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Because I am a psychologist, then most of the time I am with love to yourself and to me what makes my profession. But at the same time I was interested in the question - what can you not like psychologists. Moreover, I came face to face with a sharp condemnation of any psychological articles themselves or psychologists...

With psychology need to address everything. Fewer people ever have to deal with psychologists. Sometimes humor is the best way to make complex things easy to understand. Each someone invented the joke reveals something interesting and important, and also shows who and what it is that drew attention.

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya the less we know about what you want and what you need, the less we will be able to ask, and the lower the likelihood that another will guess myself about our innermost vital needs.

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya based On the book by Nancy Mack-Williams, "Psychoanalytic diagnosis" (training outline). Planned for the second part, which will address the views of other authors and their descriptions paranoid personality.

Questions what is happiness and what is worth living, every person responds to what path in life he chooses. The article commented several films, which may be regarded as one of the possible answers announced on well-known issues.

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya "If a child at home, in the garden, the school received mostly constructive criticism, and its inner critic will be his support mental body, which will indicate when it is appropriate to look at the situation critically. If..."

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya You have tried all hooked up to brain storm relatives, friends, psychologist, read many books and films on this subject, as the situation stands at the place or even come up with some deterioration?

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya "...their homes left without intent to return, and the new "attachment" inevitable doomed to a large surface area, i.e. more interchangeable, and will be deprived of the still youthful romanticism."

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya "Actually it's my father's message I learned from childhood. If there is something good or potentially good in the area of accessibility, it is necessary to take! And it's not a question of actual desires or personal preferences."

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya the Idea of this text has matured quite a long time. The final impetus for its creation as found in the book Century of Labina the phrase "flight into health", which inspired this reflection.

Author - Dolgopolova Mariya "There are only two conditions: first, you can't go without a heavy stone, which now lies before you; second, you must go together with the stone until, until you find its home. Where you stay and will be your home!"

Author - Victoria Dubinsky Small remarks psychologist on some common themes work with children and parents: common diseases, children's feelings of guilt and shame, struggle for power, perfectionism, problems in education, children's anger...

Author - Victoria Dubinsky I often use in my work personality typology on Kettelle. It is based on innate differences of personality, and also allows you to see some General trends.

Author - Victoria Dubinsky About some of the beliefs of parents who can define their strategy education, and to increase the understanding between child and adult.