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Source: "IA AVESTA" was Held the draw of the championship of Tajikistan among the teams first League season in 2018, according to the official website of the football Federation of the country. The championship will be attended by 14 teams – "Istaravshan" (Istaravshan), "Lokomotiv-Pamir" (Dushanbe), "Isfar" (Isfara), "Surajkumar" (Panj), "Ravshan" (Kulob), "Dusti" (dzhaykhun), "Zarafshon" was (Penjikent), "Khulbuk" (WOCE), "Parvoz" (international airport of Khujand), "Shokhin" (Muminobod), "Somon" (Dangara), "Eskhata" (Khujand), "Dushanbe-83" (Dushanbe) [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" IN order to protect the population and socio-economic objects, the prevention and timely liquidation of consequences of possible natural disasters in flood period on the territory of Khatlon region were carried out preventive measures. Engineering preparations for the channels of rivers and SAI to free pass of floods and prevention of flood inundation in the season of heavy rainfall and the melting of the glaciers was organized and conducted by members of the Management Committee [...]

Source: March 1, arrived in the city of Termez special group of the Military Prosecutor's office of Uzbekistan has arrested a Deputy Prosecutor Kishertskogo district of Surkhandarya region Sherali Akhmedov. According to the employee of regional Prosecutor's office confirmed this information, 37-year-old Deputy Prosecutor Ahmedov is suspected of having links with a criminal gang formed by former head of the Investigation Department of the national security Service in Surkhandarya region Nodirbek Turakulova. The employee of Prosecutor's office of Surkhandarya [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi Mumin Ahmadi Zarangiz Navruzshah Shakhlo Abdullah Employees of the International red cross gave hope another Tajik family. They brought the resident of the city of Dushanbe Sabzagul Kamalasai a brief message from her daughter Zuhro, which, together with the children is in prison, on the outskirts of Baghdad. Last time Zuhro and grandchildren Sabzagul talked on the phone last summer. [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi Anushervon Aripov According to statistics, in Tajikistan 12-15% of families are childless or for many years unsuccessfully trying to have children. Many of them could help IVF (in vitro fertilization). But the procedure is the road (training and self-fertilization from $2,000 to $5,000), and many simply do not have that kind of money. In Tajikistan, the gaining popularity of in vitro fertilization. [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi, Mirzonabi kholikzod the Majlisi Namoyandagon, the lower chamber of the Tajik Parliament on Wednesday will discuss the main amendments to the law "On elections of President of the Republic of Tajikistan". The amendments relate, in particular, the reduction of the age limit of the candidates for the presidency from 35 to 30 years. Saidjafar Ponsoda, Deputy of the Tajik Parliament, said that lawmakers will discuss amendments to the laws "On elections [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi the Chairman of the Supreme economic court of Tajikistan to Mavluda of Calendartoday denied reports about the alleged forcible collection of money from the staff of VES for the construction of the Playground. "The staff of the Supreme economic court has decided to construct an athletic field in the 33rd district of the capital. On a voluntary basis. No money not collected", said Mavluda of Calendartoday at a press conference in Dushanbe. Last month, some [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi Mahmudjon Rahmatzoda In the village Sarichashma, on the outskirts of the city of Kulyab discovered the body of a schoolgirl of the 10th class of local school, which, according to preliminary investigation, took his own life. As reported by Radio Ozodi source in UMVD on the city of Kulyab, grade 10 student of the school of the village Sarichashma Oemhal odinaeva hanged himself on Monday in the afternoon. "I'm going [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi, Nisso Rasulova Amriddin olim Henry S. Ensher, Deputy assistant Secretary of State for Afghanistan and Central Asia, visited Dushanbe February 3-4. The day before he gave an exclusive interview to Radio Ozodi. According to the Embassy of USA in Tajikistan, during his visit, Deputy assistant Secretary of State for Afghanistan and Central Asia by Henry S. Ensher was found [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Consular service of the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Russian Federation from February 2, 2018, has begun to change the driving license of the country's citizens from the old sample to the new biometric samples. Now the citizens of Tajikistan in the territory of the Russian Federation are given the opportunity to use this service, replacing your driver's license for a new one. As reports the information Department of MFA RT, [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" Tajik rescuers intend by 2020 to pass the assessment and receive a certificate according to the standards of the International Advisory group of the United Nations on search and rescue (INSARAG). On Tuesday, February 6, told reporters the head of the special operations center for the execution of rescue operations at particular risk (Centrospas) of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense RT Oleg Pilkevich. [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Court of Ismoili Somoni district of Dushanbe city issued a sentence against S. citizen Peers for trying to join the ranks of the terrorist organization "Islamic state". As the press center of the Prosecutor General of Tajikistan in 2017, while in labor migration in Russia, by S. Peers met on the Internet with a resident of Dagestan, who called himself Abu Abdullah. Abu Abdullah briefed the Peers with [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the night Before at the State Academic theatre of Opera and ballet named after Sadriddin Ayni in Dushanbe took place the concert of the folk instruments Orchestra of the national theatre Opera, dance and drama of China. The concert program under the name of "National treasures" was dedicated to the Chinese Spring festival. The concert was organized by the Chinese National cultural Foundation supported by the Ministry of culture of Tajikistan. Before beginning [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense (CoES) of Tajikistan is planning this year to hold a series of exercises near the lake Sarez. On Tuesday, February 6, told journalists the Chairman of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense under the government of Tajikistan Rustam Nazarzoda. According to him, the doctrine "in case of a possible dam break of the lake Sarez reservoir" plans [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" More than 200 people were killed in Tajikistan in the past year as a result of emergency situations of natural character and water bodies during the bathing season. On Tuesday, February 6, told journalists the Chairman of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense under the government of Tajikistan Rustam Nazarzoda. According to him, last year in the Republic [...]