in the supply chain. Affected manufacturers of gear boxes, fuel and exhaust systems, it will affect and the production of lubricants. What industry could be threatened by Such major corporations as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Opel, Nissan Motor and [...] Record For someone a dangerous electric cars first appeared Automobile magazine

Experts found what brand of car the people of Russia are buying again. How many car owners remain loyal to their chosen brand Published the results of the research holding "ROMIR" I confirm that around a quarter of users will prefer the same brand of car. At the same time in the same dealership interested in buying will leave more than half of potential buyers — almost 59%! Toyota is a Japanese brand became the leader in [...] Record the Brands of cars that are most likely to buy again according to "ROMIR" first appeared Automobile magazine

China in all times attracted the attention of people landmarks, built by hand and created by nature, riddles, myths and legends - everything is enveloped in a mysterious country and can not cause interest. In China, many architectural structures listed in the Guinness book of records. The famous trail At the upper point of Tianmen mountain, which is located in the Hunan province, [...] Record When a Land Rover faster than Ferrari, but slower than the Volkswagen: the most famous races on the "Road of 99 turns" for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

In his time in the film seriously solved the problem of the illusion of stopping or rotation of the wheels in the opposite direction from a moving crew. Despite the seeming simplicity of the modern explanation of this illusion, she still encourages studies of the mechanisms of vision. When the illusion Optical illusions are distorted images of reality arising in the process of visual perception. And distorted, and a valid image [...] Record Why it sometimes seems that the wheels of the car rotate in the opposite direction for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

12 Nov 2019 Russian organization of Rosstandart, involved in quality control of products, announced a voluntary recall of some vehicles of the BMW group. Why discovery of defective cars. The head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov previously warned about possible problems from the manufacturer, according to the newspaper "Kommersant". The problem with the prop balancing shaft is the Reason for the voluntary recall of vehicles is a defect in the bearings of the balancing shaft. [...] Record Why some BMW 2019 can die at any moment for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

In Great demand among the population are memorable license plates. It is believed that a combination of the room gives the advantage on the roads. This fact gives a chance to the black market to sell such Gosznak illegally. The agreement of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of economy the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of interior have jointly agreed to develop a system for the acquisition of the "beautiful" state registration plates (GRZ). Car owners will be given the opportunity to purchase [...] Record How to legally buy a "nice" room for the first time appeared Automobile magazine