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Source: the Department of information support the government office released the comment of the Vice-Prime Minister Jenish razakova, who headed the Kyrgyz delegation in the negotiations on the border with officials of Tajikistan. As noted, in the border area often arise disputes, in this regard, parties were invited to create a permanent Committee under the leadership of the heads of the Batken and Sughd regions of Tajikistan, which will include representatives of law enforcement agencies [...]

Source: According to the press service of the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan, during the negotiations the parties continued consideration of proposals for the passage design of the demarcation line of the border and agreed to undertake field demarcation works on its separate sites. The negotiations resulted in the signing of the Protocol. Progress in reaching agreements about carrying out field demarcation works on some parts of the border, according to media publications. [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" Agricultural and food programme (FAO) of the United Nations and the organization "UN Women noted the important role of women in agriculture and rural development. To this end, in the event dedicated to the International women's day, brought together representatives of various civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations to highlight the role of women in agricultural activities. The event was organized by Food and agriculture [...]

Source: Relevant comments of the Supervisory body, issued on March 5. As noted, in 2018, the government decree approved the regulations on the procedure of international cooperation, according to which the Prosecutor General's office, the FIU, law enforcement and national security agencies and the Judicial Department are authorised for return of the funds derived illegally from Kyrgyzstan. "The General Prosecutor of the KR [...]

Source: the Lawyer of Akberdieva Zhanar Soundedlike said Akberdieva justified "in the absence of crime structure". Akberdieva the charges rejected. In the course of the trial, lawyers of the defendant have repeatedly stated that the investigating bodies of the violations in the course of the investigation. The court, the lawyer said, to the bodies of preliminary investigation issued a special definition of "violations of the criminal procedural law during the pre-court investigation." [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan in Saudi Arabia Zarobiddin Qasimi met yesterday with Deputy Minister of Finance of the Kingdom, Dr. Hamad bin Suleiman Albaniji. As reports the information Department of MFA RT, the meeting discussed issues relating to financial projects to support socio-economic development of Tajikistan. Expressing satisfaction with the level and content of bilateral relations, the sides reaffirmed their readiness [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Monthly meeting of the Asia Pacific group was held yesterday in the city of new York. As reports the information Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of RT, the meeting was held under the chairmanship of the delegation of Tajikistan. Presided at the monthly meeting of the Asia Pacific group Mahmadamin of Mahmadaminov, the permanent representative of Tajikistan to the United Nations. The permanent representative of Tajikistan to the UN informed the meeting about the activities of the Group during the presidency of the delegation of Tajikistan (December [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" more than 1.8 million pounds of low-quality or expired medicines, cosmetic and hygiene products destroyed the main office of the state supervision of health and social protection of the population of Khatlon region. As the press centre of administration of Khatlon region, during the last three months by the designated office destroyed 326 items of drugs and medicines, cosmetic and hygiene products. 176 names [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi the Prosecutor General's office of Tajikistan has criticized the healthcare for corruption and misappropriation of budgetary funds. The concern of the leadership of the Prosecutor General was expressed on 3 December at the meeting in Dushanbe. The press service of the General Prosecutor's office reported details of the meeting. So, the management of this structure is concerned about misuse and misappropriation of budgetary funds, extortion and corruption in the health sector. The lion's share of criticism has fallen [...]

Source: the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat mirzijaev has provided a number of new benefits to individual entrepreneurs. This is stated in the relevant resolution of the head of state. Now individual entrepreneurs are exempted from payment of fixed tax paid for each hired employee. In addition, individual entrepreneurs, organized in rural areas, except for settlements with population more than 5 thousand people, the provision of hairdressing [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" Key financial agencies of Tajikistan offered to the European investment Bank to participate in financing the construction of the Rogun hydropower plant. As the press service of the National Bank of Tajikistan, this issue was discussed at the meeting of Finance Minister Faiziddin of Cohorted and head NBT Jamshed large number of responsible people with the Vice-President of the European investment Bank of creating an alternative hoodak.. According to the source, the meeting discussed the available hydropower potential of Tajikistan, [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" a Number of issues on expansion of customs cooperation were discussed by the representatives of the countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization at the 33rd session of the ad hoc working group (JWG) on customs cooperation of the member States of the organization, which was held yesterday in Dushanbe. As the press center of the customs service of Tajikistan approved the draft provisions for the JWG on customs cooperation, rules of information interaction between contact - points carried out with the use [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the ceremony of taking the oath of 90 young warrant officers of the Border troops of state Committee for national security of Tajikistan was held at the capital training center PV national security Committee of the Republic. As reported by "Avesta" the head of the press center PV national security Committee of Tajikistan Muhammad Ulughodjaev young ensigns with the completion of the course, congratulated commander of border troops of national security Committee of Tajikistan, Colonel-General Rajabali Rahmonali, veterans of the guards, their parents. The young ensign took the oath of [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" was Held the draw of the championship of Tajikistan among the teams first League season in 2018, according to the official website of the football Federation of the country. The championship will be attended by 14 teams – "Istaravshan" (Istaravshan), "Lokomotiv-Pamir" (Dushanbe), "Isfar" (Isfara), "Surajkumar" (Panj), "Ravshan" (Kulob), "Dusti" (dzhaykhun), "Zarafshon" was (Penjikent), "Khulbuk" (WOCE), "Parvoz" (international airport of Khujand), "Shokhin" (Muminobod), "Somon" (Dangara), "Eskhata" (Khujand), "Dushanbe-83" (Dushanbe) [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" IN order to protect the population and socio-economic objects, the prevention and timely liquidation of consequences of possible natural disasters in flood period on the territory of Khatlon region were carried out preventive measures. Engineering preparations for the channels of rivers and SAI to free pass of floods and prevention of flood inundation in the season of heavy rainfall and the melting of the glaciers was organized and conducted by members of the Management Committee [...]