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Worldwide practice recall already sold cars market has its origins in the 1980-ies. Initially, the mandatory correction of defects has been adopted in the United States and quickly spread to all manufacturers. Every year since, happen reviews of the machines of different brands, including premium. 25 Dec 2019 Rosstandart has announced a voluntary recall [...] Record Why about 20,000 of the BMW X6 and the X6M can be unsafe for children: to resolve the problem, will need welding for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

"Grapes, beets, peony and other agricultural waste will be an excellent de-icer" – so say researchers from Washington state University Mehdi Nazari Honarvar and Sangmin Shea. A bold, but attractive the idea came from American scientists, when they think about the damage caused by traditional means against ice. The shortcomings of traditional methods of de-icing In the United States for deicing [...] Record How grapes help to fight the ice on the roads for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Experts of the Agency "AUTOSTAT" found out what new cars are often buying the citizens of Russia. TOP 5 price segments according to the popularity According to the Analytics of the Agency "AUTOSTAT", our compatriots prefer a car in the price segment from 0.8 to 1.2 million rubles. For 10 months of 2019, the share of such cars on the market amounted to 29.1%. More accessible for cars up to 800 thousand rubles are [...] Record At what price most often Russians buy new cars: a study of "AUTOSTAT" for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

With the onset of winter drivers change car batteries for more capacity and performance. On the market there are a variety of batteries, from the most famous and expensive, to less popular. In this article we will look at the TOP 12 of the batteries that you buy most often domestic motorists. As the survey was conducted within the research project "AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS – 2019. Car batteries" was conducted [...] Record What kind of rechargeable car batteries like the Russian drivers: the data of "AUTOSTAT" for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

According to forecasts by international organizations, by 2030 the city will be home to about two-thirds of the world's population. This raises a number of challenges to designers: how to save the environment and provide comfortable accommodation to so many urban residents. The production of electric vehicles the Number of vehicles is growing every year, together with them grows and the amount of harmful emissions. This negatively affects [...] Record How Volvo will continue to fight for the environment: information from the company's CEO håkan Samuelsson first appeared Automobile magazine

Sports team of Japanese automaker Toyota has confirmed that it will participate in the ring twenty-four-hour race at the Nurburgring. From the official statement of the team shows that Toyota is developing a completely new V8 engine for Lexus. Coupe Lexus LC will take part in the race for the third time. Toyota plans to participate in the endurance race at the Nurburgring the Japanese premium automobile brands, with their sports [...] Record V8 Engine for the new Lexus is tested on a racing prototype for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

The car Market is growing and provides selection for each client. SUVs for people living in the harsh winter, environmentally friendly transport for the environmentally conscious, sports cars for fans of adrenaline. It would seem that such production should lead to strong competition and lower prices. But everything happens exactly the opposite. Rising prices for new cars Analytical Agency [...] Record How expensive new cars in Russia for the last 5 years: the data of "AUTOSTAT" for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

November 15, 2019, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree №1457 "On heat-recovery charges on wheeled vehicles". Thus the government agreed to increase rates on car recycling fee from 1 January 2020. Most of the affected segment of passenger cars (in spite of the demand reduction in 2019) – it rate will rise by 110%. This one [...] Record Which cars will rise in 2020 because of the increase utilsbora first appeared Automobile magazine

Road signs installed in accordance with traffic regulations approved by the Russian government. Sometimes in their interpretation arise disputes. Especially if the sign is closed black bag. Why some road signs may be closed Shrouding signs occurs for the following reasons: repairs this section of road; the widening of the road. Marks closed with the agreement of the traffic authority. Disassemble it unprofitable [...] Record Which means if a road is closed sign black package for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Long new year's weekend threat to car owners for several reasons: in their cars, left unattended, can easily sneak thieves. Also, the holidays involve alcoholic drink, which affects the ability to drive vehicles. Increased activity of thieves during the Christmas holidays motorists to remain vigilant, behave more relaxed than usual. New year celebration, meeting with family, friends, visiting [...] Record how dangerous for motorists for a long Christmas weekend for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

Again the German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has surprised all his fans by turning one of their cars to the meeting room. For whom is "peregovory" Unique "room" for negotiations posted in the main office of the Berlin advertising Agency Antoni – to receive representatives of this automotive giant. Body modifications In General, the car retained its appearance, though altered it thoroughly. [...] Record How Mercedes-Benz 190 was turned into a meeting room for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

As everyone knows, a broken timing belt almost always leads to damage to the valves and costly repairs. However, to date, developed many variants of engine that the belt breaks the timing is not terrible. Nizhneteploye engines Most cars use an internal combustion engine which is characterized by the valve and the camshaft, which regulates synchronous release and cast air. In the ordinary [...] Record 5 types of engines that are not afraid of the breakage of the timing belt for the first time appeared Automobile magazine

In 2018, Ford introduced the fourth generation of the legendary Ford model. Updated everything from the exterior and ending with the powertrains. The most luxurious trim package became "Vignale", for bad roads, a version of Active. But neither these nor the cheaper versions of the new Ford has still not appeared in Russia. "Off-road" version of the Ford Focus IV First introduced the cross version of the "Active" [...] Record Car for bad roads, but not for Russia: the new version of the Ford Focus first appeared Automobile magazine

In national projects plan to actively implement the position on the localization of automotive components. As a result of this solution - reducing the cost of Russian cars. About it was first mentioned in the "GAZ Group", the idea was supported by the "AVTOVAZ". The essence of the method reduce the cost of car production Localization involves the production and use of Russian components of the machine manufactured in Russia cars. Must be control over its intellectual [...] Record Why the car may be cheaper by 10%: the initiative of the automakers first appeared Automobile magazine

Today, all attempts to correctly classify machine class b+, C+ and D+ over a number of difficulties, as every year cars are increasingly moving from one unit to another, and familiar to all classical categories have a complex typology and numerous subspecies. The old European classification of road segments, "then" and "today" are two different vectors that have no [...] the Record Why the car D-segment can be less than the cars of a Golf class for the first time appeared Automobile magazine