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Watch the best movies in the world online in the following

Watch the best movies in the world online in the following

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Famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer going to participate in the filming of the movie series "terminator". this publication reports the new york daily news, citing a source. in addition to Schwarzenegger, the series will not return and Emilia Clarke, who played Sarah Connor in "terminator: Genesis". says a source close to paramount, "and Arnold's "terminator" it's over": "Studio turned all the preparations for the

For the position of Director of a provincial perfume factory, expect two. Natalya — chief technologist, dreaming about the revival of the enterprise and creating a new collection spirits, and Ilya is a young, ambitious capital specialist who wants to build on the site of the factory hypermarket.

Predictions for the starting box office of the film "beauty and the beast" adjusted upward. according to the publication deadline, to your first rental day in North America project of the walt disney studios earned $ 65 allows him to rely on fees in the area $ 170 million at the end of the premiere weekend. some experts predict and impressive results in about $ 180 million. if it

The Main character is madly in love with his wife, beauty. She's constantly cheating on him and gives birth... almost every year for the child.. All children Valera is raising as their own. He and his father and mother. Once Lucy disappears from the house is meeting "new love"- foreigner...

Marina 40, she works as a dressmaker in a tailor, lives with adult daughter Leroy, which was raised by one. Mentally "putting a cross", Marina notices that she falls in love with a client is a respectable businessman Veligurov, but very shy...

New version of sci-Fi movie "the matrix", which is going to start production of warner Bros., can be devoted to Morpheus, or rather, the future establishment of a mentor to neo. this is with reference to its sources said the publication birthmoviesdeath.this explains the desire of the Studio to bring to work on a painting of Michael b. Jordan, who is supposed to instruct the role of a young leader of the resistance and future mentor

Max, an ordinary dog living in the family of the Taylors, but one day something happens... Corporation "Enviromax" kidnaps poor little dog for the experiment to test a new chemical only, which can turn an ordinary animal into an insane monster.

Announced the start of filming this first film adaptation of Russian comics. yesterday at the air show "evening Urgant" appeared Director Vladimir Besedin and screenwriter bubble Artyom Gabrelyanov, to present to the public their short film "major thunder" on TV. the broadcast transmission can be viewed online. of course not without the question of whether a feature film and when it will be. this audience had direct and clear answer:

Mere mortals expect to see the first stills from the eighth episode of "star wars" at the Convention star wars celebration in 2017, which will be held 13-16 April in Orlando, Florida. but at a meeting with shareholders in Denver, Colorado, the head of disney Bob iger personally showed cuts of the film. in the network appeared the first description. it begins with the fact that Rey (Daisy Ridley) gives Luke (mark hamilla) lightsaber, and he asks her: "who

After the first frames of the blockbuster "Thor: Ragnarok" ew also shared a detailed description of the plot of the upcoming kinokomiksa, which sheds light on many questions, including "where did Milner" and "what happened to the hair of Thor." after the Torah came the news of the unrest in Asgard, he decides to return to his homeland, where finally learns the truth: his half-brother Loki was impersonating Odin king ever since the finale of "the Kingdom

"deadpool" and "Logan" have been extremely successful films — both in terms of fees and in terms of critical reviews, despite the fact that both pictures were released in the U.S. r-rated: "children under 17 unless accompanied by parents." in an interview with slashfilm Simon Kienberg, who plays the producer of all the movies in the shared universe of mutants and directed the following picture of the life of the x-men, said that now each new movie will have to weigh the possibility

In recent years, in Hollywood there is a fashion for different interpretations of the story of Robin hood, and the manual sony has decided not to lag behind other studios. according to the website deadline, major, emerged victorious in the competition for a pitch pattern marian ("Marian"), in which the main role will be performed by Margot Robbie. the tape is described as dark and cruel, will talk about the famous maid Marian from the epic of the robbers of Sherwood forest. when

To preparing for the global launch of the film "beauty and the beast" with Emma Watson starring dug is known for his true Deputy Vitaly milonov. fortunately, the relevant authorities any gay propaganda in the film is not found. the head of the Department of cinematography of mendolita of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Telnov said "IMDb": "rental license the film issued without any problems. age limit –

Warner Bros. began developing a movie about dick Grayson. not in time warner Bros. officially announce the Director of "Batman" as the network has already appeared the news about a solo movie about Nightwing, which previously had no information. according to thr, Director Chris McKay, who has released this year's "LEGO movie: Batman". Director of "nitelink" will be his feature debut. the script of the new movie from dc will be engaged in bill dubuc. last year

The Only reason Hugh Jackman is ready to once again return to the image of Wolverine, will be the project in which his character will be able to be together with the Avengers. this is the actor himself said in an interview with comicbook."if such a possibility were announced when I made the decision, it certainly would have forced me to stop. I am absolutely sure. I've always liked the idea of joint action with the command for example