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The Air that I breathe The Air I Breathe Year of release: 2007 Description: the Air I breathe (2007) the Lives of various people intersect in a fateful sense. Gangster boss (Andy Garcia) wants to go out of business, and prefer to be successful in the pop Music industry. So he gives the Manager of the Singer tourists (Sarah Michelle gellar), to override his aspiring pop star. In turn [...]

Hello, dad, New year! 2 Daddy's Home 2 Year: 2017 Description: Hello, dad, New year! 2 (2017) meanwhile, dusty Myron (mark Wahlberg) agreed with each other, the two former Striptease divide the responsibilities of the father in a joint family patchwork: brad, although now married to Former lady Sarah (Linda cardellini), but to take care of three children all together, [...]

The Shanghai carrier S. M. A. R. T. Chase Year of release: 2017 Description: the Shanghai carrier (2017) Danny Stratton, a private security guard receives a rare opportunity to escort a valuable Chinese Antiques from Shanghai, but is ambushed along the way. With the safety of the woman he loves in danger, Danny must work with their recovery team members manage safety, to save her, as terrible [...]

Ritual The Ritual Year: 2017 Description: the Ritual (2017) After the sudden and brutal death of his best friend Rob (Paul Reid) during a robbery at a small shop, four young men decided together to discover that Rob wanted to experience. Together Luke (RAFE spall), who gives himself an accomplice in the death of his friend, Hutch (Robert James-Collier), Phil (Arsher Ali) and [...]

Caviar (fish thing) Year of release: 2017 (season 1) Description:Caviar (fish thing) (2017) 1979. In the seaside town, the fishing port dies under mysterious circumstances, investigator, anti-corruption squad Mikhail Fedorov. His best friend and colleague Alexander Kostenko learns that the death of Fedorov was not an accident. He was himself goes out to investigate, but suddenly, without giving [...]

Blood Blood Father father Year of release: 2016 Description: Blood father (2016) John link (Mel Gibson) wants after a Long career criminal to start a new life and leave all the crime behind. He moves to the caravan and earns his money as a tattoo artist. His family had not seen him for many years — his work has never been particularly [...]

Train tigers Tie dao fei hu Year: 2016 Description: Train tigers (2016) Ma Yun (Jackie Chan), a Chinese railroad conductor, band leader of the rebels, which during the second world war specializiruetsya on the capture and robbery of a Japanese train to feed the Chinese population with the loot. But only when Chinese soldiers Yes GU (Darren van) gives them a mission [...]

Krabat. The sorcerer's apprentice Krabat Year: 2008 Description: Krabat — the sorcerer's apprentice (2008), His mother died from the plague, so 14-year-old krabat (David Kross) with two friends as a beggar passes through the earth and repeatedly confronted with the traces of the thirty years war. He follows a mysterious voice to the mill, Master (Christian redl) who is waiting for him and wants to stay [...]

The blind side The Blind Side Year: 2009 Description: the blind side (2009) Michael oher (Quinton Aaron) is a teenager with extraordinary talents of football. But nobody knows about it because scared of the ghetto a long time lost, to talk about its environment. Pornoi by accident, he meets a devotee of the socio Leigh Anne tuohy (Sandra bullock), who once [...]

Sea adventure Boat Trip release Year: 2002 Description: boat trip (2002) Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.)) and nick (Horatio Sanz) want to Forget their old women's stories and start new. For this they choose a luxurious steamer, which — to the horror of two — only gay passengers. Well, if you didn't have a fight with the employee of travel Agency... [...]

Mad city Mad City Year: 1997 Description: Mad city (1997) Museum Keeper Sam (John Travolta) was fired and he wants to make his Boss, at gunpoint, to install it again. The situation escalated and Sam takes the remaining Visitors — school class and their teacher hostage. In addition, random is also an experienced teleport max [...]

Year of release: 2017 Description: As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home (2017) the Picture tells of 27-year-old Victor, the Garlic, the guy with the orphanage in the past, who wants to escape from "nuisance" to live of his wife and son. Nedolyublennosti in childhood and hardened heart Vic Garlic meets his father-felon, and now a cripple. Vic decides to take the father in [...]

Drive angry Drive Angry Year: 2011 Description: drive angry (2011) John Milton (Nicolas cage) dead for many years. But this does not prevent the villain to escape from the hell and tied to the heels of the satanic sect under the leadership of the mad Apocalypse Jonah king (Billy Burke). They are not only seduced his daughter, and finally killed her, but now I want [...]

Congo Congo release Year: 1995 Description: Congo (1995) the Jungle is a place for people with a thirst for adventure. Windy businessman Hercules on Homolka (Tim curry) looks for the famous diamonds of king Solomon. When researcher of the apes, Dr. Peter Elliott (Dylan Walsh) money is needed to return his gorilla Amy in the jungle of Congress, Homolka suddenly the money wave on the Mat. Because Amy is in one [...]

Prick up your ears Prick Up Your Ears release Year: 1987 Description: prick up your ears (1987) This simple biography of the playwright Joe Orton (Gary Oldman) charts his bawdy, dangerous relationships. Alfred Molina plays a cruel beloved Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, a pathetic figure who becomes horrific and then tragic before the film ends. Hilarity of scenes from such Orton plays as [...]