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Hello, continues the series of articles on the subject, Modern architecture or bigger does not mean better. Today, your attention are several projects that, in my opinion, also deserve to be mentioned. First in queue draft OTIS, whose authors are students from Vermont College of renewable energy and environmental design (Green Mountain College Renewable Energy and Ecological Design). OTIS Record Modern architecture part 2 first appeared pinable.

Or more does not mean better: the most outstanding small house in 2014 What is modern architecture, unusual shape, the height of the building or technology used in the construction? We live in a time of rapid growth and development, and, in my opinion, should not be surprised that small, and sometimes quaint houses, which will be discussed below, are presented Record Modern architecture first appeared pinable.

During its 84-year history, the company Pininfarina felt in the development of design for companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo. Since the 1980's, a design company from Italy began to expand the scope of activities, trying their strength in other areas... Today, Pininfarina is its own development under the brand Pininfarina Fuoriserie is electric bike (e-bike in other words), which Record Pininfarina presented luxury e-bike first appeared pinable.

If someone is not aware, every year during the whole of November, men grow their moustaches and make donations for research and cancer of the prostate, in my opinion is the tradition was born in Australia who are interested in more details, ask google. Together with the project offer to support men, thus, meet "the baleen notice" or "baleen November" What is needed: Lac the Record of Women's contribution to Movember first appeared pinable.

How to meet a girl 6 tips that will tell you guys how to meet a girl by a Considerable proportion of young people plunged into the world of virtual Dating, thus spending most of his time on the sites for these purposes... In my opinion, this is not the correct way to unwind, but one chooses, so I would like to give some advice to the guys like Record How to meet a girl, a female look first appeared pinable.

The Scientists of the Institute of anatomy, University of Berne, create a connection, not containing antibiotics, which avoids the problem of resistance of bacteria to drugs. For anybody not a secret that we stand on the threshold of the antibiotic crisis, according to the world health organization, excessive use of drugs has caused wide sustainability infections to antibiotics. As funny as it sounds, but we have a "post-antibiotic", Record whether antibiotics to replace the liposomes? first appeared pinable.

Canadian company Guta (Güte) not so long ago showed his development, called "Shepherd's hut" (Shepherd's Hut), it is quite suitable for guest room or office, and despite the fact that the design looks not very modern, mobile hut can be connected to electrical outlets, and a nice bonus will compact the furniture inside. The design has a size of 2.1 meters wide, the Recording Shepherd Hut old-school view of architecture first appeared pinable.

Wireless headphones is a convenient solution that will help you to get rid of forever zaputavshihsja wires and unpleasant pulled the headphones from his ears, when the wire for something to cling to. Today you can find a lot of wireless headphones, as they say "for every taste and color, but man it's boring to sit still, and the guys from the team Earity decided to contribute to the development of Record Wireless headphones from the company Earity first appeared pinable.

Trying to relax and get a regular dose of inspiration, the designer Frank Cohen (Frank Cohen), sitting at his Desk, decided to create a modern version of the lava lamp. The result of his work and thoughts became Waves-smart-speaker, or as it is called by its author, modern lava lamp. Lava lamp can play your favorite audio files, while the built-in LEDs light up according the Recording Lava lamp in a new way first appeared pinable.

Agree that awkward feeling when you comes home crowd of friends, and you don't know where all of them to seat, however, if you have the chair... (or chair, whatever you like) FlexibleLove, you should not worry about it. This chair with fantastic functionality, which can accommodate up to 16 people, and made it almost entirely Record Extraordinary folding chair FlexibleLove first appeared pinable.