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Source: Radio Ozodi the First time in 25 years, many of the districts of Dushanbe provided with heating and hot water. The population sure is one of the main achievements of the new Moscow mayor, Rustam Emomali. "Big wash". Hot water However, not in all homes yet it's welcome is warm, and where it is, observed cases of inefficient use of hot water. This causes [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the national Team of Tajikistan on football made up the expiring 2017-th year on the 126-th place ranking of the national teams of the International Federation of football associations, improving his record at the end of 12 months to six positions. According to the official website of the football Federation of Tajikistan (FFT), final, December sheet FIFA was published today, December 21, on the official website of the organization. The team [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" goods worth 6 billion 391,5 million made farmers of Sughd region, the Northern region of Tajikistan in the first 11 months of the current year. As the press service of the Executive body of state power of Sughd, the volume of agricultural products amounted to 106,9%, when compared with the same period of 2016. During the reporting period, the region produced 303,2 thousand tons of grain, 456 [...]

On December 23 at the Russian centre of science and culture in Dushanbe will be held a presentation of the charity project "the Poetry of Sergei Yesenin eyes Tajik poets". Representatives of business, media and intellectuals are the first to see new collection of poems one of the most popular Russian poets, translated into Tajik language. The project was completed literary Fund Ayni, with the support of "MegaFon Tajikistan" and the Embassy of the Russian Federation [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Party office has received today the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense (CES) under the government of Tajikistan. As reported by "Avesta" the head of the press center of CoES Umeda Yusufi, office equipment – computers and colour printer handed over Control to the UN high Commissioner for refugees in Tajikistan. Technical means given for further strengthening the material-technical base of information and analytical Department of the Center for management of crisis [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" December 22, Tajik energy celebrate their professional holiday. The triumph on this occasion, and the ceremony of awarding the best the country's power industry was held today at the site of Nurek HPP. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Gosenergonadzor "Barki Tojik", Ministry of energy and water resources, and others. According to the energy departments of the country this year for the Tajik power engineering has become a very special [...]

"MegaFon Tajikistan" has completed the next phase of large-scale technical work to improve the quality and reliability of communication in Sughd region. In 2017, the operator has expanded the area of coverage and increased speed of mobile Internet in 13 districts of Sughd. One of the major projects of the year was the modernization of the network of "MegaFon Tajikistan". Now all the network layers (2G, 3G and 4G) work on [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" About 830 thousand tons of vegetables harvested in Tajikistan as of 18 December this year. Such data are the Ministry of agriculture of the country. According to the agricultural Ministry, the vegetables collected from the area of 31 thousand 20 hectares, compared with the same period of 2016 882 ha. as of 18 Dec [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Former Vice-President of Iran Hamid Bak was sentenced to 63 years in prison for misuse of public funds during his tenure. The verdict against the Tank is the longest for a former official in Iran for decades. The Tehran justice Department said that the verdict was handed down on Tuesday, according to Tank was a Vice President in [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" in Dushanbe Midfielder "Istiqlol" and captain of the national team of Tajikistan Nuriddin Mr. Davronov has signed a contract with the Indonesian club "Madura United". Yesterday, December 20, after a meeting with the leadership of three-time Champions Indonesia, captain of the national team of Tajikistan signed a one-year contract with the Indonesian club. According to the official website of the football Federation of Tajikistan (FFT), today, Mr. Davronov Nuriddin will hold their first training session [...]

Source: Radio Ozodi, Sarvinoz Ruhullo the national Bank of Tajikistan said that before the end of the year payment terminals will be able to accept banknotes of the new sample. In the message of the national Bank, published on 20 December, said that some terminals are faced with a problem and not recognize notes of the sample 2017 denominated in 10, 20, 50 and 100 somoni due to the extra degrees of protection on them. "[...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Majlisi Namoyandagon (lower chamber of Parliament) of Tajikistan has postponed the ratification of the financial agreement on the project "Strengthening critical infrastructure to ensure resilience to natural disasters". In the course of ratification of the agreement by Parliament speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov has requested the presence at the meeting of the Parliament on the issue responsible persons of organizations responsible for implementing project activities. According to Zuhurov, international [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" the Power of Nurek hydropower plant in Tajikistan, after the upgrade will reach 3.3 thousand MW, or increase by 10%. This was stated today by Minister of energy and water resources Usmonali Ponsoda at the session of the Majlisi Namoyandagon (lower chamber of Parliament) on ratification of the financing agreement for the project "Rehabilitation of the Nurek hydroelectric power plant, phase 1". According to the Minister, the Nurek hydroelectric station, [...]

Source: "IA AVESTA" Tajikistan have the technical capacity to export electricity to neighbouring Uzbekistan. This was reported to the deputies of the Majlisi Namoyandagon (lower chamber of Parliament) of Tajikistan Minister of energy and water resources Usmonali Ponsoda. The deputies at the regular session of the Majlisi Namoyandagon on Wednesday asked the energy Minister of the country on the accession of the Republic to the unified power system of Central Asia. [...]

Source: "the AVESTA news Agency" the Meeting of the coordination Council on project implementation signed between CoES Tajikistan and the government of Japan, the trust Fund and the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation was held today in the UNDP office in Dushanbe. As reported by "Avesta" the head of the press center of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense (CoES) of Tajikistan Umeda Yusufi, the meeting was attended by the delegation [...]