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Definitely recommend. 25 January 2018. LINK HERE, stream will be on YouTube Channel. This is the best practical online conference from the word the best. Respect Karpenko Viktor for the fact that organizes and collects interesting people. The speakers in the Studio are different questions from the participants in the chat is different (you can ask any question, write them down and practically ignore), themes [...]

So. Today I am conducting an audit of its resources, but first we will introduce ourselves. I am the webmaster. Ex. Not old school but too long ago engaged sitestream, promotion and other related stuff. The experience of the impure 8-9 years, no less. Clean about 3-4 full years of working on myself, but with very long breaks offline. In subsequent posts [...]

It's time to make a plan with goals for 2018. In any business the goal is important. It is important to understand what you're doing, why, how much or how little you did to achieve your goal. As I wrote, the thrust of the topic was associated with the redistribution 99% of the time in offline business. The last topic with which I had little [...]

Love the new year. Honestly, I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I do. Like all this Christmas.. Dressed up shopping malls, the beautiful city, the perfect Christmas mood, the glowing eyes of the children and their sincere pure joy found gifts under the tree. I love to give gifts. Even the last money. Don't know why. Long been the custom that in the new year [...]