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All about the most Polyarnye computer and online games - arcade, strategy, quests, racing, puzzle, etc.

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Recently, we wrote that Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly have joined forces in order to bring to release an interesting hybrid of MOBA and RTS Total War: ARENA. We caught up with Evgeny Shchukin (Product Director at Wargaming Alliance, a new publishing division of Wargaming, which just started a spin-off of Total War) to find out what is the role of Wargaming in the joint project, [...]

Brochures, unlike other types of promotional products have a number of advantages that allow to consider this type of advertising is the most effective way of promoting products to the customer, providing a high popularity in the consumer market. The presentation of a brochure by hand delivery to the visitor of the store, the shopping Mall or supermarket, allows most effective use of advertising opportunities, printed materials, gradually expanding the circle [...]

Action one of the most popular areas of computer games on PC, Playstation and Xbox, where the speed of reaction of the player and his ability to make the right decision depends on the result of the dynamic levels and successful completion of the entire story. A wide selection of modern weapons, skills, and abilities of the main character allows computer gamers to achieve great results and [...]

Modern gadgets and devices allow Internet users to use their free time to the maximum — starting simple and complex toys on mobile devices while commuting, at work, at home — in any situation, whiling away the time for execution of simple and complex projects and finding solutions to complicated quests. Our mobile portal is a popular electronic [...]

Ob Mobile portal-IPhone — the popular online directory Runet, invites users of mobile devices — iPhones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets to join the large army of regular readers of our portal and get acquainted with the novelties of today's popular models of mobile devices-has gained a huge audience of Internet users. Currently without a mobile device in a school backpack can't do [...]

Modern mobile equipment meets the highest demands of quality and design — iPhones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets from well-known manufacturers features stylish design and excellent performance characteristics, thanks to which the acquisition of modern mobile devices becomes a priority of many Internet users who want to have an iPhone, smartphone or iPad that meets the highest standards. Xiaomi Mi5S — the long-awaited model [...]

New project from KG "Sociofile" flash game "the Military" in an easy, relaxed style, combining the humour and satire, introduces the recruits the basics of military service. The game was created to explain to recruits their rights and to suggest how to act in a given situation. Year of release: 2009 Genre: Quest Developer: SocioFilm Publisher: SocioFilm Platform: Flash System requirements: Flash [...]

In the sequel exciting game genre "I'm looking" from Studio Elephant Games you are waiting for a mystical adventure. You have to find out what is happening in the school where all the adults have disappeared and children behave strangely. As with all of this history is linked Bloody Mary? Immerse yourself in the gloomy atmosphere of the game that will keep you in suspense during the whole passage. [...]

To reach heights in the world Darksign and become a contender for the throne Shtormfolla, you have to build your castle, which will be the basis of all future conquests. In the castle you will obtain the necessary resources, create a powerful army, make outstanding discoveries and even get acquainted with the techniques of this martial magic! Developing the castle, you are laying a solid Foundation for the future of the Empire! After the tragic death [...]

Join realistic MMO strategy "Sparta: War of empires" and stop the onslaught of the Persians! Strengthen your policy and, together with king Leonidas challenge millions of players from around the world! Prove that you're worthy to be called a Spartan! Lords Shtormfolla remembered that the economy should be economical, and introduced a number of improvements. On the black market there are new items to reduce meat consumption or to speed up [...]