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Around 50 thousand people participated in the vote for the "National dish of Finland". For the rye bread was given to 26% of the vote. In second place was the beef stew karjalanpaisti and the Karelian pies. the top five also included fried fish with mashed potatoes and pea soup, reports Yle. At the first stage of the competition, the Finns could offer their own versions. Of received about 1000 proposals, the jury selected 12 finalists. Among them was a salted salmon, pea soup, fish soup, Karelian stew, Karelian pies, fried fish with potatoes casserole with liver, blueberry pie, mammi (Easter dessert made from rye flour with malt), pizza, rye bread and viili (curdled milk). the Source of

Snow "the wave", held almost the entire territory of Spain, and got to the regions where the phenomenon of snowfall, has always been considered very rare. In particular, for the first time after 103-year hiatus, the snow fell in Torrevieja, South of Alicante, in Denia, located in the Northern part of the Costa Blanca, it has not seen since February 1983. because Of the high snow cover on the roads traffic jams were formed, and the children were making snowmen, even at the local beaches. Since 1983, snow was not in Murcia, and in nearby towns where the streets are a lot of curious townspeople had never seen anything like this, said Espanarusa. in addition, the snow, sometimes with successive rain coated the beaches of Orihuela and Campoamor, fell on Mallorca...