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Quick facts Prittskerovskoy award has been presented since 1979 when the family Pritzkers that owns the Hyatt hotel chain, decided to create an analogue of the Nobel prize in the field of architecture. Up to this point, serious, brilliant, revolutionary achievements in the field of architecture had received little "official recognition".

The Pursuit of building the best skyscraper in the world continues: Manhattan built by far one of the most unusual towers on the planet The Big Bend (or "curve"). Although, actually, the form of this building can hardly be called a tower, it is more like a giant paper clip, which will tower over the new York landscape in the shape of an inverted English letter U. this tells

Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic has introduced amendments to the Civil code relating to the sale of residential property in apartment buildings with adjacent Parking spaces, writes Now, by law, the owner of residential property in the presence of assigned Parking spaces will have first offer to buy it soseda

On Thursday 23 March, the Saeima supported amendments to the law on land privatization in rural parts of rules about what to buy agricultural land in Latvia can only people who speak the Latvian language in the first degree "A" level, writes Delfi with reference to data of the information Agency LETA. As soo

For the First time since the onset of the global financial crisis, several construction companies in Greece last year for the first time raised the price of its facilities, writes the Greek news portal Ekathimerini. the price Recovery until very slightly, experts say, but it's there. Also gradually increasing objecti sales. So, according to the Agency

New development receives project of the construction of a Marina in Larnaca, postponed for over 25 years. Five proposals from various joint ventures under consideration by the authorities: each of them offering plans for the development of the port and Marina of Larnaca, company names have not been disclosed, says Cyprus Property Buyers. According to a press release of the authorities, all offers

Czech Republic plans to simplify the conditions for the investment programmes: to offer wealthy foreigners to invest CZK 50 million in business and create at least 20 jobs in the country. The prize will be a grant or extension of long-term residence permit (permit). Such a proposal unveiled by the government, at the moment, it is at the preliminary examination, writes

On 24 and 25 March 2017 at the Moscow Expocenter (pavilion 5) will host the largest exhibition of overseas property MPIRES. The exhibition aims to introduce people wishing to make a purchase, with those who will help realize this dream. the Program of the exhibition MPIRES are regularly visited by more than 2500 targeted visitors, interested in buying a home or investing in real estate market. Exhibition MPIRES regularly takes PL

After the easing of cooling measures in February 2017, the volume of real estate sales in Singapore grew by more than 300%, The Move Channel writes, citing data of the Administration of Urban renewal. Total in Singapore in February was committed 977 real estate transactions – compared to 303 deals in the same period last th

In January and February 2017, the growth rate of prices for apartments in Riga buildings built in Soviet times were as rapid as at the beginning of pre-crisis 2007 in the middle of which had recorded a strong drop in prices. About it reports Delfi with reference to the newspaper Neatkarīgā, and the details of the Agency Latio. According to Latio, the average

For applicants in the investor visa in the UK immigration service state announces good news: the requirement to stay in the country for family members, according to Henley & Partners. on 16 March 2017, the immigration service of great Britain announced the cancellation of the new rule, which was submitted in November 2016. According to this rule, spouses and children of applicants for visas, work

On 24 March at 18:30 in the conference hall of the exhibition of foreign real estate MPIRES will be the announcement of the Nominees for the award Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2017 in the category of "Best development projects". We invite you to explore the foreign real estate projects, which were selected by an independent professional Jury for the final Award. April 20, these projects will receive awards

Quick facts Latvia is a country, almost a "native" Russians. We all remember the Soviet past, when trips to the Baltic States for many become quite commonplace. After the country joined the EU, it has become even more attractive for relocation and the purchase of "second home". So, due to the launch of the program of obtaining a residence permit when buying property in 2010, the Latvian housing market surged powerful flow of foreign investors, the big

Hundreds of thousands of residential properties in Greece are in the "zone of risk": their value can "crash" even if the economy soon recovers. Empty houses can simply be demolished, reported the popular Greek news portal Ekathimerini appraisers and real estate professionals. the Expert

International demand for Alpine property in France continues to grow like a snowball. Last year was a record year for the resorts of the French Alps, driven by the high pound and historically low interest rates on mortgages, reports The Move Channel. the Sudden shortage of supply in some regions has led to increased demand &