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House / Health the multidimensional structure of the human body, holistic therapy, vibrational medicine

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Everything in nature seeks equilibrium. The difference in atmospheric pressure is equalized by the wind. The difference in temperatures kompensiruet heat exchange. Wherever there was excess potential of any energy, there are the equilibrium forces directed on elimination of the imbalance. the world can be represented in the form of pendulums that swing, fade and interact with each other. The pendulum is the symbol that's trying to get us out of ourselves, creating us all sorts of obstacles on the way. Each pendulum receives shocks from its neighbors and gives them their. One of the basic laws that govern all of this complex system is the law of balance. In the end, everything tends to equilibrium. You yourself are also a kind of pendulum. If you want to...

Device bio-energy security and energy-the protection of the universal neutralizer of negative and alien influences "the Labyrinth of Ankara 8x" is designed to protect people from harmful impacts of energy, alien structures, as well as from harmful radiation of household devices and geopathic zones.

Experts in the field of dowsing and energy-security is not recommended for a long time to stay in the range of geopathogenic zone. Abnormal pathogenic zones can be any size. Some areas have an impact only on living organisms, while others affect both the wildlife and inanimate objects. currently the world knows and applies a variety of methods of neutralization of a pathogenic radiation. In International and European patent and trademark office has more than one hundred and thirty applications for the invention of various converters.

Fire. Multicolored tongues of flame dancing in the enchanting rhythm, flashing here and there lights in the embers, the fantastic shadows around — all this attracts attention, fascinates, relaxes, soothes and purifies. Since ancient times, people know that the element of Fire cleanses and burns the existing negativity. It is proved that the candle flame has a harmonizing cleansing effect on the human biofield and the room in which the candle burns. The main purpose of candles is to bring light into places of human habitation and drive away the darkness...

"You can have a lot of money, cars, apartments, mansions and other things, but it all rests on a thin thread — it's called Health. Once you begin a serious health problems — for you, everything ceases to exist. Restore your health and take Care of it!" the Correct health concept and system approach involves some degree of algorithm – a sequence of specific actions, which may lead you to a planned outcome or goal. In this case, the main goal is health. "health Concept" IS VERY SIMPLE, as all ingenious. It is an effective systematic technique that allows you to restore and maintain health with minimal time and effort.

Aromatherapy - the useful and popular type of massage to get rid of the clamps in the body, perfectly to relax, get pleasure from every second spent on the massage table. We have listed the indications and contraindications to the massage, as well as some rules that should be followed to the massage procedure brought the maximum benefit. Today we will examine the equally important subject – the technique of massage.