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On the website published information about Russian cities and their attractions, traditions and culture of the peoples living on the territory of Russia, on the geographical and natural features of Russia. Advice for rest in Russia. There is a service excursions. One section of the website dedicated to the neighboring countries of Russia.

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In the framework of the pilgrimage tours and explore the unique culture of the region travelers are in amazing places. Affects not only the shrines, but surrounded with characteristic Russian landscape expanse. Where is the New Jerusalem in the Moscow region, is already known by many tourists and pilgrims. In Istra them is becoming every year more and more. To find the way to the temples, you can refer to the guides or to make a route on the Internet. In the city, in addition to religious monuments, there are many other interesting and picturesque places. No less attractive and the surroundings of Istria.

The black sea resort of Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik city, gained its popularity thanks to the Bay of the same name. In the past it was usual Greek village called Thorikos. As soon as the black sea coast became Turkish, the city received the status of a market for slaves, sent to the harems of Turkey. And changed the Greek name to Noumea, which means "white bride". But not one story is rich in Noumea, sights and entertainment in a modern resort, attract tourists to its Sunny beach.

In the summer holidays people are trying to find the best option for a stay that will meet all the requests while still being economical. The black sea coast is the most popular among tourists. Resorts Georgia sea have well-developed infrastructure, suitable for families with children and treatment. Tourists not only get a great tan on the beach, but to see the vivid sights, which are abundant in the country. In Georgia you can relax with children, family or warm company. Developed infrastructure, clean beaches and affordable prices attract more tourists.

The Capital of Lithuania cannot be called a bright and brilliant, it is absolutely different charm. She is quiet and measured, with an abundance of buildings in the Baroque style and medieval castles. Going to Lithuania, tourists wondering what to see in Vilnius. The city has many attractions, it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. In Vilnius a huge number of churches that continue to function as intended and are subject to inspection by tourists. Besides the Old city, they offered to visit the district Orups inhabited by Bohemians. Already in the XV century, Vilnius was a bustling and crowded markets there was a rough trade and new architectural structures.

Boundless Russian open spaces rich in hidden locations'. If there are no forces to be in a stuffy city, and the soul requires freedom, always offers Seliger lake, relax on which will allow you to forget all the problems and relieve fatigue. New routes on their land are becoming increasingly popular. Seliger is located in the heart of the country and attracts tourists with its uniqueness. It is composed of a chain of connected reservoirs, one behind the other. Picturesque forested shores, provide the opportunity to inhale the clean air deeply.

Travel in Russia you can find lovely picturesque corners, and it's not necessary to go to the big cities. The small town is imbued with its beauty, have a distinctive character and memorable look. These may be the capital of the Mari El Republic. Even if the city did not have any historical monument, still there will be something to see. Architectural decoration of very bright and unusual neighborhoods in the Flemish style, school, reminiscent of Cinderella's Palace and other amazing buildings. Question what to see in Yoshkar-Ola, will not arise, because wherever you look, everywhere the sights and picturesque corners of nature.

In Alexander garden Moscow city located twelve stelae. They are near the Kremlin walls are the memory of the heroic feat of the Soviet soldiers during the great Patriotic war. Every citizen needs to know how many hero cities in Russia. This eternal memory allows to evaluate the feat, which was made in the name of freedom descendants. For 2017, there are 12 cities, 1 fortress, was awarded this title. Each of them has its own history and experienced the tragedy differently. In the Alexander garden also marked the 45 cities of Military Glory.

Buryat is a Mongolian people living on the shores of lake Baikal. Like all Mongols, they raised cattle. Their way of life and traditions have long been dictated by the harsh conditions of the steppe. The hard limitation in resources (before the arrival of Russian Buryats were not engaged sensiitivity and tillage) to dictate their orders to the management. The Buryat national cuisine of high-calorie and are not designed for vegetarians. Although it is the life of a modern Buryat far from living ancestors, they are trying to preserve and pass on their wisdom. For example, meeting guests, Buryats, first of all, they serve tea with milk.

Russia has a Lot of mysterious places. Some we remember, thanks to the ancient legends, to others and to this day do not fail human trail. Is the Blue Stone on lake Pleshcheyevo - amazing pagan Shrine for over 2000 years in a village near the modern Pereslavl-Zalessky. People say about him being the strongest object of power to cure physical and mental ailments. More than 200 years ago and adored by Finno-Ugric tribes, they gave the Slavs of Ancient Russia. Came to the boulder, even the terrible Vikings, and in those days battles were forbidden.

Until the early twentieth century the Mordvins do not have their own statehood. Since 1934, people were received autonomy with the capital in Saransk. One part of the Republic of Mordovia is located on the Volga upland and the Oka-don plain. The Central and Western part of the territory is the ethnicity Moksha, and the East – Erzyan. Culinary preferences of the local population was formed under the influence of agricultural processes and ethnic identity. Mordovian national dishes have a lot in common with Russian. But there are in cooking of the steppe people and their peculiarities. All the dishes are dense and rich with flour and meat.

The country of the Soviets after the Second World war was developing rapidly. The enthusiasm of the people and the technical progress worked wonders. A natural outcome of scientific research was the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. The path of Astronautics in the country was long and arduous, but thanks to the inexhaustible energy of some historical personalities and the universal aspiration to the bright future he was successfully overcome. First saw the vast expanses of the universe Yuri Gagarin. It was a big risk and responsibility to the whole country. Transfixed with delight, the people followed the flight. The success of man and science opened a new space age.

Rapidly evolved Slavic lands during the period of establishing relationships with neighbors. Changes occurred in all spheres of life: expanded views, there was writing, was made important discoveries. Not so important what year was the Baptism of Rus, as far as what value it had for the further development of the Slavic peoples. Global changes have also affected the European countries and coming to the borders of the earth. Rapidly began to develop culture, expanded worldview.

For centuries, people lived by performing certain actions in cycles. To date less attention was paid. Important was only the commercial holidays, which tied the celebrations associated with the beginning or end of a particular season. New year in Russia was celebrated in different ways before Christianity and after its adoption. Specific date didn't matter, and the customs and traditions of celebration were formed and observed by the people. Read More...

Both adults And children look forward to a winter fairy tale that comes along with a bustling, colourful holiday. New year traditions in Russia connected with ancient heathen beliefs. Currently, from them there were some elements, the importance of which many do not realize. For the modern man, this holiday is associated with the Sunny fragrance of oranges, which are woven subtle spruce notes. Bright balloons, garlands and candy attract the kids, and adults believe in fairy tales and waiting for a miracle more than children. Read More...

The Word "mother" for each person clear and close since infancy. It is pronounced the first and accompanies the whole life. All the joys and sorrows, UPS and downs, the successes and failures of their beloved child is going through a mother's heart. Naturally, people have allocated a special day that honors are given to the closest person in the world. This festival is of international importance, since, regardless of nationality, place of residence and the country it is relevant. Grateful offspring must know when is celebrated in Russia on mother's Day. Read More...